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Reviewed: January 20, 2015
Score: 78/100
"Net Video Girls is all about on-screen virgins who answer to a casting call but who end up having sex in their first ever porn video! So here's the story: guys place ads in local papers saying that they're looking for gorgeous girls who would like to take part in a photo shoot for a calendar. Of course, there isn't any modelling job waiting for them and they get conviced to fuck on camera instead." - Visit Site
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General Review

What do most pretty girls want? They want fame, money and a career preferably connected with fashion! Okay, some girls may have another things to desire, but being a catwalk model or a professional photo model is definitely seem a dream job to many babes. These kind of hotties are those who fell for a trick that a bunch of guys do to get themselves some fresh pussy. Net Video Girls is all about on-screen virgins who answer to a casting call but who end up having sex in their first ever porn video! So here's the story: guys place ads in local papers saying that they're looking for gorgeous girls who would like to take part in a photo shoot for a calendar. Of course, there isn't any modelling job waiting for them and these dudes use their charm to talk these hot chicks into dropping to their knees and sucking cock. Things quickly escalate from here and before they even realize, the women end up getting fucked by the interviewer/photographer! Let's face it, tricky casting porn isn't anything new but it's still fun and Net Video Girls does it right. If you're interested in seeing first-timers get conviced to have sex on camera, then this site is going to be a must-see!

Those who like so-called casting porn videos won't find here anything that they haven't seen before. The "trick" is an oldie but goodie and it still seem to work. There's a bevy of everyday girls (aka amateurs) who are just naive enough to take part in this fake model job interview. Probably everything is staged (just like on any other casting site) but I must admit that the videos couldn't be any more believable. Some girls look quite embarassed when they have to face a camera while others are quickly down to fuck showing no signs of inhibitions. One way or another each babe gets a hard cock stuffed in her mouth. The scenes usually showcase some hot banging focusing on pussy pounding but every now and then there are girls who take it in the butt as well. Some scenes (usually among their older ones) deliver only some oral sex, but they're still quite entertaining and hot. Sometimes girls return for another round of sweaty sex and sometimes bring another babe with them to fuck in three-way style. There are some things which can have you thinking whether these scenes are real or not like when the girl's boyfriend shows up angry and wants to take his girlfriend home or when a babe goes to the photo shoot in the company of her sister.

It's amateur porn after all, so don't come here expecting studio-made stuff utilizing professional camerawork. It's porn shot by a guy who films and fucks at the same time which means that there's a lot of shaky camerawork and older scenes may be poorly lit, but everything you'll see is pretty entertaining regardless. The videos will provide you with handheld POV angles and a thrilling "first person" experience. The quality of their latest stuff is really good, but considering that it's a site that's almost 15 years old, older material seems pretty nice, too. Net Video Girls is exactly what you want from a casting porn site: it's full of (mostly) unknown babes who get tricked into fucking on camera. While it certainly has its cons, if you're a fan of this niche, you're guaranteed to have lots of fun here!

What's Going On Inside

Net Video Girls has a pretty plain design but probably on a site full of amateur babes you don't expect anything fancier. It looks like this site is a sort of mega site which gathers content from different sources and offers them up in one place. Many of their videos seem to belong to other sites like Casting Couch HD and Auditions HD, but most scenes look to be exclusive to the site. I think its a small 3-site network that focuses entirely on casting porn. Narrowing down the content a little bit is going to be really difficult because Net Video Girls have no search and browse tools. Even though most videos are pretty similar in theme and girls usually do similar sexual acts, it would be nice to have here a search engine or at least category tags that could list you all the threesome scenes or those that has some anal or just would help you filter by model attributes. Also, the lack of model catalog is a hit-and-miss because there are so many girls here, some of them appearing in multiple scenes, and it would be great to browse them. The only browse tool that they offer is a timeline that allows you to check out what were published in a chosen year. Net Video Girls has a fairly big collection that consists of 627 videos at this point. None of these are dated but the home page shows you when the latest updates were added. It seems like updates continue to come often and frequently as something new hits the members area one or two times each week.

The site keeps everything pretty minimalistic which is good in some way but it can be a bit annoying at times. The lack of scene info is definitely an annoyance because it's always nice to have a grip on what you're about to see. No screencaps, trailers or descriptions are provided here, the only thing that will give a hint is the small thumbnail image that represent a scene. Members can choose to watch videos right on the site via streaming. The embedded player gets its job done and provides smooth playback without buffering hiccups. Jumping ahead in a video is possible, although it can take a few seconds. There are no mulitple quality choices for their streams which tend to look nice but max out at 656x368 pixels. The videos are available for download in MP4 and WMV formats, both are offered at 656x368 pixels with bitrates around 2000 Kbps. We've been told that HD downloads will be offered soon and actually you find these right now. The links of their HD MP4 files sized at 1920x1080 pixels (7000 Kbps) is kinda hidden. Just click with your right mouse button on the second dot where it says "right click, save as" and boom, you'll be saving the full HD video! The average running time is around 25 minutes but you can find videos that play over an hour. It's a video-only site, therefore there aren't any pictures to check out, not even screencaps.

Net Video Girls present you a large collection and updates frequently. There isn't any need for bonus content, but this doesn't stop this site from treating its members with something extra. To make their stuff even more believable, you'll find here rejection videos, behind-the-scenes footage and phone call recordings that try to prove that these scenes are "real". In addition, memberships come with unlimited access to two other great casting porn sites, namely Backroom Casting Couch and Exploited College Girls.

I'd say that Net Video Girls is one of those porn sites that you should check it if you're into casting porn. There's enough content to keep you busy for months and there's a generous amount of bonuses as well. The quality of their stuff is decent, though it can take some time to figure out how you can download their High-Def videos and older scenes look definitely dated (at their best of 478x268 pixels) but keep in mind that these old videos were shot more than a decade ago! The girls are gorgeous and fresh-faced, the sex is hot and the scenes are shot well in POV style with handheld cameras. I guess casting porn won't get any more realistic than this, which also another reason to love this site. However, there are a couple of cons like the lack of date logs and it would be nice to have search and filter tools. These are still not enough to stop me from recommending this site to the fans of first-timers and tricky casting-themed sex videos!

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