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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: January 26, 2015
Score: 72/100
"If you love the female form and youthful naughtiness, then Tease-X is going to tease you into a blissful state for sure. The models are naturally beautiful, they're photographed creatively and in all kinds of luxurious and lush locations, so if you love softcore erotic photos, you'll enjoy everything that Tease-X has to offer." - Visit Site
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General Review

Those who enjoy classy erotic photography have been treated very well in the last couple of years. More and more photography-centric sites appear that can surely cater to their needs. Tease-X is one of the latest softcore erotica sites that try to supply you with images of super gorgeous babes that are able to capture both the beauty and personalities of their models. Everyone can grab a camera and start taking photos, but only a chosen few can turn photography into a form of art. Diana Kaiani is definitely a real artist and a talented photographer, and she's the one who contributes all the high-end imagery that you can find at Tease-X. Erotic poses, sensual expressions and overall plenty of seduction is what this brand new glamour site offers. If you love the female form and youthful naughtiness, then Tease-X is going to tease you into a blissful state for sure. The models are naturally beautiful, they're photographed creatively and in all kinds of luxurious and lush locations, so if you love softcore erotic photos, you'll enjoy everything that Tease-X has to offer.

There's a lot to love about this site, but what I personally appreciate the most here is the variety. You can come across many glamour photography sites that deliver many tasteful pictures but they just feel the same. That's not the case here at all as there's a wide coverage of themes, locations and even shooting styles which can add something new and fresh to each shoot. Some sets are in typical glamour style with babes creating arts with their flawless bodies between satin sheets, but others showcase girls wearing sexy outfits (like a French maid costume). The themes of the photosets are really fun and you get to see nerdy teens playing video games naked, hot babes washing cars outdoors and there are pretty artistic sets that are in black and white. Some of these sets are intentionally made to look vintage, while others just try to expand the bondaries of art and creativity by being in black and white.

Since Diana is based in the UK, it's not too much of a suprise to see her photographing stunningly sexy European models. Most of the girls come from England, but there are many Czech babes as well. Some ethnic diversity is also added thanks to half European and half Asian (or half African) girls. Just like most glamour sites, Tease-X works with younger models, some of whom are just over 18, but there are a couple of MILF-ish (probably mid-20) babes as well. Diana and her site are really concerned about delivering photography that reveals not just the naked bodies of their models but also their souls and personalities. In order to do that, the shooting style is classy and stylish and the photos are extremely detailed to let you enjoy all the erotic poses and sensual expressions in its full glory. While it's a photography-obsessed site, there are High Definition videos that are full of seductive glances cast by lovely ladies. Tease-X may not break any new ground, but it has its own stylish take on erotic softcore photography that you should love very much.

What's Going On Inside

Tease-X is a site that has a quite classy and stylish desgin while remaining pretty simple. It looks a bit similar to other erotic glamour/glamcore sites, but it's still quite nice. After getting logged in, you'll see the very same as you can see on the site's free tour, just you'll get the content unlocked. I'd say it's pretty good because you get to check out what you actually get before even having to spend any money. Getting around the site is pretty easy, although filtering things down a bit could be a bit cumbersome. The site doesn't have a search engine which could be very useful when you'd like to find sets featuring a specific type of girl (blonde, brunette, petite or one with big tits and so on) or sets that were shot in a specific location (outdoors, in a batrhroom or in a hote suit, etc.). At least you can check out all the videos in their separate section (though you can't list only photos) and there's a model catalog which will help you browse the gorgeous girls and lets you find your favorite girls' photos and videos quickly. While the lack of search and filter tools could become a problem in the future, right now the site is easy to manage. Tease-X is fairly small compared to its competitors as it has 18 videos and 110 picture sets at this point. Luckily, they roll out a new video or a photo set 3 times each week, so at least it's growing at a fast pace!

Each update comes with some info that can give you an idea about what you're about to see. This is usually a short description or a note from the photographer, and you'll find some other info linking you to the starring girl's model page and revealing the release date of the set. The main focus is on photos here which you can view online in standard thumbnail galleries or enlarged to their full size. The don't offer a hands-free slideshow option (which is certainly a hit-and-miss), but at least you can choose to check out their imagery in your browser with three size settings: small (600px), medium (1070px) and full (2070px). A set contains about 110 pictures on average, so the ZIP downloads for their photos come in handy. In addition, these ZIP files will serve up super high-res images that are around 5700px at their best! I must say that the video library isn't as interesting as their photos, but still, it's really nice to have a couple of sexy videos featuring some of their lovely models. These short clips can be viewed online in an embedded player that doesn't have multiple quality settings but offers nice playback at 960x540 pixels. Of course, there are download links allowing members to save the videos in MP4 format in 4 qualities: 640x360 pixels (1800 Kbps), 960x540 pixels (4000 Kbps), 1280x720 pixels (10 Mbps) and full HD 1920x1080 pixels (20 Mbps). The videos are relatively short as the average running time is around 5 minutes, but the videos have a supporting role, they shouldn't be the main reason to join anyway, so that's fine with me.

Tease-X is small but that's kinda expected on a brand new site. Having said that, some bonus material would be nice, although there is none at the moment. The only thing you'll get is a link to an official blog but instead of behind-the-scenes material you'll find there promotional posts which has a couple of photos from the updates to what you already have access. It seems like you can request a "custom tease", so if you're willing to pay, you can get a personal video or photo set that features your favorite model and that breathes life into your favorite fantasy.

The fans of erotic softcore photography won't be disappointed because the collection here is highly professional, stylish and packed full of stunningly beautiful European women. The models are usually young and very sexy, and Diana photographs them in a way that can capture both their beauty and their personalities. From magazin cover-like shoots to black and white art, there's plenty of variety. Photos are super detailed and look really gorgeous, just as you expect them to be and there's some video content to give those some additional fun who like erotic videos as well. Tease-X is off to a good start and it's surely going to be a really solid glamour photography site, but it's pretty small at the moment, though the regular updates ensure its rapid growth.

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