Disgrace That Bitch

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Updates: Sporadic
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: June 23, 2014
Score: 68/100
"With a site name like that a lot of abusive sex is what you probably expect, but that's not really the case here. Instead, these dudes whip their cocks out and take a few dick-in-the-face photos while a passed out chick is lying on a couch after a wild night. There's no romance here, just some good ol' rough, no strings attached sex between strangers." - Visit Site
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General Review

When a girl is such a slut that she gets drunk enough to see fit to blow a couple of dicks, then there's nothing wrong about taking advantage of her in some way. At least that's what the guys at Disgrace That Bitch believe. With a site name like that a lot of abusive sex is what you probably expect, but that's not really the case here. Instead, these dudes whip their cocks out and take a few dick-in-the-face photos while a passed out chick is lying on a couch after a wild night. There's no romance here, just some good ol' rough, no strings attached sex between strangers. Girls get picked up, sometimes tricked but always tempted into fucking some random guy, so if you like watching babes being fucked silly and treated like the whores they are, then Disgrace That Bitch is the site for you!

This site doesn't want to break new grounds, it just takes a pretty popular theme (picking up amateur hotties) and gives it its own unique spin. A bevy of fun stories are played out which are pretty realistic. The scenes present two guys, a dude who likes to film and one of his buddies, and they go and seduce a babe. Sometimes there's a slutty chick sleeping after a night spent partying that they wake up and give her a stiff cock to play with. But there are gorgeous girls that doesn't mind fucking their neighbors' best friends. Even though the site strives to make itself look like a place where the sex is rough and wild, and there's some severe pounding, but in the end, it's some standard hardcore is what you get. Girls suck cock, get their tight pussies drilled and take a messy facial. There's some light choking, ass spanking and hair pulling, but that's all. If you're into fetish porn, then you won't have so much fun at Disgrace That Bitch, but if you're looking for some hot reality pick up porn, this site fails to disappoint.

This is a collection of those typical porn movies that try to be as realistic as possible, so they're filmed in an intentionally amateur style. Usually a guy shoots the action with a handheld camera and since he films his pal banging a slutty babe, don't expect to get any POV-shot videos. Production values are quite high and hitting High Defintion resolutions, Disgrace That Bitch episodes look absolutely great. Photo fans are fairly neglected, but considering it's supposed to be homemade amateur porn, it's quite understandable. Disgrace That Bitch may not be as rough and kinky as you think, but it does provide a bunch of naughty girls that like to get fucked hard and don't mind having some no-romance sex with a stranger!

What's Going On Inside

Disgrace That Bitch is a part of a network called Dirty Flix. This becomes very clear once you find yourself logged in to the site's members' area. Actually, you'll land on the network's home page, but navigating to Disgrace That Bitch episodes is easy enough. All you have to do is look for the "Sites" tab on their menu bar and select the site from a drop-down list. Narrowing down the content a bit is not a problem here as there's a search engine, but you can even set category and action tag filters. These tools are quite useful but you don't need them, because Disgrace That Bitch offers a fairly tiny collection. At this point only 19 videos are waiting for members. The site is still quite new, which can explain the small sized collection. Updates do come, but it looks like the update schedule is waiting to be determined. According to date stamps, the site have been updated weekly for a while, but it's been a month since their latest scene was added.

You don't have to worry about not getting enough scene info. Each video is dated, comes with a lengthy description, plenty of category tags and a set of screencaps. These vidcaps can't be downloaded, they're only available for online viewing as a series of small thumbnail images. Members are allowed to stream their videos in a Flash-based player that offers two quality options: 426x240 pixels and 854x480 pixels. Online playback is smooth, and there are no lengthy loading times and buffering hiccups. The scenes are downloadable, too. Videos can be saved in several qualities and formats. No matter which platform you prefer to use, it seems they get you covered. There are WMVs, MP4s. FLVs and mobile-optimized files in both MP4 and 3GP formats. The entire collection is available in High Definition sized at 1280x720 pixels (3700 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (9000 Kbps). A scene plays about 30 minutes on average. If you come here looking for hot photos, you'll end up disappointed. Disgrace That Bitch is a video-only site and besides the small thumbnail sized screencaps no other pictures can be found.

There's a decent amount of bonus content given the members. Since the site is part of Dirty Flix, the rest of the network is also accessible. 8 bonus sites (including e.g. Young Courtesans, She Is Nerdy and Private Casting X) focusing on mostly Euro teen hardcore are striving to entertain you between two updates. In addition, plenty of bonus DVDs (over 9000 to be exact) are also at your disposal, so in the end, there's enough porn to enjoy!

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Nothing abusive or kinky can be seen at Disgrace That Bitch. It's a site that offers some standard hardcore porn movies that showcase slightly rougher sex than the usual. Each episode shows you a story of seduction and amateur-looking girls get picked up. There's no place for romance here, so girls give head and get their tight pussies pounded hard by a guy they barely know. It's a fairly new site that has just a small collection. Updates do come, but quite unpredictably and slowly. At least members get access to a whole bunch of bonus sites and thousands of bonus DVDs. Disgrace That Bitch is too small to be a good pick on its own, but if you like those sites that are included in your membership, then the whole package will serve you well.

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