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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: August 26, 2014
Score: 67/100
"Teen hotties provide pleasure with their lips and tongues here and get a load of creamy cum dumped on their pretty faces in return. If this sounds hot enough to you, then you're clearly in the right place at Jizz On Teens." - Visit Site
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General Review

Guess what teen girls like these days! Are they into Hello Kitty stuff or they just go crazy for some Justin Beiber-ish pop icon? No, you're wrong. These days what young babes love the most is JIZZ. Didn't see that coming, huh? Jizz On Teens is here to prove this by showcasing a bevy of nubile hotties who are eager to get some man juice splattered all over their lovely faces. Some serious cum-addiction is what developing in these girls as they can't wait to make a guy bust a nut and cover them in some gooey goodness. The site's name may not really give it away, but it's a fellatio-only extravaganza, so young cuties drop to their knees, wrap their lips around a rock hard cock and suck it dry. Giving head certainly makes them have a lot of fun, but they know how to get the best of each dick-nibbling session by inviting a sexy friend to double-team on a hung guy! Teen hotties provide pleasure with their lips and tongues here and get a load of creamy cum dumped on their pretty faces in return. If this sounds hot enough to you, then you're clearly in the right place at Jizz On Teens.

This site is just a dream come true for many of us. There are just a couple of things that can beat that when two smokin' hot girls are fighting over your cock. The teen hotties appearing at Jizz On Teens are obsessed with sucking cock, and they seem really exerienced at it. These sweethearts look unspoiled, but when a fat cock is whipped out, they quickly shatter the illusion of their innocence. Since the whole site is about blowjobs, there isn't too much variety, although you don't have to worry about getting bored. The episodes are scripted and they play out a couple of (quite silly) scenarios. You'll see girls inviting a guy over to show him a porn magazine they found and end up doing such dirty things that grace the pages of the magazine or two teens giving a special sexy present to a birthday boy. Each scene is about a boy-girl-girl threesome and oral sex, and there's also some lesbian fun thrown in the mix here and there.

As I already mentioned it, all videos have a story to tell, however, there isn't too much talking happening and there's a reason why. The performers are Europeans (I guess they're from Russia), so the dialogue is in a foreign language. The guys behind the site don't bother translating the scenes to English in any way and probably that's why no subtitles can be found. Production values are fairly high, while there's a bit of amateur feel to the videos, they're definitely filmed by professionals. With movies reaching decent High Definition levels, you don't have to worry about not being able to enjoy these dick-blowing threesomes with enough details. Jizz On Teens is quite good on so many levels if you're a fan of blowjob-themed smut and/or sexy, young women, just don't forget that it isn't flawless.

What's Going On Inside

Jizz On Teens' tour gives a good preview of what paying members get, so it's definitely worth checking out. There are many trailer videos that will leave you wanting more, not to mention that the actual members' area is pretty similar to what you can see without making a commitment. The site has a modern but a bit simple layout that looks okay in the end. No one will be lost here as there are only 4 sections, but you're going to spend most of your time on their "Home" section which lists you their updates. Jizz On Teens keeps everything pretty simple, so there isn't any search or browse features. No category tags, model indexes nor a search engine will help you filter things down a little bit. Although, the scenes are pretty similar in terms of sexual acts depicted, and there aren't too many of them. Actually, only 24 scenes are available at the moment, and the lack of date stamps makes it impossible to tell when something new will be added. I have a feeling that this site is completely neglected and won't get any bigger.

Even though you can't preview the videos, I wouldn't say that you can't get a grip on what you're going to see. Each scene comes with a description that will help you understand the story and a set of screencaps that let you take a peak into the action that's about to unfold. Members can choose to watch the videos right on the site in an embedded player that provides decent quality playback at 960x540 pixels. The streams are fine as the videos play smoothly while they're being streamed, though it may take the video a few seconds to start playing. They also offer download links and you'll be able to save videos in a bevy of formats and qualities. There are WMV, MP4 and mobile-friendly MP4 files to download. You'll probably go for their High Definition videos that are available at 1280x720 pixels (4000 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (8000 Kbps). These HD movies are provided in WMV instead of MP4, so they may not be suitable for every platform. Videos play about 30-40 minutes and they come bundled with digital stills. These photos can be viewed online as small thumbnails or enlarged to their full size of 1000px in a slideshow. Strangely, the screencaps have higher resolution, but these "HQ pictures" are much clearer. A set contains about 300 photos that are offered for ZIP download for your convenience.

Let's face it. Jizz On Teens won't keep anyone busy for too long and those who run this site know this, so they give members some bonuses. There's a section inside the members' area that provide links to 4 bonus sites: First Anal Quest, Fuck 'N Drive, Double View Casting and Wanted GFs. Some of these are much larger sites and they're overall pretty entertaining if you're into teen girls and hot Euro hardcore porn.

Jizz On Teens has lots of potentials to be a great blowjob-centric site, but for some reason it's pretty neglected. It combines three hot niches: teens, blowjobs and hot face-glistening cum dumping. The site's models are quite cute and they look pretty shy and innocent at first, but when it comes to giving head, they quickly become out of control. Those who enjoy FFM threesomes and fellatio-themed smut will enjoy what's on offer here, although cum splattering doesn't have more emphasis here than on your average porn site. All videos are available in HD and they're pretty enjoyable, but there aren't enough of them. Jizz On Teens is a small site offering two dozens of episodes and probably it won't get any bigger unfortunately. At least members get access to 4 bonus sites which definitely give some additional value to your membership. Jizz On Teens is a good little site, but you may want to pass up on it unless you like the whole package (with bonus sites included) or really into teen threesome blowjob scenes.

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