Russian Fake Agent

Updates: Monthly
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: October 16, 2014
Score: 68/100
"Russian Fake Agent is one of the latest "fake casting" sites which showcase an older dude's tricks which make pretty legal teens lose their clothes and inhibitions in front of his camera. Nothing new is presented here if your are already familiar with this sexy scam, but the nubile "victims" of this fake talent scout are smokin' hot and get fucked like cheat sluts, so it's still a site that you're guaranteed to enjoy." - Visit Site
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General Review

It seems like young girls are naive and refuse to learn from other's mistakes. Word of caution ladies: when a middle aged man, looking like a serious business man and holding a camera in his hand walks up to you and offers a chance to be a fashion model or the next famous Hollywood actress, then don't fall him! There are many guys doing the fake agent scam to get themselves some fresh pussy he's probably one of them. While this scam is almost as old as the internet, there are parts of the world where it still works like a charm and there are adult sites proving this. Russian Fake Agent is one of the latest "fake casting" sites which showcases an older dude's tricks which make pretty legal teens lose their clothes and inhibitions in front of his camera. Nothing new is presented here if your are already familiar with this sexy scam, but the nubile "victims" of this fake talent scout are smokin' hot and get fucked like cheat sluts, so it's still a site that you're guaranteed to enjoy.

Movies show how the classic talent scout trick is executed by a middle aged man who's identity remains shrouded in mystery for his protection. After all, if we knew who he was, girls wouldn't end up letting him fuck them, not to mention that we wouldn't get some hot pickup/casting porn. The "agent" roams the streets of Moscow, St. Petersburg or whatever other Russian city that's populated by young hotties and looks for some fresh talent. When he sees a sexy babe, he approaches her and starts telling his bullshit about he being a model agent who thinks that she would be perfect for a role in an upcoming TV show or something like that. The scenes start on the streets but continue in the guy's office where the girls learn that they're offered an adult modelling job. It seems like they don't mind it because they soon end up being naked and ready to prove their pornographic worth. There's a lot of cock sucking and pussy pounding in a bevy of positions and some chicks are even willing to do anal too! It's a pretty standard collection in terms of sexual acts, but the scenes are definitely fun to watch if you like reality and amateur porn.

Models are supposed to be amateur girls but many of them are lesser known professionals and I'm sure if you're a huge fan of Euro hardcore, you'll recognize a couple of them. The dialog is in Russian but there are English subtitles to help you understand what's being said. The videos are shot in a typical reality porn style using handheld cameras. There's a great mix of POV and standard camera angles which makes sure you'll get some really hot porn. As I already said that the agent's identity remains unknown and a cloud of pixels hide his face throughout the scenes which is pretty annoying, to say the least. The content seems exclusive but I'm not really sure about that. A couple of scenes seemed too familiar to me, so I think there are scenes that you can find on similar sites as well. At least the quality of their videos are pretty awesome. Each scene peak at HD resolutions and accompanied by high-res photos which are probably screencaps but look really nice in the end. Russian Fake Agent doesn't break new grounds but if you like trickery, hot Euro teens and reality porn, then this site will provide you with some fun.

What's Going On Inside

Russian Fake Agent is a site with a simple but neat design that looks modern enough. As a matter of fact, it has the same layout that every site sitting on Private's network has. Getting around the site couldn't be any easier as you'll get all episodes listed on one page. You get a couple of sorting options, so you can sort the videos by date, popularity and title. Narrowing down the content is nearly impossible due to the lack filter/browse tools. There's a separate section reserved for model profiles and they have a search bar, too, however, these work for the entire network and not this site alone. At least category tags would be nice to have which could help you filter things down by sexual act or model attribute. The lack of filter tools isn't a biggie right now since Russian Fake Agent is a really small site. At this point only 21 episodes are available but updates come, just not on a set schedule. It can happen to get only one new scene in a month, then you'll get 4 or 5 new videos in the next one.

None of the scenes can be previewed by watching trailer videos. There aren't category tags and basically scenes come with limited info. Only a title, a running time, a date stamp and a short desciption are what you get. Members can choose to watch videos right on the site in an embedded player that offers three tiers of quality: 720x404 pixels, 1280x720 pixels and 1920x1080 pixels. The online playback is smooth, so you'll probably find streaming videos a good choice. Although, videos are also downloadable in MP4 and mobile-optimized MP4 formats. Downloadable files are provided in 4 qualities ranging from 480x270 pixels (400 Kbps) to 1920x1080 pixels (4000 Kbps). The typical scene plays here around 30 minutes and comes with 20 photos. Pictures can be viewed online with a filmstrip navigation. There isn't a timed slideshow feature. Entire sets are offered for ZIP download. I think these might be screencaps, even though they look nice and are sized at 1600px.

When you're done with Russian Fake Agent's collection, you can still keep yourself busy thanks to the bonus access to the entire Private network. There are 12 bonus sites covering many niches from teens and MILFs to anal-loving babes and fetish porn. You can even find another casting-themed site which will provide you with similar scenes.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell on their join page when inputting your credit card info - unless you actually want this extra - otherwise you'll be charged for it, too!

The classic "pretend that you're a model agent to get laid" trick is an oldie but goodie. Russian teens are still buying it and that's what a middle aged guy exploits. Russian Fake Agent is full of fun reality porn videos that are realistic and pretty hot. However, everything is probably staged and you'll see a couple of girls that definitely pro models acting like they were amateurs. It's porn shot in Russia, so dialog is in Russian too, but there are English subtitles if you watch videos on the site (downloadable videos lack subtitles leaving you clueless about what the performers say). I think the content is non-exclusive or at least a part of it, but this isn't what should turn you away from this site. The small amount of scene is what makes the site less appealing, but updates come multiple times each month, so the collection is growing. Members get bonus access to one of the best networks of European porn sites which can make up for the small sized collection. Overall, Russian Fake Agent won't be a good choice if you're looking for only "fake model casting" videos but if you like the whole package (with bonus sites included) that's on offer, you may want to give it a try.

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