Shadow Lane

Updates: 2x Per Week
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 12, 2014
Score: 71/100
"Starring a bevy of gorgeous women and powerful men in hot fantasies revolving around 'the romance of discipline', Shadow Lane is surely one of those butt-reddening sites that everyone with a fondness for bending girls over their laps and beat the hell out of their bums should explore at some point." - Visit Site
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General Review

Are you looking for girls who were very, very naughty and who need a heavy, hard beating? Shadow Lane is a stalwart of spankng fetish porn, so it's official online home is likely to provide you with all those nice butts that you crave to see spanked with bare hands or all kinds of tools created for punishment. Starring a bevy of gorgeous women and powerful men in hot fantasies revolving around 'the romance of discipline', Shadow Lane is surely one of those butt-reddening sites that everyone with a fondness for bending girls over their laps and beat the hell out of their bums should explore at some point. Spankers do deliver a harsh treatment here, but girls (and sometimes guys) end up having a real blast being taught some manners. Shadow Lane knows what fans of the niche want and delivers it in its own, unique style that makes spanking fun and hotter than you've ever seen.

Frankly, there's so much going on here that you won't feel yourself bored at all. Movies are scripted and present stories of spanking fetish fantasies that are pretty entertaining. You get to see stepdaddies making their hot stepdaughters become good girls, kinky doctors helping sexy babes purge or college girls fueled by anger taking revenge on other girls. While spanking is the name of their game, there are other fetishes explored like girls wearing uniforms, getting enemas or getting their bodies tickled. Tawnsing, strapping, self-spanking, paddling, flogging, caning, breast spanking, toy play and orgasms are all part of the fun at Shadow Lane. There's even some hardcore action to be found, so some girls even give blowjobs and get fucked. Spanking is served up in every possible combination which means mostly girls, but occasionally guys get their asses beaten, and spankers can be males and females alike.

Their models are mostly amateurs, or at least pretty new to porn, but from time to time, a couple of known starlets such as Amber Rain and Casey Calvert also drop by to get their nice butts beaten. They usually put on a hot show for us and their acting is quite good. There's some dirty talk and girls sometimes have an attitude or simply beg for some punishment. Shadow Lane offers a collection of quality fetish porn that's professionally made. Videos are often amateur in style, but filmed well and they look generally decent. If you consider yourself as a fan of spanking, then I'd say this is a site that you'll have a hard time resisting!

What's Going On Inside

After getting logged in to the members' area, you'll realize that the site's tour and what paying members see are pretty much the same. The site has a fairly good layout and utilizes a couple of search/browse features. There's a search engine allowing for search by keyword, title or model name and they have a separate section reserved for categories such as enema, caning, male submission and paddling. Each girl has her model page, so it's really easy to find all scenes that feature your favorite babe. There aren't advanced search features, but it's still a quite user-friendly site. Shadow Lane offers 291 scenes currently, but according to date stamps something new is added regularly. These days they roll out a new scene two times per week making the site grow at a quite fast pace.

All of their videos come with a lengthy description and some scene info including release date, category tags and rating. Their scenes look decent, however, none of them are available in High Definition. Videos still sitting at 720x540 pixels are more than watchable, but needless to say, it would be nice to see the site make a move to delivering HD material. Members are given the chance to stream their videos in an embedded player, but downloading their videos is also an option. If you decide to save videos, there are MP4s (720x540 pixels, 900 Kbps) and WMVs (480x360 pixels, 1700 Kbps) available. There's a daily download limit which allows you to download 3GB of data in every 12 hours. At least, file sizes are around 30-70 MB, so you can download a lot of videos before reaching this limit. Movies are usually quite short as they play about 10-15 minutes. Each update contains photos that you can view online as small thumbnails or enlarged to full size. Many sets contain only screencaps sized at 600x400 pixels, but you can come across high resolution images that can be as large as 3456x2304 pixels. A photoset usually has about 40 pictures that are downloadable in a single ZIP file.

Shadow Lane doesn't treat members with lots of bonus content. As a matter of fact, there isn't anything extra here. They link you to a DVD store and live cams which will cost you some money if you want to have fun with a hot babe. There's even a section reserved for special offers, so members may get themselves access to other fetish sites at a discount price.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Shadow Lane is home to an array of sexy girls that sport asses that need to get spanked. A collection of hot fetish videos are on offer here which delivers diverse action including bums getting beaten with bare hands, flogs, canes and paddles. While the main focus is on spanking, there's some lesbian and hardcore boy/girl sex occasionally. It's a decent fetish site, however, movies never reach High Definition which surely makes the site less appealing. If you don't mind getting on SD videos and have a thing for watching someone get their butt beaten, then Shadow Lane will be a good choice.

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