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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 13, 2015
Score: 62/100
"Czech Cabins has a really simple premise which is spying on gorgeous women while they're trying on undergarments in a changing room. Hidden cameras capture how amateur babes get naked and put on sexy bras and panties. If you like amateur babes and voyeur porn, then you'll want to give Czech Cabins a look!" - Visit Site
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General Review

It seems like that everything can happen in the Czech Republic. I'm getting really convinced about that this small European country is populated by folks who know no bounds when it comes to producing some hot porn. They always come up with crazy ideas which result in outrageously nasty porn sites and Czech Cabins is one of these. Their premise is really simple which is spying on gorgeous women while they're trying on undergarments in a changing room! Their super realistic approach is what makes this site so nasty. After all, if you can't be safe from prying eyes in a dressing room, then you can be stalked and peeped pretty much anywhere, at least if you reside in some Czech city. The site is nothing more than a collection of hidden cam voyeur porn which violates sexy amateur babes' privacy and lets us cater to our inner voyeurists. Tits, asses and often pussies get exposed here and if you add the lingerie theme to the whole thing, Czech Cabins is a site which has an interesting mix of fetishes to enjoy!

Czech Cabins is a true voyeur site which provides some hot content, but it can be a bit repetitive at times. They placed two spy cams inside a dressing room which record how girls enter, take off their clothes and try on a couple of bras, baby dolls or panties. They don't seem to have a clue about that there are cameras discreetly placed in the room and that they'll soon end up being exposed on a porn site. While many voyeur sites feel definitely staged, that's not the case at Czech Cabins. Actually, the scenes cannot be any more realistic. You can hear the distant sound of other people talking outside the changing room and the girls watch themselves in the mirror after putting on a bra or a pair of panties, just like they actually want to buy it. There are many fresh faces here and the girls seem to be just random amateurs being spied on. These babes look pretty similar for the most part, but there are a couple of MILF-ish girls and I even saw a scene with a pregnant girl. I can imagine that seeing girls trying on bras and panties in the same dressing room can get a bit boring after some time, but if you're really into this kind of voyeur stuff, then you'll probably love Czech Cabins' collection.

It's hidden cam porn but it's in a surprisingly good quality. They do a good job of editing and alternating between two camera angles. The changing room has a camera somewhere near the bottom of the mirror of the room which provides a good view from below and there's another camera somewhere in the ceiling which lets you check out the girls from a birds eye view. Czech Cabins gives you voyeur porn in decent High Definition that isn't something common on those porn sites which rely on spy cam footage. Okay, these are not super sharp full HD videos but they look really nice overall. It's a site that focuses entirely on videos and given its theme, not having photos is pretty understandable, so if you're a picture fan, then you won't have so much fun here. Czech Cabins may not have too much variety to offer, but if you like voyeur porn that spies on sexy amateur girls, then this site won't let you down.

What's Going On Inside

Czech Cabins is fully integrated into a network of Czech amateur sites which is called Czech AV. After making your way through the site's members only entrance, you'll arrive to the network's main hub section. Having a list of Czech Cabins episodes is easy because all you have to do is look for Czech Cabins on the nav bar on the left hand side. The entire network is laid out in a simplistic way. There are nothing really fancy, but the design still fits well the amateur nature of its sites. Filtering things down a bit is quite hard here because not just Czech Cabins but the entire network lacks search and filter tools. I understand that these voyeur videos always showcase something similar, but the girls don't look exactly alike and at least a couple of category tags regarding model attributes like tit size, hair color, age, body type and so on, could have been given. Czech Cabins is an average sized site which offers 140 scenes at this point. Updates come frequently and date stamps show that a new video arrives almost every week.

None of the scenes come with a lot of scene info. You can't really preview the scenes by checking out screencaps, although if you hover over the thumbnail images that represent the videos, there are a few screencaps to automatically switching each other, but these are pretty small photos. There are no trailers nor descriptions here, what you get in terms of scene info is running time and a release date. Members can choose to sit back and start watching the videos right on the site. Video streams work really well here as they load and start pretty quickly and there are no annoying buffering hiccups. The online playback is available with only one quality setting which is at 704x396 pixels. You can download the videos in the same quality in MP4 format, but downloads are also offered in WMV at 1280x720 pixels (2600 Kbps). It seems like they try to cover only the basics, so while having HD download is good, WMV format may not be good for all users. It would be nice to have MP4 files in HD, too, and having mobile-optimized downloads wouldn't hurt either. The typical video is about 6-7 minutes long, so their scenes are fairly short. I already mentioned that Czech Cabins is a video-only site which, considering that it's theme is to secretly film girls, is pretty understandable. Photo fans won't have any fun here, but I guess most of you won't miss pictures here, at least I didn't miss them.

Czech Cabins gives its members unlimited access to the rest of Czech AV. There are 24 bonus sites included in the memberships which all focus on Czech amateur porn but each of them has its own take on the niche. They cover pretty interesting themes from group sex and picking up girls to porn castings and reverse gangbangs. There are a few voyeur sites among them such as Czech Spy, Czech Massage, Czech Toilets and Czech Solarium.

Placing hidden cams in a dressing room, Czech Cabins make sure that no Czech amateur hotties are safe from prying eyes. Not knowing that they're being spied on, the girls enter the changing room and get their clothes off and try bras, panties and baby dolls on. This is a pure, genuinely voyeur experience which Peeping Toms will probably like. On the other hand, the girls tend to look young and slender, and there are only a couple of MILFs among them. The settings are always the same, the same dressing room is what you see here, so you may feel the content quite repetitive. At least the videos are quite realistic because the girls check price tags and watch themselves in the mirror while trying on a bra or a pair of panties. They act like any other woman would act when she's out to buy new clothes. The collection is quite average-sized but memberships comes bundled with a bonus access to an entire network of Czech amateur sites. If you enjoy voyeur porn and Czech amateurs, then you'll probably enjoy what Czech Cabins has to offer.

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