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Updates: Sporadic
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: May 13, 2014
Score: 70/100
"There's nothing that could hold doms back here and they use whatever devices and torture methods that they feel like. Girls shed tears, cry their lungs out when brutality strikes upon them, but in a twisted way they end up enjoying the whole situation of being helpless and used." - Visit Site
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General Review

There's a very thin line between pain and pleasure. This is exactly what submissive women are about to learn for good and learn to enjoy when they lose control to the dominant males of Subspace Land. Kinky pornography exploring the darker side of human sexuality is very popular these days, so it's no surprise that you can come across many hardcore BDSM sites in every corner of the internet. However, only a handful of them can offer a such uniquely deviant experience that Subspace Land has in store for the fans of submissive girls. There's nothing that could hold doms back here and they use whatever devices and torture methods that they feel like. Girls shed tears, cry their lungs out when brutality strikes upon them, but in a twisted way they end up enjoying the whole situation of being helpless and used. There's surely a lot of pain they bear, but there's even more pleasure waiting for them. It's a hardcore BDSM fan's paradise, there's no doubt about that!

Subspace Land is all about dark fantasies but instead of delivering the same old BDSM porn, it tries to be different by adding a bit of glamour and class to its scenes. No worn-out pornstars can be seen here in pain, just fresh-faced European beauties. They look innocent and sweet, but dominant males don't have any mercy for them. A wide coverage of kinkiness is showcased which takes advantage of rope bondage, restraints, suspension, forced orgasms with magic wands, flogging, whipping, spanking and much more! It's definitely a fine collection of hardcore fetish porn that will make your cock hard. A typical scene starts with the starring girl being tied up and her master soon begins to use her to fulfill his dirtiest fantasies. Doms enjoy making these babes experience pain mixed with pleasure, so they also force their big cocks down their throats or fuck them hard!

Each movie has a fairly depressing atmosphere which fits the site's fetish theme quite well. The sets are dark and will remind you of abandoned basements and dungeons that could tell a couple of twisted stories. They do a really good job of producing quality hardcore BDSM movies, so die-hard fetish enthusiasts will be pleased with what they'll get here. There's some background music playing in the scenes which can be a turn off to some. Subspace Land serves up a collection of High Definition videos that can fill your screen with highly detailed fetish porn. Overall it's a quite solid site that knows how to make BDSM smut be hot and classy at the same time, and which will be right up your alley if you're looking for submissive women getting a rough treatment.

What's Going On Inside

Subspace Land has a layout that looks a bit crazy, kinky and somewhat classy at the same time. It's definitely a site with a great design and with a user-friendly setup of search and browse tools. Getting around the site is fairly easy, although more advanced search features would be nice. The top menu bar has three drop-down lists which narrow down the content by title, model or you can choose to try to find similarly themed scenes with the help of category tags. Basically that's all that you get in terms of browse/filter tools. Subspace Land offers a decently-sized collection that currently consists of 206 scenes. I'm sure that updates come, but due to the lack of date stamps, it's pretty much impossible to ascertain their exact update pattern. To make matterse worse, I have a feeling that they roll out something new fairly sporadically.

Only a couple of scenes have a description, but this doesn't mean that you won't get an idea about what to expect from a video. Each scene comes with lots of tags that reveal all the kinky stuff you're about to witness, not to mention that scenes have a set of screencaps. These photos can be viewed online as a series of small thumbnail images but they can be viewed enlarged too. A set contains about 110 pictures which display at 1280x720 pixels. Photos are available for download in ZIP files. There aren't digital stills besides the vidcaps. Members can watch their kinky movies right on the site in an embedded player which offers playback at 960x540 pixels. The video streams are fine as they start playing quickly and there aren't buffering hiccups. Although, if you'd like to save their scenes to your PC for future use, you can download them in WMV (1280x720 pixels, 3600 Kbps), MP4 (960x540 pixels, 2000 Kbps), Quicktime (1280x720 pixels, 3000 Kbps) and mobile-friendly MP4 (480x320 pixels, 800 Kbps) formats. A typical scenes is long (and needless to say, hot) enough to get you off since it delivers about 20 minutes of hardcore BDSM action.

Membership fees are charged in Euro, which translates into pretty high prices. You may think that if you pay a lot of money, you'll probably get plenty of bonus content. Unfortunately that's not the case here and there isn't access to bonus sites nor bonus videos. All you get here is Subspace Land and its collection of fetish porn that's at least big enough to keep you entertained for a while.

Subspace Land does a great job with the BDSM fetish niche and provides you with kinky scenes done with style. Their models are 20-something European babes that look cute and innocent whom dominant males are ready to spoil and use to breath life into dark fantasies. Videos are professionally made and reach High Definition levels. It's a pretty damn good fetish site, but isn't flawless. Memberships are quite pricey and updates come slowly. Subspace Land is definitely not for everyone's taste, but if you happen to enjoy watching pretty girls get roughly punished and fucked, then it's worth checking out.

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