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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: June 12, 2014
Score: 68/100
"Either seducing a handsome guy or playing with their own pussies, these moms fuck their way to orgasmic bliss, so if you call yourself a fan of women in their mid and late 30s, Moms Passions will surely offer a couple of hot fuck flicks to enjoy." - Visit Site
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General Review

Unlike nubile hotties, mature women offer more experience, so it's no wonder that they could give you more intense carnal pleasure that any barely legal babe. MILFs are not just classier and tastier than teens, but more eager to use their seductive charms to tempt you into having some intimate and passionate sex. Moms Passions believes that "a woman in her 30s always knows what she wants and how to get it". It also determined to show you a bevy of cock-hungry cougars that do their best to fulfill their burning desires. Either seducing a handsome guy or playing with their own pussies, these moms fuck their way to orgasmic bliss, so if you call yourself a fan of women in their mid and late 30s, Moms Passions will surely offer a couple of hot fuck flicks to enjoy.

The site's tour promises cinematic movies that reveal how their gorgeous cougars "make passionate love with no taboos and boundaries". This might make you believe that there's some kinkiness going on here, but in fact, pretty standard hardcore is the name of the game at Moms Passions. MILFs get down to their knees and wrap their lips around a big cock, get their ripe pussies pounded hard and get their lovely faces or taut bellies covered in gooey goodness. Most scenes are 1-on-1's but there are also threesomes thrown into their mix for good measure. I even came across a couple of solo masturbation scenes. The site's tour is full of stunningly sexy MILFs who engage in seemingly passionate sex. It seems too good to be true, right? Unfortunately it is, so here's the catch: with the exception of their latest episodes, the movies look dated. They're not simply old, but they're that typical retro 80s style porn flicks, which is definitely a bummer.

All of their movies are studio-made professional products, and their latest videos were filmed indeed with a soft, cinematic style. These newer movies look glamorous and try to capture the chemistry that's between their performers. The only problem is that the dialogue is in a foreign language (which I think is Czech), and there are no English subtitles to help you understand what's being said. Each episode has a storyline which isn't too complicated, so even without the subs no one should have any trouble figuring out what's happening. Their older stuff looks old, but at least they're available in decent DVD quality. As for their latest videos, quality isn't a problem as their movies offer full HD playback. Overall, Moms Passions is a strange site that has a couple of cinematic movies that showcase hot 30-something babes while having passionate sex and which has an archive full of retro/vintage-looking scenes.

What's Going On Inside

Moms Passions is part of a network called Dirty Flix. Having said that, it's not too surprising that after inputting your login credentials, you'll arrive to a main network page. Moms Passions is integrated into this mega-site, so it's basically just a collection of MILF-centric porn movies and photosets and not an individual site. To navigate to Moms Passions episodes all you have to do is hover over the "Sites" tab on the top menu bar and select the site from a drop-down list. At least narrowing down the content is very easy as there's a search engine allowing you to search by model name, title or any phrase and term you can think of. In addition, there are action tags and category filters to help you find something specific. Moms Passions offers 49 scenes at this point. Updates seem to be on track again and after a year long hiatus they added 5 new episodes in the last two months. However, there isn't a strict update schedule, so it's pretty hard to tell when something new will arrive.

There's a decent amount of info provided for their scenes. You can read lengthy descriptions and each scene comes with a bunch of crosslinked category tags, so you'll know what to expect from the video you're about to watch. Online playback is available in a Flash-based embedded player that offers two tiers of quality for the newer scenes: 426x240 pixels and 854x480 pixels. The videos start playing fairly quickly and smoothly, so watching them right on the site seems a good choice. Although, members are allowed to download videos for future use. Plenty of download options are given which include downloadable files in multiple formats. There are WMVs, MP4s, FLVs and mobile-friendly files as 3GPs and MP4s to save. Those videos that are available in High Definition look gorgeous and peak at 1920x1080 pixels (8000 Kbps), although there are 1280x720 pixels (2000 Kbps) HD movies offered as well. Moms Passions isn't a photo fan's site as there are only 5 photosets currently. Pictures can be viewed online in a filmstrip view and you can opt for a timed slideshow too. A set contains about 90 images that display at around 2500px. Entire sets can be downloaded in ZIP files for your convenience.

With your membership to Moms Passions, you get access to the whole Dirty Flix network. What this really means is that there are 8 additional sites which mostly focus on teen models, so if you're only into MILFs, then they won't entertain you much. However, if you like to watch young girls get tricked and fucked, then these sites, especially Trick Your GF, Fucking Glasses and Young Courtesans, will make you have some fun until a new update arrives to Moms Passions. In addition, there are over 9000 bonus DVDs.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Moms Passions is dedicated to stunningly beautiful 30-something babes that know how to get the passionate banging that they crave so much. The site promises (and actually delivers too) tastefully filmed porn movies. However, only the latest few of their episodes are cinematic and high quality movies. Most scenes here look awefully dated and there are typical retro porn flicks which are surely not what you expect based on what you can see on the site's tour. At least members get access to bonus sites and thousands of bonus DVDs. Moms Passions has a couple of videos that will definitely impress any MILF fan, just it would be great to have more of them. Sadly, it's a site that I find pretty hard to recommend wholeheartedly.

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