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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 20, 2015
Score: 62/100
"Czech Solarium is an amateur porn site which spies on hot girls who want to get their tan improved and shows us all the things that women end up doing when they think no one can see them." - Visit Site
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General Review

What women like to do in their free time? Maybe they go on a shopping spree in the local mall, go to the movies to see the latest romantic Hollywood blockbuster or go to the hairdressers. However, working on their tan is also a popular choice. Czech Solarium is an amateur porn site which spies on hot girls who want to get their tan improved and shows us all the things that women end up doing when they think no one can see them. This is yet another site to prove that everything can happen in the Czech Republic. On the other hand, Czech women are usually quite gorgeous, so showcasing them naked is always an idea that can make a porn site really appealing. Czech Solarium doesn't try to come up with scripted fuck flicks, instead, it hides small cameras in tanning rooms and let reality entertain you. If your inner voyeurist craves to see super hot amateur babes lose all of their clothes and lie in tanning beds, then Czech Solarium is a site you should check out.

To be completely honest, if you're not a die-hard fan of hidden cam porn, then you'll end up being bored here pretty quickly. Although, Czech Solarium is also a little piece of voyeur porn heaven which Peeping Toms will absolutely love. The scenes are quite repetitive but they show you well what can happen in a tanning room. The typical scene is about a girl entering a room, quickly stripping down to her bare essentials and a bit later she lies into a tanning bed. Once she's done, she gets dressed, maybe fix her makeup and hair, then leaves. Sometimes these girls think that they can do pretty much anything because they're alone and no one sees them. When this happens, they tend to do something naughty like making themselves cum. There's a bit of self loving happening in a couple of episodes, so girls draw tight circles around their clits and finger bang thembselves while lying in a tanning bed. Needless to say that it's hot and a well-placed hidden cam is ready to show you everything.

Czech Solarium is a typical voyeur porn site which uses spy cams to film. There isn't too much variety here as you'll see the very same room over and over again. Each video is shot using two cameras: one that's someone on the ceiling of the room and another one that's inside the tanning bed at the girls' feet. These two camera angles are used which give you a really good view of the girls while they get naked and the cam inside the bed provides you with a decent view of the girls' pussies. Many hidden cam sites struggle when it comes to rolling out good quality footage, however, Czech Solarium doesn't have any trouble giving you HD videos. Okay, the content isn't the best HD that you can see, but the videos still look way better than you expect them. Czech Solarium is a fun site where nothing seems to be fake, so if your inner voyeurist want to spy on sexy Czech amateurs, then this site is a good choice.

What's Going On Inside

After getting logged in, you'll arrive to a network's hub section. This mega site is called Czech AV and Czech Solarium is fully integrated into it. The network has a simple and pretty basic design and Czech Solarium uses the same structure and design elements that any other Czech AV. Actually, the site seems more like just a collection of themed videos than an actual site. Making your way from the network hub section to Czech Solarium videos is really easy because all you have to do is look for Czech Solarium on the left nav bar. All updates will be listed in the same section, spread over a couple of pages. There are no different sections and the site (and the entire network too) lacks search and filter tools. Not having any tools to narrow down the content is a bummer but it's understandable because all scenes show the same type of action. On the other hand, the girls don't look alike and there are slender blondes, busty brunettes and curvier hotties, so at least some kind of filters regarding model characteristics would be nice. The collection is average-sized and it has 124 videos at this point. Updates seem to come regularly as date stamps show that they've been rolling out weekly update for quite some time.

None of the updates come with trailers nor screencaps, so you may not know exactly what you're going to see. The scenes only have a release date and a running time displayed and that's all in terms of scene info. All videos are available for streaming in an embedded player. This provides a decent quality playback at 704x396 pixels. There are no long loading times and annoying buffering hiccups, making the in-browser playback smooth and convenient. The videos are also downloadable in MP4 format at 704x396 pixels (1200 Kbps) and they can be saved in High Definition too in WMV format at 1280x720 pixels (2500 Kbps). Not having High-Def MP4s may not be the best idea because WMVs are probably not perfect for every device while MP4s are generally good for both PC and mobile users. The average running time is quite short because the typical scene plays about 9 minutes. However, this is quite understandable because these videos are supposed to show "the real thing", so you can't expect a girl to lie and masturbate in a tanning bed for hours, right? Czech Solarium is a video-only site which doesn't have any photos. The lack of digital stills is excusable, but at least a couple of screencaps could have been given here which could have helped members preview the videos.

Being a part of Czech AV, Czech Solarium can give members a lot of bonuses. Memberships include an unlimited access to the rest of the network. There 24 bonus sites available this way which cover plenty of themes and niches from lesbians and porn castings to sex parties and random girls getting picked on the streets. They also have a couple of other voyeur sites that you should enjoy such as Czech Toilets and Czech Cabins.

Czech Solarium is a hot voyeur site which shows you all the sexy stuff that amateur hotties dare do in a tanning room when they think no one sees them. Pretty girls strip to their bare essentials and lie into tanning beds here and Czech Solarium's hidden cams let you spy on them. Some girls even play a bit with their pussies, so overall, it's a site that can cater to your inner voyeurist. However, it isn't perfect as the collection is still average sized and there are no search/filter tools to help you narrow down the content. On the other hand, members get access to a whole bunch of bonus sites which cover many themes and offer more similarly hot voyeur porn. Czech Solarium may be quite small (and it isn't really interesting unless your a fan of hidden cam softcore porn), but with all those bonuses that you get, it is a site that may be worth trying.

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