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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 4, 2015
Score: 71/100
"Casting Couch HD chose to find easy chicks who are willing to walk the extra mile to get featured in a famous artist's next music video. Too bad that there's no job waiting for them! This site is all about deception, trickery and of course, some raunchy sex with on-screen virgins." - Visit Site
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- Access to Net Video Girls videos.
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General Review

There are some things you can't have enough of and casting porn is definitely one of these. Who wouldn't want to see some smokin' hot babe suck and fuck on camera for the very first time, right? Porn that serves up audition-themed action can take two routes to give you what you'd like to see. The first one is when they look for girls who crave a pornographic stardom. The other one is much more thrilling and certainly way crazier as casting porn can demonstrate how easy to trick naive hotties into getting fucked! Casting Couch HD chose to find easy chicks who are willing to walk the extra mile to get featured in a famous artist's next music video. Too bad that there's no job waiting for them! This site is all about deception, trickery and of course, some raunchy sex with on-screen virgins. It looks like a black guy named Chris is who posts ads in local papers and gives sexy babes a chance to get auditioned for a role in a renowned pop or hip hop artist's music video. Needless to say that girls would do anyting to get the job, so you can imagine all the dirty things that they do eventually. If you're into tricky casting porn videos and gorgeous amateurs, then Casting Couch HD will be a site worth checking out.

Each audition is pretty similar to the previous one, but it features a new babe (except for those few who return for another round of big black cock). Chris is waiting for the girl to arrive and invites her inside his apartment. He interviews the hottie and slowly tricks her into showing some skin. At some point comes the moment of truth when he tells the girl that she must show how naughty she can get on camera and that's when his big dick gets sucked. Some raunchy sex follows which includes lots of hard pussy pounding and a facial ending. I must admit that most casting porn sites are fake and what you see is staged in some way, but the auditions are super realistic here and had me thinking whether it's the real thing. Girls seem quite embarrassed at times and they're camera shy, not to mention that I even saw an episode which ended with a girl being asked what was the craziest thing that she did during the audition and she started to cry. There's no doubt about that it's one of the most believable casting porn sites ever!

You know, it's audition themed porn, so if you've ever seen a casting sex video, then you'll know exactly what kind of stuff is waiting for you here. The videos are shot in apartments and hotel rooms, so the settings are always quite similar. Mostly handheld cameras are used to record these casting sessions and they often take advantage of POV camera angles to give you a hot first person experience while keeping Chris's identity in secret at the same time. It's not POV porn from start to end as there are cameras on tripods and Chris often records with multiple cameras. Casting Couch HD is obviously a site that is concerned about quality, so their videos are available in High Definition, though it'll be a bit hard to find the download links for them. Overall, Casting Couch HD is an impressive casting-themed porn site filled with hot amateurs. Those who like this niche won't disappoint in this site.

What's Going On Inside

After getting logged in, you'll realize that Casting Couch HD shares its members' area with Net Video Girls. Actually, it seems like that CCHD episodes (that's how they label the site's scenes) are just a small collection within Net Video Girls's collection. The layout here is quite basic and simple, but at least it allows for an easy travel from end of the site to the other. However, it's really difficult to filter things down a bit as there are no search and browse features. You can't even get a list of only the CCHD episodes. Some kind of categorization or at least a search engine could have been pretty useful. Since they have many models, a simple model catalog would also be nice to have which could give you an easy way to browse their girls. The only way you can filter is by year. Casting Couch HD has only 66 videos to offer, however, the rest of the Net Video Girls is available, so in the end, there's hundreds of scenes here. Updates are made pretty often are you get one or two new CCHD video each week!

None of the videos have any scene info, so you may not be 100% sure what you're about to see, although it's still easy to guess. The videos are offered for online playback in an embedded player that provides decent quality and really smooth playback. There are no mulitple quality choices for their streams, but the videos do look nice in your browser even if they max out at 656x368 pixels. Members are allowed to save their stuff in MP4 and WMV formats. Seemingly the videos top at 656x368 pixels (2500 Kbps) but you'll also have High-Def downloads but they're kinda hidden. You'll see a text saying: "right click, save as.." and you'll have to right click on the second dot and you'll be saving a full HD 1920x1080 pixels (6000 Kbps) version of the episode! I don't know why they make it difficult for you to find their HD downloads but at least they are there. These casting videos are relatively long because the average running time is around 60 minutes. Casting Couch HD is a video-only site which is a bit strange considering that the site's theme can allow Chris to ask the girls pose for a couple of sexy shots. Not even screencaps are available which also can be useful at times and which can give you a better understanding in what a scene has in store for you.

Casting Couch HD offers plenty of casting-themed sex videos as it gives its members access to Net Video Girls's large collection. Although the list of goodies doesn't end here at all. There are behind-the-scenes videos, rejection videos and phone call recordings. In addition, memberships include two really great bonus sites: Backroom Casting Couch and Exploited College Girls.

It seems like the good ol' fake agent trick is still working these days or at least works for a guy named Chris. Casting Couch HD presents his hot sexual conquests and provides you with a bevy of gorgeous amateur babes. The trick may be a classic but the girls are naive and do what they have to do to please Chris and the directors for whom the videos are supposed to be made. Fans of casting porn will surely have lots of fun here! Even though it's a good site, it has a couple of issues like it's fully integrated into another site and lacks browse/search features. With its awesome bonuses, cute amateur hotties and really believable casting sessions, Casting Couch HD is a good choice if you're looking for audition sex videos.

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