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Reviewed: June 3, 2013
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"Mr. Skin is definitely an iconic figure in the adult industry and his online archive is really outstanding what makes clear that his fame is well-earned. If you crave nude celebrities, but don't want to spend days to find out in which movies you can see your favorite movie stars flashing their funbags, then Mr. Skin will help you 'fast-forward to good parts' in the easiest way!" - Visit Site
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General Review

Probably many of you have seen the Hollywood blockbuster, 'Knocked Up' in which a character played by Seth Rogen wants to get rich by starting a website that features nude scenes taken from movies and TV shows, but his plan is doomed as it turns out that another site,, has already done this. Jim McBride (aka the famous Mr. Skin) is the mastermind who turned his private collection of hot actresses' flashiest scenes into a comprehensive online archive of nude celebrities. It's been almost 14 years now since Mr. Skin opened the online doors of his celeb nudity wonderland and I must say, he's doing a 'skintastic' job of stacking up an incredibly large collection of nude and semi-nude scenes featuring the brightest mainstream movie and TV stars.

Are you a fan of Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman or Jessica Biel's? Do you want to see your favorite actresses showing some skin? Then Mr. Skin - the site - is the place that you really need to check out as over 20000 celebs are featured here which assures that you'll going to find your favorite top name American and foreign actresses in quite a few hot scenes. I wouldn't call Mr. Skin a porn site and actually, it isn't. It do presents nudity, but what you can see here is taken from PG and R-rated mainstream movies. While the content isn't exclusive to the site, and to be honest a lot of stuff can be found with a Google search, it's an in-depth and concise archive that caters to all of your needs for celebrities. It not just provides you with a couple of nude photos and clips, but it has celebrity biographies, accurate summaries of the movies/shows from the sexy scenes are taken, the exact minute when the babes flash titties or start having sex in a specific movie and Mr. Skin also tells us what new movies in the theaters, or on Blu-ray and DVD have nudity, plus there are many other fun stuff like top 10 lists of big boobs on the 'big screen' and such.

Mr. Skin who's just a self-proclaimed movie reviewer focuses entirely on starlet nudity and has already amassed an enormous - and probably the biggest - collection of nude photos and clips showing you all kinds of famous women from all around the globe including Hollywood movie and TV show stars, top models, renowned musicians and foreign actresses. Mr. Skin is definitely an iconic figure in the adult industry and his online archive is really outstanding what makes clear that his fame is well-earned. If you crave nude celebrities, but don't want to spend days to find out in which movies you can see your favorite movie stars flashing their funbags, then Mr. Skin will help you 'fast-forward to good parts' in the easiest way!

What's Going On Inside

Mr. Skin has a quite simple, clean, but a highly fresh-looking layout. Since the collection of nude celebrities is incredibly large, providing a user-friendly navigation is pretty much crucial. I'm glad to report that Mr. Skin won't fail at this point. Actually, the content is laid out in a highly easy to browse fashion and there are many filter/browse tools that help you navigate to those clips, photos and celebs that you'd really want to see. There's a search bar allowing keyword search and when you start typing a name, it lists the potential matching starlets' names with small preview thumbnails of them. You can use an alphabet bar as well, but there are more advanced search options. To ensure you'll find your favorite type of babes, you can filter by celebrity attributes such as body type, breast type, hair color, ethnicity or an overall nudity rating. On a four-star scale you can check out how much a specific starlet showed from her body (1 star: no nudity, 2 stars: brief nudity, 3 stars: great nudity, 4 stars: hall of fame). You can even search by movie/TV show titles or list pictures and clips. I must say, it's really impressive how easy to filter things down even though the collection is HUGE. At the time of my visit, there were 35342 updates in total that included 49521 clips and 173956 photos! Luckily, Mr. Skin continues to update pretty frequently as each day you see something new added to his archives. 5-7 new updates are usually made every day, so it's easy to realize how the collection became that impressively gigantic.

Every clip is offered for online viewing and the newer flicks are available in three qualities (low 640x360 pixels at 450 Kbps, high 640x360 pixels at 960 Kbps and HD 1280x720 pixels at 2500 Kbps). Members are allowed to download the videos to their hard drives in the same qualities as Mpeg4 and/or Windows Media. The movies were captured from HD TV broadcasts or Blue-ray titles lately, but the older videos were pulled from DVDs and VHS tapes, so no wonder these old flicks are only available in low quality at 400x300 pixels and 480x360 pixels. Every video is a short clip as the movies play max 1 or 2 minutes. There's a separate section for pictures which are actually screencaps. You can view the images as small thumbnails, but you can browse them in a slideshow as well. Only individual photos can be viewed as they aren't packed into sets, even though there are pictures taken from the same movie. You can download pictures, but only one at a time as there are no ZIPs. The quality of the photos varies, the latest additions were taken from HD movies. The highest resolution images that I came across were sized at 1270x760 pixels.

There's plenty of fun stuff at Mr. Skin that's definitely worth a look. First of all, each celebrity has her own bio page which gives you some personal info on her and her career as well as some 'skinfo' telling in which movie she can be seen nude. There are original videos that 'keep up with every new and nude in Hollywood'. These movies include plenty of top list flicks like top 5 stars having sex in a car, top 5 mashed potato boobs, top 5 bare beavs and more. There's a Mr. Skin blog that gives for example 'movie nudity reports' and shows you which new DVD and Blu-ray releases have some celebrity nudity. You can find playlists, each of which encompasses about 20-30 minutes of video footage. These playlists gather a bevy of clips by a certain theme/criteria. You can check out for instance, sexy sci-fi chicks, girls with guns, gals with glasses or amazing lap dancing scenes.

Mr. Skin - the site - is truly 'the #1 source for nude celebs in movies & TV' as it has an amazing collection of today's (and a last couple decades') sexiest female celebrities. If you're looking for a great archive that shows you only 'the good parts' of TV shows and movies, then this site is definitely a must-see. There are some issues like a huge part of the archive is semi-nude or non-nude. Not every celeb appeared naked on the 'big screen', so your favorite actress, pop star or model might only be seen in bikini or in a sexy, tight dress. Nevertheless, it's an all-emcompassing archive that has a lot of fun stuff that you'll probably find pretty entertaining and hot if you're interested in nude celebrities. It's safe to say Mr. Skin is the best site that provides you with starlet nudity, so if that's what you really crave, then Mr. Skin won't disappoint, for sure!

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