Fucking Glasses

Updates: Bi-Weekly
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: May 7, 2014
Last Updated: August 6, 2015
Score: 74/100
"Fucking Glasses is home to guys that are as sneaky as a secret agent and as charming as James Bond himself. They put on a pair of glasses that have a camera built into them and go on a prowl for some pussy." - Visit Site
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General Review

Have you ever wanted to know how the hell some guys can pick up any chick that they want? If you have, then thanks to "skillful pickupers wearing spy camera glasses", you'll be able to get a quick lesson about how to seduce gorgeous young babes. Fucking Glasses is home to a bevy of guys that are as sneaky as a secret agent and as charming as James Bond himself. They put on a pair of glasses that have a camera built into them and go on a prowl for some pussy. Not suspecting anything, girls willingly flirt and end up doing dirty things on film. Lucky for us, the guys don't want to keep their spy camera footage for themselves, so you can watch all the hot POV porn that they shot, exclusively at Fucking Glasses. Fans of voyeurism and sexy amateur babes will love what they try to sell. Tricking a girl into fucking and capturing all the stuff you can do to her may not be fair, but as they say: life's a bitch, baby!

Fucking Glasses is all about amateur hotties that can't resist guys' charm who have no good intentions. They want to use them, fuck them and share their spy cam videos with the whole world. There's something inexplicably thrilling about seeing girls drop to theirs knees and suck or bend over to get their pussies pounded hard while not being aware of being filmed. Most scenes are about picking up girls in various (mostly) public places but lately, they tend to show how guys fuck girls who offer escort services. Either way, these pretty chicks do all the casual sexual antics from blowjobs to riding a big cock in cowgirl style, so the movies are definitely fun and hot. Each video presents a pure POV experience as you'll see everything through the eyes of the guy. While there are a couple of girls whom you can recognize if you're a die-hard fan of Euro hardcore, the scenes are definitely believable. Fucking Glasses does a great job with this spy-cam theme and combines a lot of hot stuff like reality porn, amateur girls, voyeurism and great hardcore banging.

When it comes to porn shot with hidden cameras, you usually have to put up with some pretty low quality material. It seems like the pervy guys of Fucking Glasses use state-of-the-art spy equipment, not just because the girls don't spot the little cam that's in the pair of glasses, but because the footage that they record is in stunning High Definition! The videos look way better than you probably expect them to be, the only problem is, even though they're in HD, they can look a bit grainy from time to time. It makes me think that they probably record their stuff in SD and bump them up to have HD specs. Nevertheless, the scenes look pretty good! Since most performers are Europeans - Russians to be more specific -, a foreign language is spoken here from time to time, but there are English subtitles to help you understand what's being said, not to mention that they've been releasing scenes for quite some time which feature American girls, so there are lots of scenes now in which the dialog is in English. Fucking Glasses is an interesting site that delivers unique content for those who love voyeur and amateur porn.

What's Going On Inside

Fucking Glasses is a part of a network called Dirty Flix. Having said that, it's not much of a surprise to find yourself on a main network hub page after getting logged in. Navigating to their spy-cam porn scenes is easy, all you have to do is select Fucking Glasses from a drop-down list. The site doesn't look like a standalone site as it has the same design that every site of Dirty Flix has. Actually, it's fully integrated into this mega-site. There are handy search features and browse tools including a search engine, and category filters. It's a quite use-friendly setup, even though there aren't advanced search features. Fucking Glasses isn't a large site, however, it managed to get a bit bigger since my last visit. At this point, 93 scenes are waiting for members, but updates come regularly. These days they usually publish 2 new episodes in a month, which means that the site is growing steadily but a bit slowly.

You don't have to worry about not knowing what you're going to see in a video, because each scene has a lengthy description and a set of screencaps. Movies are available for in-browser playback in a Flash-based player that has two quality settings: 426x240 pixels and 854x480 pixels. Streamed videos play smoothly, without buffering hiccups. They allow members to download their videos in a bevy of formats and resolutions. You're likely to find suitable files for whatever platform you'd like to use to watch their videos as there are MP4s, WMVs, FLVs and even portable 3GPs to save. You can download scenes in standard definition, but there are also High-Def movies offered at 1280x720 pixels (3000 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (15 Mbps). Running times are all over the place, but on average, a scene plays about 30 minutes. Due to the nature of their content, there aren't digital stills to check out. They do offer two photosets though, but these seem to provide you with usual teen porn and they don't have anything to do with voyeurism. These pictures are high-res images sized at 2500x1667 pixels. A set contains about 50 pictures that can be viewed online or downloaded zipped.

Fucking Glasses gives access to the entire Dirty Flix network, so members can enjoy 9 bonus sites at no extra cost. These usually focus on teen-looking European girls and casual hardcore porn. They cover a couple of fun niches/niches like cuckolding, nerdy girls and tricky castings, so these are surely able to add some extra entertainment value to your membership. If you have a thing for young hotties, then you're going to appreciate what these bonus sites have to offer.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

The guys of Fucking Glasses don't play fair at all. They seduce girls, tempt them into having sex and secretly film them with spy cam glasses. Their movies are a hot combination of POV porn, reality porn and amateur sex. Even if it's "homemade" porn, the quality of their stuff is pretty impressive. Fucking Glasses can become a pretty good site at some point, but right now it's just a decent site. The biggest problem is the small size of their collection. At least the site is growing, albeit slowly. Members get a couple of bonus sites that can keep them entertained between two updates. I'd say if you enjoy their theme and like lovely girls in POV porn, then giving Fucking Glasses a shot may be a good idea.

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