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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 13, 2015
Score: 59/100
"Horny Lesbian GFs offers a bevy of hot girls who are claimed to be real lesbians. They like cuddling and kissing other babes but here they do much more than just that as they get naked and eat each other's dripping wet pussies." - Visit Site
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General Review

Lesbian girls are nothing new to the world of porn. There are plenty of sites out there which are packed with girl-loving babes to the brim, so you've probably seen some hot sapphic stuff already. Although, like many things in the show biz, lesbian sex is a bit fake, too. Don't get me wrong. The girls do end up playing with each other's pussies, but they're not genuinely into girls. They're paid to fuck other hotties and they often do a great job of making it look real. However, there are a couple of sites that claim that they have the real thing and Horny Lesbian GFs is surely one of them. Only real lesbians can be found here, or at least that's how they advertise themselves on the tour. Will this site showcase true girl-on-girl passion or will it be just yet another lesbo porn site? Well, let's just find out! The models may not be genuinely lesbians but they're definitely horny, so the site delivers, at least partially, meaning that if watching sexy babes get it on with each other turns you on like nothing else, then Horny Lesbian GFs will look pretty promising.

When you imagine girls having sex with girls then you probably picture babes slowly peeling off each other's clothes while enjoying a couple of long kisses. That can be seen here but it looks like genuine lesbians are eager to explore all kinds of fields of sexuality. From the pretty casual pussy licking and breast fondling to some kinky stuff like dressing up in skin tight latex dresses and dominate each other, the women here do it all, making Horny Lesbian GFs surprisingly (and pleasantly) varied. For the most part you'll come across couples but there's some threesome sex every now and then. It seems like their models enjoy wearing all sorts of outfits, so some babes look like naughty schoolgirls while others dressed as horny office chicks or slutty nurses. The strange thing is, they don't stick to lesbianism very strictly. I've seen a video in which an ebony girl was sleeping and the cameraman woke up her by playing with her pussy and there's even a scene where two girls share a guy's cock with each other. These definitely a bit out of place and strange on a sapphic site.

Horny Lesbian GFs is a site name that sound like an amateur porn site's name. Although, you won't get here any "leaked" or user-submitted stuff. The girls are amateurs (I haven't heard of them before) and they're overall quite hot. The videos are also quite amateur in style, and they often use handheld cameras. But not the way they shoot their stuff is the main problem here. The quality of their videos is a letdown because there are no HD videos and frankly, their movies are in pretty low quality. On the other hand, Horny Lesbian GFs seems more of a photography-centric kind of site. At least their images look nice and they're sized at high resolutions giving you enough detail and clarity. With its stunningly sexy models Horny Lesbian GFs seems way better than it actually is. It won't keep you entertained for long and has quality issues as well, so it's a woefully mediocre lesbian site.

What's Going On Inside

After you sign in, you'll arrive to network's main members only area. However, navigating to all the lesbian loving is easy as all you have to do is select Horny Lesbian GFs from a drop-down list of sites. The site looks all girly and lusty, just a way you expect from a lesbian site. Although, I wasn't really fond of their "pinned" style updates, but that's just a matter of personal taste, I guess. They offer a couple of tools that can help you filter things down a little bit. There's a list of model names which can help you find all those scenes in which your favorite girl appears and you'll have a couple of sorting options too. The updates can be sorted by date, running time, title and number of views and you can filter by content type (photo or video). You can even spot a "Tags" but there are no category tags to show you. Overall, Horny Lesbian GFs has a very basic setup of filter tools, but you don't need any more advanced features because the site's collection is tiny. Only 7 videos and 23 picture galleries are available at the moment. The site lacks date logs, so it's impossible to tell whether something new is added regularly, but my best guess is that no new stuff is around the corner.

Their updates have some scene info which shows you ratings, running times, category tags (which tend to be the same, so they're kinda useless), model names and views. No descriptions, screencaps or trailers are available but you'll still have an idea what you're about to see regardless. Videos are offered for online playback in an embedded player that lacks multiple quality settings. The streams load quickly and there are no annoying buffering hiccups. The in-browser playback is in low quality at 480x360 pixels. They also provide downloads in WMV, MP4 and mobile-friendly MP4 formats. Their videos max out at 640x480 pixels (2400 Kbps) and they look okay but they definitely not as detailed as you'd like them to be. It's like these are just pretty old movies that have been sitting around for years now. The average running time is around 14-15 minutes. Their photo section is more professional and more enjoyable. The galleries can be browsed through online or you can just download entire sets in ZIP files. They offer standard thumbnail galleries for their photos but you can even opt for a timed slideshow. The sets contain high resolution images that are available at their best of around 1700px. You'll find about 80 pictures in a gallery, so their ZIP downloads can come in handy.

Horny Lesbian GFs is a tiny site which probably stopped updating, so it needs bonus content to keep you busy. Fortunately it's a part of a network called Unlimited Access Pass. Memberships include access to the rest of the network, allowing you to check out 18 bonus sites. These cover many niches from amateurs to ebony babes and solo model sites. There's another lesbian site among them named Lesbian Assult, so you'll get some additional girl-on-girl stuff as well.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Are these babes lesbians? I'm not sure but they do have girls-only sex and they're undeniably horny. Horny Lesbian GFs is a site which has a pretty standard but promising premise but it's also a site that lets you down big time. The content is a bit amateur and honestly, there aren't enough videos and photos here. They have quality issues as well, even though they advertise themselves as a source for high quality porn. None of the videos are in HD and while the photos look really nice, they still can be bumped up to a more respectable size. At least memberships include bonus access to an entire network. Horny Lesbian GFs may seem a fun lesbo site but it turns out to be really underwhelming really quickly.

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