Czech Toilets

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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 6, 2015
Score: 62/100
"Czech Toilets is a unique amateur porn site which spies on Czech women and records what they do in a bathroom stall from the very first minute they enter to that moment that they close the door behind them." - Visit Site
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General Review

There's one thing that every man probably asked: what women actually do in the ladies' room that keeps them there for that long? This has always been a mystery (to us, guys) but it's about to be unveiled by a couple of Czech folks. Czech Toilets is a unique amateur porn site which spies on Czech women and records what they do in a bathroom stall from the very first minute they enter to that moment that they close the door behind them. To be honest, I don't want to spoil anything for you, but you won't see girls chitchat, get their makeup fixed or something like that, so they don't really give a satisfying answer to the aformentioned questing, they just show how girls do their bathroom business like every other person do in the world. The only thing that separates these Czech women to any of us that they're being filmed secretly while (presumably) we do what we have to do in the men's or ladies' room without being watched by others. Multiple hidden cams are placed in a toilet somewhere in the Czech Republic where everyday girls get exposed while they empty their bladders, so if you' have voyeuristic inclinations and enjoy seeing girls pee, then Czech Toilets is surely a site that you'll like.

Let's face it, most porn sites (even those that claim their stuff to be real) show you porn that's staged in some way. However, Czech Toilets feels extremely real and I can imagine that the girls here actually didn't have a clue that the stall they entered is equipped with spy cams. The women do exactly what you expect from them. They enter the stall, quickly pull down their pants (or pull off their skirts), pull down their panties, sit on the toilet and start peeing. Once they finished, they wipe, flush the toilet, get dressed and leave. That's it, no fake and unbelievable masturbation can be seen here or anything that could ruin the illusion. The girls act believably like some of them grab a piece of toilet paper and clean the seat a bit before sitting on it, while others don't even sit down, just squat over the bowl. I think it's pretty realistic because the hygene of a public restroom can be quite questionable. Most girls just pee, but there are a couple of girls who poo as well, which may be a bit of a turn off to some, but you know what, these are those scenes that make Czech Toilets the real thing! No scripts, no lame porn acting can be found here, just genuine voyeur porn and raw hidden cam footage.

They hid not just one but three cameras in the stall which provide you with a nice mix of camera angles in the end. You'll get quite typical overhead shots of the girls but they also have a camera inside the toilet bowl, so they give you nice close-up of the girls's pussies and asses, too. It's hidden cam voyeur porn which is in pretty decent quality. Spy cams tend to record in low quality but these guys must have managed to get some high-end gear because Czech Toilets episodes are in High Definition. Okay, it's not super sharp, super detailed porn, but it looks pretty damn good. I must point out that the girls quickly do what they must do, so Czech Toilets videos are quite short. Czech Toilets is realistic, fun and probably you're going to love it if you're into voyeur amateur porn and pissing fetish.

What's Going On Inside

Czech Toilets is a part of Czech AV, a network of Czech amateur sites. After inputting your login credential you can step through their members only entrance which leads you to a main network hub section. Here you can check out all updates come from the entire network but getting a list of only Czech Toilets is easy. All you have to do is find and select the site's name on the nav bar. Czech Toilets has the same layout as the entire network has which is pretty simple and basic. Although, it fits perfectly to the site's amateur nature. Narrowing down the content is a bit difficult due to the complete lack of search tools. There isn't a search engine and you won't here any category tags either. Okay, the scenes tend to be very similar because you'll always see girls pee, wipe and leave, but at least some tags regarding model attributes like hair color or age would be nice. Czech Toilets is has an average-sized collection which consists of 115 scenes at this point. Updates come often and date stamps tell that they've been adding a new scene here on a weekly basis.

You can't really preview any of the scene here which you may want to do. While most videos showcase girls peeing, some scenes feature some sex and I found a video that featured two girls who watched each other pee for some reason. Having said that, a couple of screencaps or at least a short description could come in handy from time to time here. Members can choose to watch the videos right on the site via streaming. The embedded player offers only one quality setting which isn't HD but the streamed videos look decent regardless. The online playback is set at 704x396 pixels and members can save the videos in the same quality as MP4s if they want. Download options also offer WMV file downloads in HD at 1280x720 pixels (3000 Kbps). As I already mentioned that the typical Czech Toilet episode is relatively short. To be honest, I'd call their videos just clips because they usually play around 1 or 2 minutes. This is quite understandable because taking a leak shouldn't take anyone any longer. Czech Toilets is a video-only site which isn't surprising because it's a site offering spy cam footage, so having photos here would kill the illusion. On the other hand, screencaps could help you preview the scenes.

Czech Toilets has plenty of bonuses to treat its members with. Memberships come bundled with access to the rest of the Czech AV network. There are 24 additional sites to check out and enjoy this way. All of these sites deliver more Czech amateur porn but each of them has its own theme. If you're looking for more voyeur porn you'll get some too by sites like Czech Massage, Czech Solarium, Czech Cabins and Czech Pool.

Even though you may not get an idea about what girls do that long in the ladies' room, Czech Toilets is still a fun voyeur peeing fetish site. Girls go in a bathroom stall, pull down their panties and relieve themselves while multiple spy cams film them. Everything that's on offer here is pretty realistic and it cannot be closer to the real thing. The women act believably and they do exactly what you may imagine they usually do in the ladies' room. The site does a good job of providing interesting views of the peeing babes. The most interesting thing here is the camera that's right inside the toilet bowl and which gives a really close view at the girls' pussies and asses. The content is in quite good HD quality if you consider that what you get is hidden cam footage. However, there are a couple of cons here like the short running times, the lack of search tools and the quite basic site design. On the other hand, members get access to a whole bunch of fun bonus sites that they'll probably enjoy. If you're into voyeur porn and like to see Euro girls pee then Czech Toilets may be a site that you won't regret checking out.

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