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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 1, 2015
Score: 68/100
"Les Archive is packed to brim with pretty girls who get freaky with each other, so if you're a fan of lesbian sex videos and photos, you'll surely enjoy this site's offerings." - Visit Site
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General Review

A name like Les Archive definitely seems just a French expression. At first you may think it's just the name of a site which has an archive of, let's say, classic French movies or whatsoever, but the thing is, that site which actually bares this name has nothing to do with French people. On the other hand, it does have a connection with producing films, but in a "for adults only" way. When I reveal that "les" is short for lesbian, then it becomes really clear what you're going to find here. Yes, Les Archive offers a fine selection of ladies who are interested in women and who star in sizzling hot sapphic porn movies for your erotic entertainment! Les Archive is not your average lesbo site, or at least it tries really hard to make you believe that. Super cute and super hot babes graces the site's tour pages and there are a couple of statements (aka promises) that sound may be too well like "it's the web's favorite & largest lesbian mega site". Well, it looks like this sapphic site has a lot to prove (and spoiler alert!), it fails to deliver in some aspects. Nonetheless, the site is packed to brim with pretty girls who get freaky with each other, so if you're a fan of lesbian sex videos and photos, you'll surely enjoy Les Archive's offerings.

The videos here are exactly what you'd probably expect. They showcase really lovely young ladies who are paired with other hotties. Their model catalog contains lots of stunners and there are many lesser known and amateur babes among them. It looks like they mostly focus on European girls because you'll find mostly Czech, Russian and Hungarian babes here. These women have some really intimate and sensual sex and get each other undressed and explore each other's tight bodies. Their latest scenes all have a similar vibe, so I can imagine that some of you may want a little bit more variety. It looks like the site's older episode are what deliver this. Once you're deep inside the Les Archive's archive, you'll come across outdoor sex scenes and there's some group activity there, in other words: you'll get threesomes, foursomes and I even found an all-girl orgy, too. Most scenes show lesbian couples who use their tongues and fingers to bring each other to the state of orgasmic bliss, but sometimes toy like vibrators and dildos are also used.

Probably everything you'll get here is shot by the company/studio that runs Les Archive, although the videos and photosets are taken from Les Archive's sister site which is called Teen Dreams. Even though these two sites are presented differently, they obviously share some content. There are many photos that have a Teen Dreams watermark, so they don't even try to hide this. The videos are really good in all regards. They're filmed quite well and have a really professional feel. Many of their scenes are presented in High Definition, but older scenes offer only SD playback. Photos also look really nice and detailed here. They have a quite big collection of picture sets making Les Archive really enjoyable if you're a photo fan. These pictures are usually High-Res images, so overall there isn't too many quality problems here. Les Archive may be a solid lesbian site but it definitely not as excellent as it claims itself to be, however, if you like watching sexy Euro babes please each other, then it's still worth a try.

What's Going On Inside

Les Archive looks really nice inside its members only area. The layout is pretty simple but it has a lusty and quite girly feel with its pink background and graphic elements. The content is arranged reasonably which guarantees that no one should feel lost or confused here. They have separate sections for photos, videos and models and all their promotional stuff (stores, webcams, discounts and such). There's also a home page where you can start exploring the site after getting logged in. Here you'll see the list of their latest and popular updates. Filtering things down a bit is possible thanks to a search engine. You won't be able to search for something really specific, but at least you can set a couple of filters regarding the models' hair color and tit size, and they have an A-Z filter, too. Their model catalog is a bit strange because they highlight girls in pairs and not individual models. You can get a list of those scenes in which a specific couple appears, but you can't filter by a chosen girl. They also lack category tags which is a hit-and-miss considering that there's some variety here. When you're looking for threesomes or scene in which girls play with toys, you'll have to do the searching on your own. Les Archive claims that it's the largest lesbian site, but actually, its collection isn't that large. It has enough content to keep you busy for month, though. At this point, 255 videos and 1049 photosets can be found here, but date logs prove that the site grows steadily with weekly updates.

The videos can't be previewed here by checking out trailer videos or viewing a couple of screencaps. There aren't any write-ups that could give you a grip on what to expect. The thumbnail images that represent the videos may give you an idea about whom you're about to see, though. The videos are available for instant playback in an embedded player. When you watch their video on the site you have mutliple (up to 4) quality options, best of which can be full HD 1920x1080 pixels. Olders scenes lack HD streams and these often max out at 640x480 pixels. There are a couple of old scenes which cannot be streamed nor downloaded for some reason or at least I couldn't watch them because when I tried to check them out all I got is a blank page. My guess is that they had some technical difficulties at the time of my visit. The videos are also downloadable in MP4 format. Download options usually offer HD videos at 1280x720 pixels (2500 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (8000 Kbps), but there are standard definition version of them to save at 640x360 pixels (1300 Kbps) and 320x180 pixels (500 Kbps). On a video's page you'll find a couple of random scene suggestions towards the bottom of the page. Strangely, among these you'll often find standard boy-girl scenes which you can watch but cannot find listed in the videos section or on a bonuses page. Many photosets are waiting for those who love to view sexy pictures of lesbian hotties. These photos can be browsed online in standard thumbnail galleries or enlarged in a popup display. A set contains around 100 high-res images sized at around 1300px. Older sets may have lower resolution pictures. They offer ZIP downloads for their photos which make saving an entire set easy and quick.

Les Archive isn't really keen on treating its members with lots of bonuses. Memberships won't give bonus access to additional sites and there are no video feeds or bonus photo galleries either. All you get is webcams and a couple of promotional offers, which will cost you some money if you want them. You can watch here many random suggested boy-girl videos which, I suppose, are from Teen Dreams, but having these is probably just a bug, so it may be fixed soon.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sells when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offers - otherwise you'll be charged for them too!

Some of those things that are stated on Les Archive's tour may not be true like "the largest lesbian mega site", but don't get deterred, it's a pretty solid lesbo site overall. The collection isn't particularly large, but big enough to keep you in heat for quite some time. There are lots of gorgeous girls here who enjoy being with another babe. Their latest scenes tend to be pretty similar but with different girls, so you may want to dig yourself deeper into the site's archive where you can find outdoor sex and group sex scenes which can provide some variety. The quality of the content is alright because there are many high-res images and many videos are sized at High Definition resolutions. Older scenes/sets can be in lower quality but they usually look decent. Everything you'll find here is probably taken from Teen Dreams, Les Archive's sister site which has regular boy-girl scenes as well. Having said that and knowing that there are no bonuses offered here, I'd say it seems a more reasonable choice to join that site unless you're not interested in boy-girl at all. In this case, however, Les Archive is a pretty neat lesbian porn site which is worth a look.

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