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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 18, 2015
Score: 60/100
"Kaira 18 is home to a sweet emo teen who wants to be a famous internet model. She's also a nasty young lady who shares her sexy nudes and soft lesbian videos with anyone who's interested in joining her site. With her adorable but kinda badass look and hot solo and lesbian content, she'll definitely a girl whom you may end up liking a lot!" - Visit Site
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General Review

Those who like girls who look a bit alternative will like this cute Czech teen girl named Kaira who's the star of a porn site called Kaira 18. She's pretty much the perfect example for girls who are always up to no good. She's just over the legal age of doing porn and she's ready to have her own personal erotic playground where she gets bare naked and has some fun with her equally cute girlfriends. Everything's about this pretty little thing who has a long, dark hair, a slender body with nice, perky tits and a shaved pussy. She also likes to wear a lot of dark eyeliner and has a couple of piercings and sexy tattoos which make her one of the hottest emo teen models. Even though, this alternative-looking sweetheart is a bit shy, she always ends up doing something quite nasty in front of the camera. It doesn't really matter if you're into emo girls with a badass look or you just want to check out a gorgeous Euro teen's softcore erotic videos and photos, Kaira 18 will provide you with something you'll probably enjoy.

There are girls who are willing to do whatever it takes to draw your attention, so they do hardcore porn with both girls and guys. And there's the other type of wannabe internet models, just like Kaira herself, who can enchant you with their beauty and the fact that you can watch them strip naked and pose seductively is enough to get you thrilled. Kaira doesn't do anything really adventurous here, so you can't see here stuff big sexual playthings into her tight pussy and she doesn't have sex with guys either. This may be a bit of a letdown to some, but her collection is still intriguing as she likes to wear cute outfits and seems to have a genuinely fun time getting bare naked for you. Her softcore content is still worth a look and you prefer this kind of stuff, not just the good ol' "guys banging girls hard" type of action, then you can have here as much fun as Kaira has. The most daring thing that she does on her site is invite her girlfriends over and fool around a bit. Her lesbian scenes are really soft too, because Kaira and her friends just undress each other, cuddle and fondle each other's titties and don't really go beyond that. They do kiss but there's no toy play, fingering or pussy licking.

Kaira asks her friends to photograph and film her that why her collection is pretty amateur in style. Things aren't bad here, but you'll have to put up with shaky camerawork and poor lighting from time to time. Nonetheless, Kaira's stuff is entertaining and if you like her, then you're going to enjoy it. Although, I have a feeling that the site has been neglected for quite some time, so it isn't too much of a surprise that the quality of the videos isn't the best. Don't get me wrong, the videos look decent, but they max out at near HD resolutions. Another con here is the lack of interactivity. Kaira doesn't have message board and doesn't run live shows either, so you can't get in touch with her. Also, she doesn't offer any personal stuff like candid photos or an online diary. The only thing you get is a quick "about me" on the tour and a blog that just gives teasers to those who haven't joined the site. Kaira is a gorgeous young girl whose official site is quite mediocre, but if you like emo teens and softcore porn, it may give you some fun.

What's Going On Inside

The members' area of Kaira 18 reflects Kaira's emo/alternative personality quite well with its dark and purple colored design elements, however, its a pretty basic design. Once you're inside, you'll start exploring the site on the home page which has a short greeting from Kaira and highlights some of those bonuses that are included in your membership. Getting around the site shouldn't be a problem to anyone, although filtering things down a bit will definitely be. There are no search nor browse features, so you'll have to search without any help for those scenes and photos that you'll like. Considering that there's some variety in Kaira's collection at least some kind of categorization could have been useful. Kaira 18 is a small site that probably won't keep you busy for too long because only 26 videos and 36 photosets are available. None of the collection items are dated, so it's impossible to ascertain how often something new is added. Although, the latest entry on Kaira's blog (which gives teasers of her updates), was published back in 2009. This makes me think that the site also saw the latest update back then.

Kaira's site keeps everything very simple and basic and this reflects in the way the updates are presented. No descriptions, trailers and not even any scene info is provided which means you may not know exactly what a scene has for you until you check it out. Most porn sites try to spare you some time and offers videos for online playback. However, Kaira 18 is not like them. Streaming the videos and watch them right on the site isn't an option, instead you'll have to download the videos. They can be saved in WMV format which should be good for many users, but additional file formats including MP4 would be nice, too. Quality can vary a bit, but for the most part, you'll get decent-looking SD videos. The best quality stuff displays at 1200x672 pixels (5700 Kbps). The average scene is short as it plays around 10 minutes. Those that are a bit longer are usually chopped into 2 or 3 parts and cannot be downloaded in full length. You can browse through Kaira's photos online in standard thumbnail galleries but full-size pictures are only a click away. There isn't a slideshow feature, so you may want to dowload entire set, but brace yourself for the tedious process of saving one photo at a time because there are no ZIP downloads here.

Kaira has some bonus content to enterain you with after you're done with her collection. A few of her girlfriends contributed a couple of picture galleries which members can check out, and more importantly, memberships include free access to 3 additional sites. These are Little Caprice, Pinky June, Sabrina Blond and Kiki 18. As you can guess, these are all solo model sites which deliver more cuteness and hotness with their sexy teen models.

If cute emo girls are your thing, then chances are high that you're going to like Kaira. She's gorgeous, petite and looks kinda badass with her dark long hair, sexy piercings and tattoos. Lucky for us, she's old enough to post erotic photos and videos of herself which is exactly what she does on her personal site called Kaira 18. This hot teen girl keeps things fairly softcore, so all that she does here is get naked or having some fun with her girlfriends. Even her lesbian content is softcore because she and her friends just undress each other, cuddle and kiss. Nonetheless, if you like softer porn, you'll probably like what she has in store for you. It's probably a site that haven't been touched by Kaira for years, so the videos max out at near HD, however, the photos look nice at their best of 1500px. Since the collection is small and there are no upcoming updates, those bonus sites that come bundled with your membership will come in handy. All in all, Kaira is a quite hot little thing but her site won't give you a reason to stick around for more than a month.

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