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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: January 23, 2013
Score: 73/100
"On this site you wil find some fine Japanese women who don't mind getting their throats violated by an eager cock. What you can see is a collection of really entertaining and original hardcore blowjob/deep throat scenes that fans of oral sex focused pornography won't be able to stop watching." - Visit Site
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General Review

If you crave some intense and wet action with some extreme twist, than Tokyo Face Fuck has some hot stuff in store for you! On this site you wil find some fine Japanese women who don't mind getting their throats violated by an eager cock. What you can see is a collection of really entertaining and original hardcore blowjob/deep throat scenes that fans of oral sex focused pornography won't be able to stop watching.

Usually when you're about to watch Japanese porn, you have to prepare yourself for getting censored footage, but at Tokyo Face Fuck you can enjoy every rough face-fucking action completely uncensored! In most scenes you can see a young and cute Asian hottie get her mouth stuffed full of a guy's cock, but every now and then they give the girls multiple dicks to suck. There's some variety thrown into the mix since the girls often dressed up as bashful schoolgirls and you'll get some vanilla bondage too, because it's not unusual to see the girls get their hands tied behind their backs. The focus is on the girls and you can never see the guys' faces, they are there just to deliver a harsh tonsil-tickling face fuck.

Some scenes have some silly plots, like a girl falls asleep during her class and her teacher wakes her up to force his dick down her throat, but for the most part a babe is all alone in a room kneeling and waiting for her stuntcock to appear. The dialogues are in Japanese, but there are English subtitles to help you understand what's going on. Besides the intense face stuffing, drooling and gagging, you can see the girls forced to cum with magic wands after getting their faces covered in gooey goodness. I even found a scene which had a brief pussy-pounding part. If you like to see hot Japanese girl swallow the full length of a cock and give a wet blowjob, then Tokyo Face Fuck is a site that you should visit!

What's Going On Inside

Tokyo Face Fuck is a site of which design can be described as simplistic but neat. It could be more advanced, but it looks good enough not to bother you with its minimalistic nature. Once you find yourself logged in, you will be welcomed by the home page. There's a news reel that gives some info on what's happening with the site and it seems they try to inform you if something happens that a member should be aware of. Besides the latest updates, you can see here what will be published in the near future. Inside the site's videos section there are 98 movies. You might think it's a decent amount of videos to watch - which is - but they post their scenes in parts which is a bit deceiving. In total 50 scenes were added to the site's collection.

Each part of a scene is quite long as they are around 20 minutes in length. So these hot Asian babes undergo approximately 40 minutes of intense face fucking. You can watch the movies streamed in 4 qualities (640x360px at 600Kbps, 852x480px at 1200Kbps, 1280x720px at 2200Kbps and 1920x1080px at 4200Kbps). The videos start playing in a pop-up Flash player which provides pretty smooth playback without long buffering. Unfortunately you can't save the videos on your hard drive, because there are no downloadable video files offered. Sadly, you can't save favorites either. To make matters worse, you can't stream a scene as a full-length video and it's a bit annoying when all of a sudden the scene stops at the end of part one and then you will have to go back to the videos page to start streaming part two. Nevertheless, the videos look crisp and clear, real high-def entertainment is on offer. No search options, category tags or keyword search are provided to help you find some suitable stuff for your taste.

Each scene comes with a set of high-resolution images. The pictures can be viewed online in standard thumbnail galleries, but if you'd like to view them in a slideshow, you will have to download the sets. At least entire photo sets are available for download and you can grab them as ZIP files. Each newer set has over 200 pictures whilst you can find around 35 photos contained in an older set. These images are really amazing since they display at 3888x2592 pixels.

You can find model indexes, but they don't give you any info on the girls. Each model has a description about her scene along with quick-access links to her photos and videos. As a matter of fact, you can't find any scene info, just the models' names and date stamps. On the 'Updates' page you can see a list of updates which makes clear that they post something new 1-2 times per week. It seems they publish the photo set of a scene before rolling it out in two (or occasionally three) parts. Members don't get any extras or bonuses which is a bit disappointing.

Tokyo Face Fuck presents a good amount of exclusive and uncensored Japanese deep throat scenes for the fans of rough oral sex. The lack of downloadable videos is the site's biggest flaw, but fortunately streamed videos are available in crystal clear HD. There are a lot of scenes and photos to enjoy and updates come pretty frequently. Bottomline is, if you'd like to see gorgeous Asian girls deep throat big cocks, drool, gag and grasp the air during rough face-fucking sessions, then Tokyo Face Fuck won't disappoint you at all!

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