Drone Hunter

Updates: Sporadic
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: December 20, 2014
Score: 59/100
"Sexy unsuspicious girls, insanely hot amateur porn and fun tech gadgets are all combined here to give you something that's been missing in the porn world, so if you like the idea/theme of Drone Hunter's XXX voyeur sex videos, you'll surely have some fun here." - Visit Site
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General Review

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about drones lately? These new gadgets are extremely popular and they are versatile enough to cater to all kinds of needs. People buy them to have fun flying them, miliatry uses them for surveillance and even Amazon thinks about using them to deliver packages easily and quickly. We can aggree that these weird-looking flying machines have so much potential, right? Even two guys realized it and teamed up to serve up fun and crazy porn for their and our pornographic entertainment in a way you've never seen it before! Drone Hunter is the name of their porn site where you'll find a voyeur and reality porn videos shot by camera-equipped drones. How crazy is that?! Okay, these dudes seem to be tech fanatics because they also have a pair of glasses with a built-in spy cam, so they give both super close POV action as well as extremely long shots of some steamy sex. Sexy unsuspicious girls, insanely hot amateur porn and fun tech gadgets are all combined here to give you something that's been missing in the porn world, so if you like the idea/theme of Drone Hunter's XXX voyeur sex videos, you'll surely have some fun here.

The tech-loving guys of the site go ahead and find smokin' hot babes who supposedly end up not knowing that a drone is flying around filming them, not to mention that the guy who is fucking them have a spy cam in his glasses. One of the dudes picks up a girl and starts fucking her in an open air place like on a rooftop or in a jeep in the middle of a desert, while the other guy flies their drone and film them. Most scenes showcase one-on-one guy/girl sex, but there's a scene in which two hotties get it on. There isn't too much variety here in terms of sexual acts, because girls give some head, then get their pussies drilled. No anal, threesomes, interracial sex or anything to spice things up a bit, except for their aformentioned lesbian episode. However, it's a brand new site, so things can change and the thrill of shooting porn secretly with high-tech stuff is always there to give you something unusual but hot.

The authenticity of their videos is questionable, to say the least. Everything is probably staged here (what a surprise, right?) because you'll find known pornstars among the girls like Jennifer White or Gianna Nicole. Nonetheless, the scenes are believable enough to not to bother you unless you want genuinely amateur girls. The whole concept is interesting but the execution needs some fine tuning according to user comments. They often switch between super close POV shots and drone-filmed long distance shots maybe too quickly. Probably a side-by-side or split-screen type of demonstration their stuff would make more sense. Either way, it's amateur porn with is perfect for those who don't want polished studio-made stuff, because they like their porn raw and realistic. Drone Hunter is likely to become a site that will draw a lot of attention and which has a pretty intriguing theme. It's brand new and has a couple of flaws, but it's still a site brought to you by Mofos, so if you like amateur porn, you'll still get your money's worth here in some way.

What's Going On Inside

Once you're inside the site's members only area, you'll realize that Drone Hunter is fully integrated into the Mofos Network and it's just like a small batch of uniquely themed voyeur porn videos than a site standing on its own. It has the very same layout that graces all pages of the mega site and which is easy on the eyes and fairly modern. They offer a couple of sorting and browse tools that will help you find those episodes that you'll probably enjoy. There's a search engine at your service which can narrow down the collection by keyword and you'll get a long list of category tags as well. The updates can be sorted by date, rating, number of views and number of favorites. Unfortunately, most of their tools work for the entire network and not for only Drone Hunter. At this point it isn't a problem because the site's collection is tiny. Drone Hunter is brand spanking new, so you can't really expect to get lots of episodes, but still, the size of the collection here is really, really underwhelming. There are only 5 scenes available which were added on the same day (Nov. 28) and it looks like no new scene is around the corner. Maybe they just haven't set an update schedule or this site is going to be just a "filler" and the network is what they actually want to sell, I don't know.

None of their episodes have a description or a trailer video, so they don't provide too much info to give you an idea about what you're going to see. At least the videos come with crosslinked category tags and a set of screencaps. Their vidcaps can be viewed as small thumbnail images in two different views (gallery or filmstrip) and can be enlarged in a slideshow. A set of screencaps contains about 270 pictures that are in the same resolution as the best quality related video which is 1920x1080 pixels. They offer ZIP downloads if you'd like to save these screencaps for some reason. Due to the nature of the content (which is voyeur porn shot by hidden cams), there aren't any digital stills beside their screencaps. Drone Hunter is basically a video-only site which offers scenes for both streaming and download. If you watch a video right on the site, the embedded player provides you with 3 quality settings which are low (540p), 720p and 1080p, although it seems like that their 1080p stream option is also at 720p, so there are only 2 quality choices in the end. Download options abound here which let you save their videos as WMV (854x480 pixels, 2500 Kbps) and MP4 files. MP4s are available in 5 qualities ranging from mobile-friendly 480x272 pixels (650 Kbps) to full HD 1920x1080 pixels (12 Mbps). The scenes are fairly short as the average running time is around 11 minutes.

Being a part of the Mofos Network, Drone Hunter can give its members a lot of bonus content, which to be honest, comes in handy after seeing how small their collection is. There are 17 bonus sites from the network including such famous amateur porn sites as Let's Try Anal, Public Pickups and Pervs On Patrol. In addition, there are lots of bonus video feeds, video blog entries and it looks like you can check out webcam girls too, however, I think that may cost you some money.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell on their join page when inputting your credit card info - unless you actually want this extra - otherwise you'll be charged for it, too!

Offering voyeur porn that has a quite unique theme, Drone Hunter seems to be a fun site, and it is, although it's also pretty unfulfilling. The site was launched not so long ago and I'm afraid it'll be neglected. There's a really tiny collection of 5 scenes here which won't keep you busy longer than a couple of hours. The videos are entertaining but camerawork and editing may need some fine tuning. At least the quality of their stuff is fantastic with 1080p videos that look simply gorgeous. Thankfully, memberships come bundled with a network-wide access, so as long as you enjoy amateur porn, Mofos will provide you with something to get off on. Frankly, Drone Hunter is small and isn't worth its price on its own, but if you look at the whole package that you get, you may get enough content (thanks to the network-wide access) to have some fun in the end.

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