Dirty Wives Club

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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: October 29, 2013
Score: 61/100
"Dirty Wives Club presents you a tantilizing offer that you'll surely find difficult to pass up on. The main focus is on sexual fantasies here, and if you've ever wanted to bone your boss's, best friend's or just your neighbor's sexy wife, then this is a site that makes sure you'll have some dirty fun!" - Visit Site
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General Review

Neglected by a workaholic husband, a hot babe can end up trying to fulfill her womanly needs outside of her loveless marriage. Those gorgeous MILFs that aren't satisfied with their choice of life partner seem to be eager to join a special community, called Dirty Wives Club. Brought to you by those guys that are responsible for the highly popular Naughty America network, it's a site that gathers all your cheating wives-related fantasies and breathes life into them. A bevy of lonely (and smokin' hot) housewives are fed up with their spouses here and instead of just daydreaming about having a studly lover, they go and seduce mostly younger guys. Everything's about living out sexual fantasies here, so you can get all the typical scenarios that showcase sordid extramartial affairs. It's quite common to see gorgeous mature hotties tempting their hubbies' assistants, co-workers or even best friends into making love with them with furious passion. Belive me, their dirty stories - even though many of them are porn cliches - couldn't be any hotter.

It's not a place where you can find amateurs cheating on their spouses, and actually, an all-pro cast strives to bring their hot stories to life. With such drop-dead gorgeous stars on board as Julia Ann, Nicole Aniston, Nicki Hunter, Veronica Avluv, and many guys' favorite busty porn star, Jayden Jaymes, Dirty Wives Club is guaranteed to deliver quite belivable and truly amazing performances. There's no shortage in talent here and it's always a joy to watch these MILF porn stars give sloppy blowjobs, get their cougar pussies pounded and take messy facials.

Since there's a well-established company behind Dirty Wives Club, you can expect to get high quality content. You can come across many sites that focus on infidelity, but porn with adulterous wives has never looked more beautiful than what you'll get here. Each Dirty Wives Club episode is shot in a very classy manner. They probably use handheld cameras and capture their videos in a truly glamorous cinematic style. Ok, it's far from being glamour or glamcore, but still, it's not your everyday porn! Supplying you with scintillating hardcore scenes in dynamic High Definition video, Dirty Wives Club presents you a tantilizing offer that you'll surely find difficult to pass up on. The main focus is on sexual fantasies here, and if you've ever wanted to bone your boss's, best friend's or just your neighbor's sexy wife, then this is a site that makes sure you'll have some dirty fun!

What's Going On Inside

Dirty Wives Club is woefully simple, but at least it looks quite modern and neat. Even though, it has a clean design, you'll see too many ads inside the members only area that you can usually tolerate. There's even a splash page ad throwing a couple of special offers your way before entering the members' area. Navigation is quite easy considering there's only one section in which you'll spend your time. Their home page lists all of their episodes and you'll see each scene presented with a thumbnail photo. There aren't any browse/search tools here, and honestly, you don't need them anyway. How so? First of all, the episodes deliver the same in terms of dirty sexual acts, so you don't need category tags as each video is about standard one-on-one sex that delivers blowjobs, pussy pounding in various positions and a facial at the end of the scene. In addition, which is the site's biggest problem, there are only just a handful of scenes available at the moment. Dirty Wives Club counts only 10 episodes and since nothing was published since the site's launch, I wouldn't expect anything new in the future. It's quite a shame because they do have really entertaining movies!

After clicking on a thumbnail that represents a scene, you'll be taken to the episode's page where you can read a short description about what you're going to see in the movie. If you need additional information to be able to decide whether it's a scene worth checking out, you're pretty much out of luck. As it was mentioned earlier, there are no category tags, but you can't find screencaps and trailer videos either. Their movies are quite long which is understandable, considering all of them have a story to tell besides the raunchy sex they want to showcase. Every episode is well over 30 minutes in length. If you want to download porn to your PC, then Dirty Wives Club is going to be a huge disappointment. Your viewing privileges are restricted to in-browser streaming in three qualities. Videos reach HD resolutions at 1280x720 pixels (3000 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (5000 Kbps), but you can also opt for SD playback at 854x480 pixels (1400 Kbps). Every video is accompanied by a set of digital stills. You can browse through pictures as small thumbnails, but checking them out in full size in an online image viewer is also an option. If you want a timed slideshow, you'll have to download entire sets as there's no such online feature here. A photoset usually contains about 60 images that are sized at 991x661 pixels. Unfortunately, they won't make it easy to save entire sets due to the lack of ZIP downloads.

The company that runs Dirty Wives Club has similarly themed fantasy-based sites like Tonight's Girlfriend, Perfect Fucking Strangers and MILF Sugarbabes. These sites could've created a neat little network, and maybe they will create one someday, but currently your membership to Dirty Wives Club gives you access to Dirty Wives Club only. You can find links to webcams offering free chat, but if you want to go in private with a hot babe, you'll have to pay for it.

When inputting your credit card info on their join page, be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell - if you don't want thier special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it, too!

Dirty Wives Club could have been a pretty good fantasy site, and even though it does have quite entertaining movies featuring big name stars, it's still a huge disappointment. They don't allow you to download movies and have just a small collection to offer that won't keep you busy for too long, but to make matters worse, it seems like they stopped updating the site. Memberships don't have access to bonus sites to compensate you and it's quite sad to see a such promising site going down the drain. Dirty Wives Club can provide you with some fun, but just for a short period of time, so unfortunately it's a site that would be pretty hard to recommend.

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