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Reviewed: June 8, 2015
Score: 70/100
"The guys behind Zenra want everyone to enjoy Asian porn at its best and its full glory, so they put a lot of effort into translating sizzling hot videos to English! It doesn't matter if you speak Japanese or don't, Zenra will serve you up a really entertaining collection which will make you become a fan of Japanese porn for sure." - Visit Site
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General Review

Are you into Asian women? Do you want to watch authentic Japanese porn that's hot, crazy and sometimes weird? Then Zenra is one of those porn sites which should be among your primary destinations! Those who look for a very unique porn experience probably know well that Asian porn movies (especially the Japanese ones) are crazy and often offer erotic entertainment in an unusual way. Although, there's one thing that may deter many from giving J-porn a try (and eventually stop them from becoming a fan): a language barrier. In the Western world Japanese isn't widely spoken, thus not being able to comprehend what people speak and often what happens in a Japanese porn video (which, to be honest, can be chaotic and pretty weird) is definitely something that turns many away from authentic Japanese videos. Luckily, the guys behind Zenra want everyone to enjoy Asian porn at its best and its full glory, so they put a lot of effort into translating sizzling hot videos to English! It doesn't matter if you speak Japanese or don't, Zenra will serve you up a really entertaining collection which will make you become a fan of Japanese porn for sure.

There's a little bit of everything here from public nudity to lesbians and tekoki (Japanese version of tugjobs). However, Zenra is also a source for "Japanese maniac and fetish movies", so there's plenty of kinkiness to be found as well. You'll find sexy girls being dominated (and fucked, of course) by men, girls dressed up their favorite anime characters, but there are scenes showcasing women while they're peeing or even farting! Schoolgirl fantasies, teens, MILFs, kinky massages, medical fetish, CFNM group sex are also provided, not to mention that some of the weirdest porn movies that you'll ever see make the collection whole. You'll find crazy-ass sex game shows and basically stories that are unreal and sometimes pretty hillarious. I even saw a guy fuck a fast food cashier right in the restaurant. If there's one word that summarizes what you get then it's unique.

The content isn't exclusive, because those DVDs from the videos come may be on other sites as well. However, the English subtitles are written in-house for only Zenra, so if you may find a couple of these videos elsewhere, they won't have subtitles there. They also have many videos that are tagged as being "Exclusive". These are videos that Zenra is the first to present outside of Japan. They have full HD videos which look really nice, but for the most part, the videos are in SD, but in decent quality. Since these are authentic Japanese porn videos, many of them are censored, so brace yourself to see huge pixels hiding genitalia from your eyes! Zenra is focusing on videos which means that if you're a photo fan you won't have too much fun here. Despite its flaws, Zenra is a quite good Asian porn site which may be worth a look, if you're a fan of Japanese women and Japanese porn.

What's Going On Inside

Zenra looks more like a blog to me, then a professional pay site, but at least it has a community feel to it and it's obvious that the guys who run it really care about it and its members. The design is very simple and basic with a black background and top menu bar. Actually, the site's free tour and the actual members' area is almost identical, but of course, without an active membership you won't be able to watch scenes in full length. Getting around the site isn't particularly difficult, but I couldn't help but feel that navigation should be a little more user-friendly. There are a couple of tools to help you filter things down a bit, but still, navigating the site needs some getting used to. There's a simple search bar which can narrow down the content by keyword and there's a drop-down list of 5 main categories. Every movie is tagged, however, category tags not necessarily crosslinked. You can find tags like "BDSM", "Public" or "Busty" that can show you many similarly themed scenes, however, some more useful tags like "HD", "Uncensored" or "Exclusive" are not crosslinked. The collection is pretty big as there are 315 movies available (which are usually broken into 2, 3 or more parts). Updates seem to come frequently as date stamps tell that they roll out something new two times each week.

They make sure that you'll have an idea about what you're going to see in a movie. Each movie comes with a couple of screencaps and has a pretty lengthy write-up. This is usually more than just a description as it also has cultural Japanese tidbits. The videos are offered for in-browser playback. The streams are really good as the videos load and start quickly. There are no multiple video quality options for the streams. The videos are also downloadable in the same quality as their streamable counterparts. Quality varies, but you'll find a couple of High Definition videos here which are 1920x1080 pixels (5000 Kbps). Although most scenes seem to be sized at 720x480 pixels (1000 Kbps). Newer videos are offered in MP4 format while older scenes may be available as AVI files. There are download options, however, you cannot download as many videos as you'd like. First of all, there's a daily 10 GB limit (downloads and streams combined) and if you don't get a VIP membership upgrade, their videos that are tagged as "Exclusive" will be streaming-only. This upgrade is free for those who purchase a three months membership and who stay a member for three consecutive months. Zenra is a video-only site, so all the photos that you get here are screencaps. You can't enlarge them, browse them or download them, which means that if you're a photo fan, you'll probably won't have much fun here.

It looks like Zenra members don't get too many bonuses. Memberships don't include access to bonus sites and there are no bonus video feeds or whatsoever. All they get is a blog called My Dearest Desire which has interviews, news and many interesting articles about Japan's adult industry, but it's also a blog that anyone can check out free of charge. As I mentioned, they have a loyalty program, but this just gives loyal members a chance to download their "Exclusive" videos.

Zenra offers a good-sized collection of hot authentic Japanese porn that you're likely enjoy. Many of the videos are translated to English, so now you can understand all the craziness that people say and do in their sometimes weird but fun porn movies. A vast array of niches are covered here from softcore teasing to group sex and fetishes like cosplay and bondage. The content is pretty unique, or at least it differs from what a Westerner usually watches. Zenra is a quite good site but it has a couple of issues like the quality of its content is pretty average, many videos are censored and offered for download chopped into parts, and the site could be a bit more user-friendly. On the other hand, there's a big collection of authentic Japanese porn here with English subtitles, so if you're into Asian women and crazy porn movies that only come from Japan, then Zenra may be a site for you.

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