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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: July 17, 2014
Score: 68/100
"Tricky Spa's specialty is trickery but has a thing for voyeurism, too. Masseurs secretly film how they use their charm to make a hot girl want to suck a big cock and get fucked. This site brings you something refreshingly new and with its gorgeous models, fun scenarios and a bit kinky theme, it will surely make you become a fan of massage sex stories, if you're not one already!" - Visit Site
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General Review

Just when you start thinking that there's nothing new in massage-themed porn, a site with a brand new and intresting twist comes out of the blue and proves you wrong. This time this site is called Tricky Spa and based solely on its name you'll know that it's gonna show you something different than the same ol' massage parlor seductions. Although, there's no shortage in oiled up, perfectly shaped female bodies and horny masseurs who can't wait to give girls the full service massage sex. It's a proud member of the Fantasy Massage network which gathers several massage-centric porn sites, each having its own special spin to the niche. Tricky Spa's specialty is trickery but has a thing for voyeurism, too. Masseurs secretly film how they use their charm to make a hot girl want to suck a big cock and get fucked. This site brings you something refreshingly new and with its gorgeous models, fun scenarios and a bit kinky theme, it will surely make you become a fan of massage sex stories, if you're not one already!

The massage parlor where all the seductions take place seems fairly ordinary. Not knowning what kind of treatment is waiting to happen, girls submit themselves for a rubdown. The only thing that they're not aware of that their masseurs are up to no good. The scenes start by showing how the guys turn a hidden cam to the right direction. Things go in a pretty typical way until the masseur decides to take action to tempt his hot client into fucking. There's always some fun scenario played out like a stripper wants to have her sore muscles rubbed or a cute catholic girl gets her first ever massage that spoils her in the end. It's definitely staged, but some realistic scenarios are shown, so if you like reality porn, then you'll enjoy their movies for sure. Girls are quite reluctant at first, but soon enough they agree to do something naughty. Most of them give only a handjob or suck the masseur's cock, but some girls even take a throbbing dick deep in their throats and pussies every now and then! While most massage-themed porn movies showcase sensual and slow-paced erotica, Tricky Spa's movies are a bit more adventurous and I dare say that a bit abusive. Girls are often not just tricked but forced to suck and fuck, which was quite surprising to me. Although, don't expect anything really serious, just keep in mind that these massage parlor affairs are wilder than you expect them.

It's a brand spanking new addition to the Fantasy Massage network, so that being said, don't be suprised to see that the site's collection is small. There's not much to check out just yet, but what you'll find here is in awesome quality! All videos look quite great and they peak at High Definition levels, giving you a chance to enjoy the dirty secrets of a filthy massage parlor in its highly detailed glory. While the scenes try to create the illusion of being made with hidden cams, it's pretty obvious that they were made professionally. Nonetheless, they have a unique style that blends some elements of voyeur porn and traditional studio-made porn. Tricky Spa is new, fresh and daring. If you're fond of massage-centric porn movies but want something different, then you'll find your entertainment here, however, since it's a new, thus small site, it won't keep you busy for too long on its own.

What's Going On Inside

Tricky Spa is a neat site that looks easy on the eyes, although there's something that should be fixed/changed. The texts are sometimes pretty difficult to read because they're in grey color, thus they blend into the grey-blue background way too much. It's just a minor issue but can surely bug you a bit. Tricky Spa is a user-friendly site which has separate sections for photos and videos. Since the site's collection is small, you can quickly check out each scene of theirs, so you won't really need any search/browse features. This doesn't mean however that there aren't any ways to filter things down. There's a search engine, and you can set model name and category filters. Each girl has her own model page giving you a shortcut to her scene. Currently only 8 scenes are waiting for you, but according to date stamps a new tricky massage parlor seduction will be brought to you on every week.

The scenes all have a fantasy/scenario that they strive to breathe life into, and that's why you can preview each scene by watching a short trailer video and you can also read a description to get an idea about what you're going to see. Videos are available for online playback in a Flash-based player that offers 5 quality settings, best of which is webHD 540p (960x544 pixels). If you stream a video, it starts to play pretty quickly and doesn't have buffering hiccups. Members are allowed to download their movies in MP4 format. While MP4s should be fine for most users, additional file formats would be nice, too. Videos are provided for download in 7 qualities that range from low 320x178 pixels (500 Kbps) up to HD 1280x720 pixels (4800 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (6800 Kbps). A scene plays about 20 minutes and usually comes with a set of related photos. Pictures can be viewed online as small thumbnail images or enlarged with a filmstrip navigation. There isn't a timed slideshow feature available. A set contains about 160 high-res images displaying around 1920x1280 pixels. Photos can be downloaded one by one or you can choose to download an entire set in a single ZIP file.

Tricky Spa is a pretty new and small site, so it won't keep you busy for too long, but it's also a part of a network of massage-themed porn sites. Each member gets a free pass to explore the entire Fantasy Massage network, which means if you're into oiled up babes and sensual fuck flicks, then your 5 bonus sites (All Girl Massage, Soapy Massage, Milking Table, Nuru Massage and Massage Parlor) will certainly give you something to jerk off to till the next Tricky Spa update arrives.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Tricky Spa is not an average massage-themed porn site. It does have gorgeous women that get naked and lie on a massage table in eager anticipation of a relaxing rubdown and they do end up having some sex. Masseurs trick them into fucking and record their sessions with hidden cams. They have funny plots, gorgeous girls and raunchy sex, so in the end, Tricky Spa offers something interesting. However, the site revolves around fantasies in which girls are quite reluctant and hard to seduce. Sometimes the masseurs pretty much force them to fuck which may be too much for the devoted fans of sensual massage parlor affairs. It's a tiny site offering only 8 scenes, but updates will come weekly and members get access to 5 bonus sites, each delivering massage-centric smut. Tricky Spa is adventurous and serves up something new to the fans of massage-themed porn. With its bonus network access, it still can be a good join, especially at our discount price of $19.95. Although, if you're only interested in Tricky Spa's fuck flicks, you should give this site some time to grow and evolve.

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