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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: November 5, 2014
Score: 69/100
"Breaking the law of chastity, horny missionaries start to rub themselves to orgasm and tempt their companions into becoming a sinner in the name of sexual pleasure. Mormon Girlz will show all the sinful deeds that these naughty missionaries do, confess, remorse and repent. I'm sure if you like lesbo porn with a fun theme you'll absolutely love what's on offer here." - Visit Site
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General Review

When you commit yourself to serving the Lord and spreading his words and love, then you should take things seriously. Although, every woman has certain (I mean sexual) needs that can't be controlled and suppressed forever, regardless of how seriously a girl is devoted to the holy cause. Mormon Girlz is a fairly new porn site which tries to give lesbian porn a fresh spin that some could find outrageous and even offensive, but the rest of us will find rather hot and entertaining. It's just like a reality TV show that dares reveal many dirty secrets that can happen in the privacy of sexy and needy mormon girls' missionary apartment! After all, even babes on a holy mission are women with needs and sometimes pent-up sexual frustration screams louder than the word of God himself or at least that's what it looks like here. Breaking the law of chastity, horny missionaries start to rub themselves to orgasm and tempt their companions into becoming a sinner in the name of sexual pleasure. Mormon Girlz will show all the sinful deeds that these naughty missionaries do, confess, remorse and repent. I'm sure if you like lesbo porn with a fun theme you'll absolutely love what's on offer here.

Before you start to think that it's going to be just another lesbian porn site let me tell you that Mormon Girlz will be big someday or it should be. They do a great job with their chosen theme and I must say that I haven't seen anything like this. As I said it already, it's like a reality TV show which allows you to take a sneak peek into missionary babes' dirtest secrets. Many scenes are connected to each other in a way or two. For example, in an episode you can see two girls having sex with each other in the jacuzzi of one of the members of their church and in the next one you can watch these babes being punished for this by the mission president. It's not just girls getting their freak on with each other, it's something taboo and kinda kinky! I really enjoyed the aformentioned scene in which two hotties were punished by being made to get naked and eat each other out in front of the priesthood leader and a bunch of other masked guys in a dark room. The scenes are about lesbian couples licking, fingering or even strapon fucking each other, but they spice things up with a couple of solo masturbation scenes as well.

It's obvious that the content is 100% exclusive and you can't find these sordid lesbian videos on any other site. I'd say that the model roster contains only fresh-faced girls whom you probably haven't seen before. The girls are nothing like porn stars who have big, fake boobs and pretend to enjoy what they have to do on camera. These "mormon" girls seem everyday girls who genuinely enjoy commiting a sexy sin that they hope God will forgive them. Most of their models look pretty average but you can find a couple of hot babes, too. The model roster isn't quite extensive at the moment and you'll see many scenes featuring the same lesbian duos. The videos that reveal these hotties' sexual habbits and secrets are shot in a reality style. Their intentionally amateur approach makes their scenes even hotter and believable. Shot in HD, the videos look pretty damn good, so overall Mormon Girlz is off to good start and I'm sure that fans of lesbian porn will have some (quite sinful) fun here!

What's Going On Inside

Mormon Girlz has a similarly simple but neat design inside its members' area than you can see on its free tour. It looks like they try to keep things simple, so there are two main sections: one for their updates and another reserved for model profiles. Getting around the site is easy, although filtering things down a bit is pretty cumbersome. There are no category tags that could narrow down the content by action or model characteristic. They don't offer a search engine that is always helpful when it comes to finding scenes by keyword. The only browse tool that's available is a model library which I think doesn't list all of their "sisters". However, it gives you long descriptions about the girls which provide many personal info which can be real or fake, I couldn't really decide. Model profiles even give you links to the girls scenes, so if you happen to have a favorite girl, you can quickly get a list containing all scenes she appears in. Mormon Girlz is still very new which means that you'll get a small collection here. At this point only 20 scenes are already online but according to date stamps a new scene is added every week.

If there's one thing I can say for sure is that you'll always know exactly what a scene is about. Each episode of theirs come with a couple of screencaps and an incredibly long write-up that pretty detailed and which reveals everything that you're about to see. Their videos are offered for in-browser playback in a pop-up player that has two quality settings: SD 640x360 pixels and HD 1280x720 pixels. The streams work well as the videos start to play almost instantly and there are no buffering hiccups, although you can't jump forward in the video unless it loaded. Download links are also provided, so you can save their episodes in MP4 format in four qualities: 640x360 pixels (600 Kbps), 960x540 pixels (1200 Kbps), 1280x720 pixels (2200 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (5000 Kbps). While MP4s should be good for most platforms, more file formats for their downloads would be nice. A scene is usually quite short as the average running time is about 14 minutes. Every video is accompanied by a set of screencaps which display at 1280x720 pixels. Most scenes even have a set of high resolution images that are sized at around 1200px for the most part, though I found a set which contained photos at 1400px. There are about 30 photos (including both screencaps and high-res images) bundled with a video here. You can view pictures as small thumbnails or enlarged in a hands-free slideshow. They don't offer ZIP download for photos, so you'll be able to save only one picture at a time.

Even though Mormon Girlz can't keep you busy for too long with its tiny collection, there isn't any bonus content. Don't come here expecting bonus sites or a couple of additional videos, because there are none of them. The only extras you'll get is a blog which doesn't seem to be updated and an "about" section that explains a couple of things about these mormon girls, their relegion and their habbits.

Serving the Lord and bringing people to Christ, mormon missionaries spend a lot of time together doing what's wright. Although being with another beautiful young girl all day long can cause a lot of pent-up sexual frustration that inevitably explodes at some point. Mormon Girlz is a site which shows you what happens when naughty missionaries give in to the temptation and make themselves and each other cum. It's not your typical lesbian porn site because its take on the lesbian genre is a bit taboo and executed superbly. From the whole reality porn approach to the girls' garments, everything is spot on, so the content couldn't be any more believable. Of course, the sex is hot and there are quite kinky episodes to turn the hotness up with a notch. The biggest problem right now is the size of the collection. Updates come weekly which means the site could grow steadily but fairly slowly. There are no bonus sites or videos to keep you busy between two updates. To be honest, I loved these taboo lesbian scenes but until the site's collection grows much bigger I just can't recommend Mormon Girlz wholeheartedly.

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