Tricky Agent

Updates: Monthly
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: June 30, 2014
Score: 71/100
"A guy named Mark is a tricky middle-aged guy who's kinky enough to shoot fake casting videos which show you how he picks up and fucks a bevy of gorgeous nubile babes in his "studio". It may not be the most original theme, but Tricky Agent does a pretty good job with it." - Visit Site
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General Review

After seeing that how many girls have already been deceived and tricked into fucking some random guy, one would think that at some point they'll learn their lesson. Although the good ol' fake agent scam still works like a charm and it seems you won't run out of naive babes that willingly get down and dirty for the sake of stardom. Tricky Agent is another site that proves that if you have the courage to pretend that you're a talent scout looking for hot babes for a new TV series or a the next blockbuster, then you can easily get yourself some young pussy. A guy named Mark is a tricky middle-aged guy who's kinky enough to shoot fake casting videos which show you how he picks up and fucks a bevy of gorgeous nubile babes in his "studio". It may not be the most original theme, but Tricky Agent does a pretty good job with it and after all, you'll see him bang a lot of really hot chicks, so his casting videos are definitely worth a look.

As far as I can tell, most scenes feature the same "agent" who calls himself Mark, but there are a couple of videos in which another guy does the trickery. No matter who's the mean dude in a video, pretty girls are always used and fucked in front of the camera. A scene usually starts with the agent roaming the streets of a European city until her finds a girl whom he likes. He talks her about his job and since the girl is gorgeous enough, he gives her his business card and invites her to take part in an interview. After the girl shows up at the studio, he quickly convices her to strip off her clothes and have some sex. That's how things work in the business, you know. One thing leads to another and girls give head, get their pussies (sometimes even their asses) banged and instead of getting a job, they get a messy facial or a creampie before they're allowed to leave the studio. It's pretty standard amateur hardcore, but fun and hot enough to get you off.

The girls are mostly in their early 20s, so they could easily fit into the naughty college girl or the legal teen niche. They look cute and innocent, but somehow they end up taking a cock like a good slut. It seems all of them are European hotties and that's why the dialogue is always in a foreign language. Although, you don't have to worry about not being able to understand what's being said as there are English subtitles. The tricky agent uses multiple cameras to record the interviews and castings. There are static cameras placed all over the room, but he also holds a camera in his hand filming some POV footage, too. Videos aren't scripted and look realistic enough, not to mention that they're offered in pretty decent High-Def quality, which means that everything is granted for you to have a hell of a fun time at Tricky Agent!

What's Going On Inside

Once you find yourself logged in to the members' area, you'll land on the main page of a network called Dirty Flix. Tricky Agent is part of this mega-site, so it's just a collection of casting-themed porn videos within a network's archive rather than an individual site. To get a list of Tricky Agent scenes all you have to do is select the site from a drop-down list of sites. The whole network has a couple of useful search/browse features, thus no one should have a hard time narrowing down the content. There's a search engine allowing for search by model name, scene title or any phrase that pops into your head. Each girl has her model index which gives you a short cut to her scene and you can even set category and keyword tag filters to find something quite specific. Tricky Agent is a fairly small site as it currently hosts 39 episodes, but at least updates come. It seems like they don't have a set update schedule, but you can count on 1 or 2 new fake castings every month.

Their episodes come with enough scene information to give you a clear picture about what you'll see in them. Each video has a lengthy description, plenty of category tags and a set of screencaps. These are all thumnail sized small images, but they can give a grip on those hot stuff that a scene has to offer. Videos are available for online playback in an embedded Flash player. The streams work pretty well and play smoothly. Two quality settings are provided for their streams which are 426x240 pixels and 845x480 pixels. Members are free to download the videos and they're given lots of options to do so. Each video can be saved in plenty of formats and resolutions. There are WMVs, MP4s, FLVs and mobile-friendly downloads in both MP4 and 3GP formats. Hitting High Definition levels at 1280x720 pixels (1900 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (8000 Kbps), Tricky Agent episodes provide you with casting porn with great visuals. A scene is quite lengthy and runs for about 30 minutes on average. Probably the nature of the content is what explains why photo fans are completely neglected here. It's a video-only site, so besides their thumbnail sized screencaps you don't get any photos.

Being fully integrated into a mega-site, Tricky Agent grants unlimited access to all sites that reside on the Dirty Flix network. There are 8 bonus sites available for members to keep themselves entertained with, which mostly focus on European legal teens and hardcore porn. If you love 'em young and naughty, then you'll surely appreciate such bonus sites of theirs as Young Courtesans, She Is Nerdy and Trick Your GF. To top it all off, there are over 9000 additional bonus DVDs!

When inputting your credit card info on their join page, be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell - if you don't want their special offer - to avoid being charged for it, too!

Tricky Agent delivers pretty standard casting porn videos that show you how gorgeous but naive girls end up fucking their brains out in hopes of getting a lead role in a movie or a TV series. You may say that you've seen this a thousand times before and probably you have, but the girls are innocent-looking and immensely sexy which in the end, can make their episodes a joy to watch. These babes give blowjobs, get their pussies and butts banged and sometimes they team up with a friend to get auditioned in three-way style. It's some standard but hot casting reality smut, so if you love this specific niche/theme, then you'll surely have some fun here. The only problem is the size of the collection, but at least updates come and there's a generous amount of bonus content to keep you busy. Tricky Agent is a solid but small site, but if you enjoy watching Euro teens get down and dirty, then with the whole network package included, it can be a site that you won't regret checking out.

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