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Updates: Weekly
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 7, 2015
Score: 62/100
"Czech GFs is a porn site that tries to prove that Czech girls are immensely sexy and pretty much shameless. Also, it's a site convincing enough to make banging Czech chicks become the #1 item on your bucket list." - Visit Site
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General Review

Sometimes it feels like that the wisest thing to do would be catch the first flight to Prague. How so? Well, the Czech Republic is probably a quite beautiful place that has lots of sights to see but more importantly, the flood of hot porn coming from this small European country proves that Czech girls are immensely sexy and they're pretty much shameless! Czech GFs is another porn site to prove this to you and I'm pretty sure it's convincing enough to make banging a Czech chicks become the #1 item on your bucket list. There are girls who like to tease because nothing turns them on more than knowing that someone gets hard while watching them. These are those girls whom you'll find at Czech GFs. After grabbing a camera, the only thing the amateur women here want to do is create a so-called "video selfie". What the hell is that? It's just like a regular selfie but not only a sexy photo of themselves but a whole video of they doing something really, really naughty. They get naked, cast seductive glances and do their best to tease and please. If homemade solo scenes featuring lovely amateurs get you excited, then Czech GFs will definitely be a site that you may want to check out at some point.

All kinds of pretty babes appear here who share only one thing: they enjoy filming themselves while getting off. They usually place a camera in some place in their bathroom, living room or bedroom and start a sexy show. Are they lovely? Yes, they definitely are! Some of them look incredibly innocent and cute but in the end, they all end up being naked and playing with their pussies. Everything is about girls pleasing themselves and they can be pretty creative and nasty at times. You'll see them dress up in some sexy lingerie, then lie on a bed, pulling their panties to the side and rubbing one out, while others film themselves in a bathroom and use some kind of toy to fuck themselves with. Some of them turn usual objects (like a comb) into a sexual plaything. Nothing really kinky can be found here but it's still refreshing to see that these women try to spice things up a bit every now and then.

It looks like the content is homemade, so the girls use a handheld camera to record their self-loving sessions. They usually do a job of filming themselves because the place the cam at a decent distance and sometimes even provide an up-close view of their tits and pussies. While most videos look self-made, some scenes feel like that their boyfriends were who filmed them. These videos probably can't be found on any other site which isn't usually the case on an amateur site. There are a couple of pros or at least semi-pros among the girls whom you can recognize if you're into Czech pornography. The videos are in quite good quality. They're not super sharp, extremely detailed with plenty of realistic colors but they look really decent and reach High Definition levels. Strangely the site lacks photos, so it isn't really suitable for those who are looking for sexy pictures of amateur hotties. Czech GFs is a quite average amateur porn site but if you enjoy watching lovely girls get naked and please themselves, then it may provide you with some fun.

What's Going On Inside

After getting logged in, you'll arrive to a network's main hub section. This mega site is called Mental Pass and Czech GFs is fully integrated into it. Getting a list of Czech GFs videos is easy, though. All you have to do is look for a hard-to-miss drop-down list of sites and select Czech GFs. The layout here is pretty basic with a plain black backround and grey design elements, but it looks good enough to not really bother you. They offer a couple of sorting options which include an A-Z and a content type filter. The latter is pretty useless because there are no photo galleries here, but on other sites of the network you may want to get a list of only photo or video updates. Each update has a few crosslinked category tags mostly regarding model attributes. These can help you find models with similar characteristics, so they can be useful. The only problem is that you won't get a list of these tags, so if you're looking for, let's say busty girls, then you'll have to find a video that features one to be able to click on their "Big Breast" tag and find more big tittied hotties. No one really needs any search/browse tools here at this point, because Czech GFs is quite small. There are only 18 videos available, so it's safe to say that you'll be done with the site's collection within a few hours. Luckily, updates come regularly but a bit unpredictably. I'd say they post a new video usually once a week but sometimes they rolled two scenes in 7 days, but sometimes a week passes without something being added.

None of the scenes can be previewed by checking out a couple of screencaps but the thumbnails representing the scenes can give you an idea about whom you're going to see in a video, not to mention that most videos have a short description too. Each update offers instant video playback right on the site. The streams work fine as the videos load and start quickly. The playback is smooth without any buffering hiccups to ruin the fun for you and jumping ahead in the video is also quick. The embedded player doesn't have multiple quality options, so it seems like all videos play at 704x396 pixels in your browser. Each scene is downloadable in MP4 format in SD (704x396 pixels, 1000 Kbps) as well as in HD. The High Definition option will serve up 1920x1080 pixels (10 Mbps) videos for the most part, but older videos may be available at their best of 1280x720 pixels (6000 Kbps). Running times vary a bit, but the average Czech GFs video plays about 10 minutes. As I already said it, it is a video-only site which is understandable because the scenes are supposed to come from amateurs who just want to film themselves for your enjoyment.

Being a part of a network of Czech amateur porn sites, Czech GFs can offer its members some additional entertainment when they start looking for hot porn videos to keep themselves busy until the next update comes. There's bonus access to 4 sites included in the memberships. These sites all have their own theme or take on amateur porn. From standard pickup porn to gyno medical fetish they provide hot stuff to enjoy. Your bonus sites will be Bitch Stop, Czasting, Amateur Sex Teens and Gyno Violations.

Czech girls are sexy and really naughty, and we love them! Czech GFs is all about supposedly amateur babes who like to tease. The site is full of gorgeous girls who grab a camera and make a sexy video. These hotties strip naked and use their fingers or toys to play with their pussies. Female masturbation is the name of the game here with a bit of reality/amateur feel. The videos maybe self-made but come in quite good High Definition quality. While it could be a really solid site, there are a few problems here like the small size of the collection and the limited amount of search/browse tools. At least updates come regularly (but a bit unpredictably) and members get access to bonus site for more hot Czech amateur porn. Czech GFs is not bad, but definitely needs some time to grow, although those who find the whole network of which is a part interesting, may want to give it a look.

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