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Categories: Anime
Updates: 2x Per Week
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: August 29, 2014
Score: 65/100
"Insane 3D is an adult website focusing on animated porn that shows you super heroes, movie and video game characters and all kinds of horrifying creatures in a way you've never seen them before." - Visit Site
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General Review

Do you feel an itch for watching cartoons? Are you one of those who like comic books, video games and movies? If you say yes to these questions, then you're a nerd but don't you worry, there's plenty of erotic fantasies on the internet that was specifically created for you. Just imagine your favorite super heroes like Supergirl getting down and dirty with the terrifying Predator in an alleyway or Storm from X-men ending up sucking Hulk's gigantic cock. Insane 3D is an adult website focusing on animated porn that shows you super heroes, movie and video game characters and all kinds of horrifying creatures in a way you've never seen them before. There's surely a lot of craziness going on here and unless you don't insist on seeing real people having sex, it's a site that will show you something that you'll enjoy. The girls (and guys, too) often possess a high level of superhuman physical abilities, but they're still (mostly) humans and need to get an erotic relief every now and then. If you're interested in some kinky, hot and fun porn showcasing a bevy of imaginary people having sex with each other or with creatures such as aliens, dragons and monsters, then Insane 3D is a site for you.

It's pretty clear that the whole site is about erotic fantasies, so they provide you with many short stories that are really entertaining. Insanity also plays an important role here and it's safe to say that you can see lots of outrageously debaucherous things performed by the site's fictional performers. All the standard sexual acts like pussy eating, cock sucking and passionate fucking are on display at Insane 3D, but you'll also find threesomes, foursomes, BDSM inspired sex as well as shemales. Chicks are portrayed as busty cock-hungry vixens who don't mind taking some deep dicking by sci-fi characters, mutants, superheros and mythological creatures. They're uniformly sexy and seem to be uninhibited and open-minded enough to deliver some raunchy and extraordinary sex. Animated porn may not be for everyone's taste, but those who like this type of stuff will have a fun time at Insane 3D.

Based solely on the site's name you may expect to get here a collection of 3D movies. However, Insane 3D lacks videos and turns its attention to computer-generated photos. It's basically a photography site, but at least they do deliver anaglyph picture galleries, so if you have a pair of those cheap red/cyan glasses, you'll get some hot porn popping out of your screen in the end. I don't know who drew (or created) these pictures, but they did a pretty good job. All of your favorite characters are easily recognizable and they managed to come up with hot stories. Photos are clear, sharp and available in high resolution, which means quality isn't a problem here. Fans of anime porn and those who are curious about what fictional characters do when they're horny may want to give Insane 3D a look.

What's Going On Inside

Insane 3D rocks a very simple layout with a plain black backround. It looks okay in the end, there aren't too many adverts to annoy you or distract you which is a quite rare thing to see these days. After getting signed in to the members' area, you'll land on a home page which shows you news, the latest updates, a selection of top rated stuff as well as a teaser of upcoming updates. At the top of the page there are plenty of tabs that break the collection down by category. Filtering things down a bit is very easy with these category tags that will quickly list you sets featuring specific types of characters (mutants, mythological creatures or celebrities) or a specific niche like BDSM and femdom. If you still need another tool to narrow down the content, you can find a search bar that's at the bottom of the home page. Insane 3D is a fairly small site which offers 90 picture galleries and only 1 video. According to date stamps something new is published 2 times each week.

The site's only video can be watched online in an embedded player. It seems like there aren't multiple quality settings. The streamed video plays at 640x360 pixels and it does look decent. You can't download it which is fairly understandable since probably no one would want to save a video that has a running time of only 15 seconds. Your main reason to join is their collection of photos and it won't let you down. Each set comes with a lengthy description and a couple of category tags giving you an idea about what you're going to see. Some sets are like a comic book with dialogue, which don't really need any write-up to make you understand what's going on. Photos can be viewed online as small thumbnails or enlarged to up to 3 sizes (1200px, 1600px and 2000px) in a slideshow. A set usually contains about 30 images which are offered for ZIP download. The strange thing is, while you can view photos in multiple resolutions in your browser, ZIPs will only give you the lowest resolution images. Also, there are many sets that lack the super high-res option and max out at around 1600px.

Even though Insane 3D is a quite small site at the moment, it doesn't give its members any bonuses. Okay, that's not entirely true because you can find a "members pics" section, but this holds only 7 photos which were submitted by other users. Although, apart from these half a dozen photos, no other extras are given.

Insane 3D may fail you if you're looking for 3D movies, but it does excel if you want some insanity performed by fictional characters from comic books, cartoons, video games and movies. It's a photography site relying on computer-generated images that showcase Lara Croft, Supergirl and a whole bunch of animated babes in some kinky XXX-rated action. Monster, mutants and plenty of creepy creatures also get laid here, so there's no doubt about that Insane 3D is crazy! The small collection, the lack of video updates and non-existent bonuses are the only downsides here, but you do get frequent updates and anaglyph 3D photos to compansate you. Considering that memberships are pretty pricey and there's not much to see currently, you should give the site some time to grow unless you really want to check out this nerdish kinky madness.

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