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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 15, 2014
Score: 68/100
"Milky Babes has a unique collection of porn featuring hot babes that like to play with food, so if you're a connoisseur of WAM fetish and softcore porn, you'll surely appreciate the site's effort that was put into creating an archive of sexy and messy porn." - Visit Site
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General Review

You have all rights to expect to find heavily pregnant girls with lactating tits on a site that calls itself, however the truth is, it's a site that revolves around wet 'n' messy fetish with the help of gorgeous European women and proves that pornography can be fun and erotic even if it's a bit kinky. There's a little bit of deception here because the girls don't have too much to do with milk, but they do cover their naked bodies in whipped cream for you to enjoy! Milky Babes has a unique collection of porn featuring hot babes that like to play with food, so if you're a connoisseur of WAM fetish and softcore porn, you'll surely appreciate the site's effort that was put into creating an archive of sexy and messy porn.

There's a strong focus on softcore teasing, so don't come aching to see girls get fucked. It's all solo but this doesn't mean that you can't have some fun here. Girls show up dressed with a can of whipped cream in one hand and some fruits in the other one. They slowly peel off their clothes revealing their hard nipples, firm asses and sweet pussies. They usually get comfy on a table and start covering their nice boobs and bellies in whipped cream. For the most part, they have a bowl of fruits like strawberries or cherries that they also smear all over their bodies and rub into their sweet pussies. It's a kinky combination of WAM (wet and messy) and food play that you'll surely enjoy to watch! They keep things strictly softcore and not even some female masturbation can be found here. Girls just get naked and start having fun with creams and fruits. There's not much to spice things up a little bit, so it's a collection that's likely to entertain only the devoted fans of the WAM fetish.

Each of their scenes has the same to show, just with different models and even the settings are pretty similar, so what they have to offer can become pretty dull after some time. But yet again, if you like the kink they're specialized on, you'll still have some fun. Models are European hotties in their 20s. Among them there are blondes, redheads and a lot of brunettes. Many girls have sexy perky tits, but some sport a set of naturally ample boobs. I guess, they're quite new to the adult film industry because I haven't seen too many familiar faces. The quality of the content is impressive since videos come in good-looking High Definition and they're accompanied by high resolution images. If girls getting naked and messy is what you're looking for, then it's safe to assume that the collection of unique and exclusive porn movies and videos that Milky Babes has, is worth checking out.

What's Going On Inside

Milky Babes rocks a site design that's quite simple but somehow manages to look great. Making your way around the site is more than easy. Actually, there are only three main sections here: a home page, a place reserved for photos and another one for videos. It's impossible not to figure out what and where you can find. Milky Babes is a small site with only 27 scenes. The bad news is, their collection isn't going to grow any bigger because it seems like the site stopped updating. Since there's only a small amount of scenes here, there aren't too many search/browse tools to help you filter things down. Only a drop-down list of model names strives to provide a way to narrow down the content. More tools would be welcome, although you can quickly browse through their entire collection.

Don't expect to get a whole bunch of information on the scenes. At least they display running times, release dates and link you to model pages. None of their videos have a description, but if you'd like to get a grip on what to expect from a scene, you can check out a lot of screencaps. Every video is available in High Definition at 1280x720 pixels (5000 Kbps) or in more standard quality sized at 640x360 pixels (1500 Kbps). Members can choose to watch movies in an embedded player which offers online playback at 640x360 pixels. If you'd like to have the videos in HD, you'll have to save them to your computer. Download options contain WMV and MP4 files to grab. High-Def videos are only downloadable as WMV, even though MP4 may be more suitable for many users. There's a daily 20 GB download limit in place, but their videos are about 300-400 MB in size, thus you don't have to worry about reaching your limit too soon. Every video has a set of related images that reach 2000px. You can browse pictures online in a thumbnail gallery, but you'll also have the option to grab an entire set in a single ZIP file. The number of photos varies from set to set, but on average, you can count on about 120 images in a gallery.

There's a top menu bar in the members' area that has links to two other sites that the same company owns that runs Milky Babes. This may give you the false impression of getting access to bonus sites, but upon clicking on one of these links, you'll be taken to a join page. At least, they offer discounts. You can even order custom videos, but these also cost some extra.

Milky Babes is definitely an interesting site that presents you European hotties that enjoy being naughty and very messy. They cover themselves almost from head to toe in whipped cream and smear (mostly) fruits all over their naked bodies. Hot softcore teasing is the name of the game here which has a fetishistic WAM spin to it. The lack of recent updates and the lack of search tools make the site a bit hard to recommend to everybody. Even wet 'n' messy enthusiasts could feel themselves a bit bored at Milky Babes thanks to their quite repetitive scenes. This isn't a bad site despite its flaws, just be sure to be an ardent WAM fetish fanatic otherwise you may not enjoy for too long what this site has in store for you.

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