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Reviewed: October 7, 2014
Score: 65/100
"Some hot facesitting fetish fantasies are brought to life at Smother Sluts, so if every submissive home viewer who craves to get their face overwhelmed with ass should like what's on offer on this site!" - Visit Site
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General Review

There are more ways of getting sexually satisfied than you can think of. Many things that may seem a bit odd can result in gaining pleasure and being smothered is definitely one of these. Although, being suffocated in the most typical way won't do the trick for the guys who get dominated and smothered to orgasmic bliss at Smother Sluts. These men have a thing for women's juicy, round asses and that's what babes exploit here. Physical and emotional dominance over their partners is achieved here by facesitting. Seeing a guy getting his face sat upon and being forced to struggle with breathing is the most common thing on this site, and it seems like men are crazy for it! Just imagine that a hot chick bends over and straddles your face to leave nothing but sweet pussy juice dripping off your chin eventually. Some hot facesitting fetish fantasies are brought to life at Smother Sluts, so if every submissive home viewer who craves to get their face overwhelmed with ass should like what's on offer on this site!

The typical scene tries to find out whether guys can handle a true full weight facesitting, although the girls don't hump on the guys' faces right at the start. The babes usually begin their kinky sessions by teasing their partners. Round and juicy booties are shown off in a sexy way that men just can take for long, so you'll see guys eagerly bury their faces and tongues between the girls' buttcheeks. There's a decent amount of cunnilingus and anilingus in each scene, but at some point women take control over the events and sit on the faces of their men. No matter how hard they grind, how fast they grind, the submissive guys want more. It's a hot suffocating experience that's facesitting enthusiasts will enjoy watching very much. The only downside is that most girls aren't as dominant as they should be and it looks like guys do most of the job. They grab the girls' asses and bend them over to be able to nuzzle their faces between their cheeks.

The content itself is pretty fun, even though it's not as femdom-based as you might expect it. Nonetheless, what you get is definitely please a fan of the niche and those who are looking for some hot fetish porn shot in amateur style. Models are also amateur or at least semi-pro girls among whom you'll definitely find many fresh faces and plenty of hot babes that you'll wish to smother you into orgasmic bliss. The site is part of the famous Fetish Network, so it's run by guys who know a thing or two about producing fetish porn. The videos are shot in High Definition and look decent overall giving you a detailed viewing experience. Smother Sluts is all about smothering pleasure and girls who sit and grind on the faces of lucky guys (and sometimes even other girls' faces). If you like this facesitting fetish porn, you'll probably find Smother Sluts a solid site.

What's Going On Inside

After getting logged in to the members' area, you'll be taken to the main page of the Fetish Network. It's pretty obvious that Smother Sluts is fully integrated into a mega site and it's just a collection of smothering themed scenes. To get a list of Smother Sluts's videos all you have to do is venture into the "our sites" section and look for the site. Unfortunately, there aren't any filter tools to narrow down the site's content. You'll get a list of scenes in chronological order with the latest scenes shown first and that's it. You can try searching by model name or keyword but you'll get results coming from all sites of the network. Considering that there are a couple of lesbian, interracial and even threesome smothering scenes, category tags would be really nice to have here. Smother Sluts isn't a large site, but it does have enough content to entertain you for a while. At this point 93 scenes are waiting for you but date stamps tell that something new is added each week. This isn't a particularly fast update schedule, but it should keep the site growing steadily.

The episodes can't be previewed by watching trailer videos but each scene comes with a lengthy description and a bunch of screencaps which are more than enough to give you an idea about what you're going to see. Videos can be watched right on the site or you can just choose to download them in MP4 format. Their Flash streams work quite well as the videos start playing quickly and the playback is pretty smooth. They offer several quality settings regardless of your choice streaming and downloading the scenes. There are SD and mobile-friendly videos but they also provide High Definition versions of their scenes at 1920x1080 pixels (3000 Kbps). A scene is about 12 minutes in length and comes with a set of photos. These look like screencaps that are sized at 1024x576 pixels. There is an online slideshow feature (not a hands-free version) if you'd like to check out enlarged photos and not just small thumbnail images. A set contains about 50 screencaps that aren't offered for ZIP download.

Being part of Fetish Network, Smother Sluts will provide any fetish porn fan with a lot to see and enjoy. A network-wide access is included in any membership plan, so there are 44 bonus sites covering plenty of niches from lezdom to spanking and BDSM. There are even a couple of other smothering sites available such as Facesitting Freaks, Pure Smothering and Elite Smothering.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell on their join page when inputting your credit card info - unless you actually want this extra - otherwise you'll be charged for it, too!

Smother Sluts is certainly a fun site that gives a suffocating but very arousing experience to the fans of smothering fetish. Girls end up sitting and grinding on a guy's (or sometimes another girl's) face. The only problem is that the girl's not as dominant as you may expect them to be and often guys bend them over to bury their faces between their buttcheeks. The content is filmed in a raw and a bit amateur fashion, but the videos look decent in HD. The lack of search/browse features is also quite a hit-and-miss. At least members get tens of bonus sites that cover a vast array of fetish porn from footjobs to lezdom and more. Overall, Smother Sluts may not be a genuine femdom site but it's definitely an entertaining site if you like to watch facesitting porn.

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