Cosplay In Japan

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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: September 2, 2014
Score: 71/100
"It's a site filled with sinfully sweet Japanese girls who manage to look even adorable (and desirable) by wearing all kinds of costumes. Lucky for us, these sexy chicks do much more than just teasing us and they end up having some hot sex with horny men. " - Visit Site
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General Review

Fantasy often beats reality, but what happens when your favorite fictional characters actually come to life and look sexier than you've ever seen them? Cosplay is a hot fetish coming from Japan which dresses smokin' hot babes in all kinds of naughty costumes and makes them do something hot. There are plenty of sites focusing on this specific niche, but if you want the hottest cosplay movies, you'll have to look for authentic Japanese porn. Cosplay In Japan is an adult website which will supply you with that, so it's a site filled with sinfully sweet Japanese girls who manage to look even adorable (and desirable) by wearing all kinds of costumes. Lucky for us, these sexy chicks do much more than just teasing us and they end up having some hot sex with horny men. If watching gorgeous Asian babes wearing costumes turns you on, then Cosplay In Japan will be a site for you.

These guys dress their models in a bevy of costumes, so what you get is more like role playing a lot of times instead of genuine cosplay. There are a couple of girls looking like anime babes, known video game charecters and blue or pink-haired cuties, but many girls are dressed in more casual outfits and portray maids, schoolgirls, cops, cheerleaders or naughty Playboy bunnies. If you're a die-hard fan of cosplay, you may feel that there aren't enough crazy anime-like outfits worn here, but those who just crave girls in costumes will surely have plenty of fun. Cosplay In Japan focuses on XXX-rated hardcore, so girls give blowjobs, get their pussies eaten and have some passionate sex. Japanese porn's trademark kinks like bondage, crazy gang bangs and girls drenched in cum are all here.

It's a site delivering authentic Japanese porn, which definitely has its pros and cons. As for the pros, girls are innocent-looking and incredibly sexy and everything you can see here is nasty and hot in an unmatched crazy Japanese style. However, Japanese adult video industry is cursed with a strong censorship, so in the site's videos pussies (and cocks, too) are pixelated which is definitely a turn off to those who are new to J-porn. Also, the dialogue is always in foreign language and there are no English subtitles to help you understand what performers say. Their movies are all offered with ample detail and clarity and they surely look really nice in High Definition. Cosplay In Japan may not stick to cosplay all the time, but it surely has plenty of sexy babes wearing fun costumes and supplies you with authentic Japanese hardcore porn movies, so in the end, it's worth checking out.

What's Going On Inside

After inputting your login credentials and making your way through their members only entrance, you'll land on Erito's home page. It's a small network of sites that focus on authentic Japanese porn and Cosplay In Japan is also among those sites that are sitting under its marquee. To get a list of those movies that feature babes in costumes you'll have to venture into their "sites and niches" section and select Cosplay In Japan. Getting around the site is pretty easy but narrowing down Cosplay In Japan's collection is a bit cumbersome. The problem is that those filter/search tools that are available such as category tags and model indexes, work for the entire network and not for this site alone. It would be great to have some kind of advanced search feature that could filter by the type of costume that girls wear. If you're looking for schoolgirls, maids or video game character fantasies, then you'll have to do the searching. Cosplay In Japan is a site that's not too small but isn't large either. There are 134 scenes offered at this point, but something new is rolled out 3 or 4 times each week, so the site grows at a fairly fast pace.

Videos come with some scene info including crosslinked category tags, a release date and a short, usually only one sentence long description. Members are allowed to stream their movies in an embedded player that offers three quality option for most scenes (854x480 pixels, 1280x720 pixels and 1920x1080 pixels). Some scenes lack the 1080p option but they're still available in HD at 720p. Online playback is really good as the videos start playing quickly and smoothly. This is pretty important because you won't find here download links. Cosplay In Japan is a streaming-only site, so the movies are not yours to keep. The average running time is about 20 minutes, but you can come across longer and even shorter videos as well. Those who would like to check out high-res photos of cute babes dressed as anime chick will be disappointed to note that Cosplay In Japan is a video-only site. There are no digital stills nor screencaps here.

Being a part of Erito, the site provides its members with access to the entire network, so there are four bonus sites, namely Teens Of Tokyo, Japan's Tiniest, Erito AV Stars and MILFs In Japan. To give you more porn than you can possibly handle, there's a "bonus content" section which offers hundreds of additional bonus DVDs covering a wide range of niches.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Cosplay In Japan hosts a collection of authentic Japanese porn that features lovely AV models dressed in all kinds of costumes and outfits. Sexy pirates, slutty nurses, anime and video game characters are all here. Girls give head, get fucked and jizzed on, so the site is basically for those who are looking for more than just girls stripping and teasing. It's porn straight from Japan, so it's no wonder that the movies are censored and there are no English subtitles to help you understand what's being said. The site lacks photos and video downloads, but at least it offers a decent amount of bonuses to compensate you. While many scenes are more like role playing fuck flicks rather than cosplay porn movies, if you enjoy watching hot Asian babes in costumes, then Cosplay In Japan seems to be a good choice.

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