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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 6, 2015
Score: 65/100
"With a bevy of Latin babes on board, San Diego Latinas is a site where you can get your daily fix of exotic beauty. All kinds of Latinas can be found here, so it doesn't matter if you like girls with big boobs, a mixed race heritage or crave tempered teen-looking chicks with sexy long, dark-hair, you'll find them all right here." - Visit Site
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General Review

Those who think that the sexiest Latin babes live somewhere in South America are definitely wrong. If you're looking for hot Latinas who can spice your sex life up with something exotic, then you don't have to take the first flight to Brazil or Colombia and no, you don't even have to cross the ocean to find sexy Spanish hotties. Believe it or not, all the gorgeous bronze-skinned chicks you crave walk the streets of San Diego! There's a hot porn site trying to prove that to you which is called San Diego Latinas (pretty pertinent name, huh?). With a bevy of Latin babes on board, it's definitely a site where you can get your daily fix of exotic beauty. All kinds of Latinas can be found here, so it doesn't matter if you like girls with big boobs, a mixed race heritage or crave tempered teen-looking chicks with sexy long, dark-hair, you'll find them all right here. San Diego may not be your favorite city (or at least it haven't been so far), but it's going to be just that after checking out this site which makes it clear that San Diego is a little piece of heaven for a fan of Latinas.

The olive-skinned hotties of San Diego Latinas are not just gorgeous but really horny as well! However, many of them sticks to teasing you in hot softcore photosets and solo masturbation videos. They gladly strip off their clothes and reveal their nice tits, round butts and shaved pussies while casting seductive glances at you. They often use toys like magic wands to bring themselves into a blissful state and of course, to get you off, too. While things usually stay softcore here, some girls even hook up with each other and have some sizzling lesbian sex. There are even some boy-girl hardcore scenes which is full of hot Latinas who give sloppy blowjobs and get their pussies banged hard. San Diego Latinas doesn't have anything really special, but it stil has a varied and entertaining collection, just keep in mind that the softcore content outweights their hardcore stuff.

Probably everything that you can see here is completely exclusive to the site and can't be seen on any other site. The content seems a bit amateur in style, so don't expect to get high budget movies. Actually, the videos look pretty dated and quite underwhelming. Okay, the girls are usually gorgeous and they are hot while playing with themselves or each other, but the videos are often really low in quality which pretty much ruins the fun. None of the scenes are available with High Definition specs which is surely a letdown these days. At least their photo galleries have decent quality shots, so if you like imagery, then you may have more fun here. San Diego Latinas is a site that could have been really good because it has many gorgeous models, but it's probably a bit neglacted which takes its toll.

What's Going On Inside

San Diego Latinas is fully integrated into a mega site called Unlimited Access Pass, so its layout isn't really orginal as it looks pretty similar to a bunch of other sites' designs. Actually, I'm not a huge fan of its pin style layout which can be quite annoying at times. The main page shows all updates (both videos and photos) in the same section. As you scroll down, new batches of updates appear and you'll end up a long page. I'd prefer pagination but it's just a matter of personal taste, I guess. Filtering things down a bit is easy because they let you filter by content type and there are a couple of sorting options. The updates can be sorted by date, number of views, running time and title. They even provide a model catalog but it's just a drop-down list of model names, so you'd better remember how your favorite babes are called! There's even a list of category tags which can easily narrow down the content for you. Overall, it's a quite user-friendly site. San Diego Latinas has a big collection which consists of 349 videos and 445 photosets. I'm not really sure whether updates will come or not because the site lacks date logs, but I guess they stopped rolling out new stuff at some point.

They don't provide too much scene info but at least each scene has a couple of crosslinked category tags, a running time displayed and you'll get a link to the starring girl's model page. Videos are downloadable but members can choose to stream them as well. Online playback is available in an embedded player that offers only one quality setting which is at its best at 640x480 pixels. The videos load and start fairly quickly and you don't have to put up with buffering hiccups either. Each scene comes with three download options which let you save the videos in WMV, MP4 and mobile-friendly formats. It seems like it doesn't matter which format you choose, you'll get videos sized at the same resolution but with varying bitrates. The best quality stuff is at 640x480 pixels (1000 Kbps) but many videos (even a couple of newer ones) are at 480x360 pixels. Running times are quite short here as the average scene plays about 8 minutes. Photos can be viewed online in standard thumbnail galleries or enlarged to their full size. There's even a timed slideshow features, although the small "play" icon is easy to miss but you'll find it if you click one of the thumbnails and look for it in the right bottom corner of your screen. A set usually contains 80-85 pictures sized at 1050px. They offer ZIP downloads for their photos.

San Diego Latinas is a part of Unlimited Access Pass and this being the case, it can offer its members, well, unlimited access to the rest of the network. There are 18 additional sites to enjoy at no extra cost here including for example Cali Teens, My Boobs and We Doki. While there are no other Latin-themed sites among your bonus sites, the network-wide access is still a generous bonus.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

With many hot Latin babes on board, San Diego Latinas seems a pretty damn good site at first glance, but it quickly turns out to be quite mediocre. The content is fun if you like softcore teasing and female masturbation, although if you're looking for some lesbian and boy-girl hardcore stuff, then you'll get that too. The problem is that none of their videos are available in HD and they max out in DVD quality SD. To make matters a bit worse, many videos (even some of their newer updates) are in quite low quality. Photos however, look quite decent even though they could be in a bit more respectable size. At least members get free access to a whole bunch of bonus sites. San Diego Latinas may have many Latin babes whom you'll like, but it's a fairly average site and you'll probably find better alternatives.

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