Cosplay Babes

Updates: 2x Per Week
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 2, 2015
Score: 72/100
"The women at Cosplay Babes are not simply gorgeous but are real nerds and geeks at heart. Dressed up in all sorts of cosplay outfits and portraying famous movie, anime and video game characters, they surely look like that they're getting themselves ready for the Comic-Con but what they end up doing is only for adults and will surely make any convention seem super boring!" - Visit Site
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General Review

Being a nerd or a geek have never been better than these days. Just think about it for a brief moment. There are lots of TV shows, movies, cartoons, comic books and video games that can make a nerdy dude busy for a lifetime, not to mention that being nerdy seems to be trendy. If you're a fan of Family Guy or enjoy playing the hell out of your Xbox, no one bats an eye. But even pretty girls like this stuff (I know it's crazy, right?) and to get a proof of that, just go check out a fairly new site called Cosplay Babes. The women here are not simply gorgeous but are real nerds and geeks at heart. Dressed up in all sorts of cosplay outfits and portraying famous movie, anime and video game characters, they surely look like that they're getting themselves ready for the Comic-Con but what they end up doing is only for adults and will surely make any convention seem super boring! These cute babes love two things: wearing fancy costumes that can make anyone's dick hard and getting fucked hard. If you love cosplay fetish and have a thing for sexy Euro babes, then Cosplay Babes will be a site that you enjoy very much!

Most cosplay sites tend to provide only some softcore tease, however, Cosplay Babes are nothing like them. Okay, you'll see here sexy chicks dressed as Princess Leila, Snow White or a killer babe from Mortal Kombat showing off their perfect titties, shaved pussies before starting to make themselves cum. Their solo scenes are quite fun and hot, but they aren't as crazy as their hardcore scenes. When Mary Jane shows up wanting to suck Spider-Man's hard cock or when Daphne from Scooby Doo craves to get her wet pussy banged, then you'll know that all of your nerdy fantasies can come true here! As for the sex, there's some variety given because girls give blowjobs, get their pussies (sometimes even their butts) pounded hard and there are a couple of threesome fantasies, too. Even some lesbian loving can be found, so it's definitely a quite entertaining collection that has a nice mix of softcore and hardcore content.

Cosplay Babes offer scenes that are scripted in some way, but don't expect to get here long lead-ins. Usually just the starring girl talks dirty until a guy (who's in costume too sometimes) shows up. Their stuff is fun because of the outfits and not because of the well-written plots. They do a good job of filming these fantasy-loving babes, although these aren't big budget movies, so the videos have a bit amateur feel. Nonetheless, they use a wide range of settings and locations which can keep things fresh. The entire collection is available with decent High Definition specs and videos are accompanied by super high-res images providing photo fans with a lot of stuff to enjoy. Cosplay Babes is new and surely needs some work here and there, but it has fancy cosplay outfits, sexy (mostly British) babes and a collection of fun softcore and hardcore porn, so if you're into cosplay fetish, you won't go wrong with this site!

What's Going On Inside

After making your way through Cosplay Babes's members only entrance, you'll arrive to Stiffia's main hub section. It's a network's main section but you can quickly navigate inside Cosplay Babes's members' area by selecting the site from a list of those sites to which your membership grants you access. Cosplay Babes has a quite nice and modern design that's easy on the eyes and which provides a really user-friendly experience. The home page shows you the latest updates, top rated stuff and you can vote which cosplay fantasy will be brought to life in the next update. Getting around the site is easy and they offer a couple of tools to help you find all those videos and photo galleries that you'll enjoy the most. They have a "Niches" section which divides the collection into four parts: Anime, Comics & Geeks, Films & TV and Games. These give you a grip on where to start looking for your favorite fictional characters. Girls have their own model pages, so if you like a babe you can quickly find all scene she appeared in. They even provide crosslinked cagetory tags linking similar scenes to each other and you'll get a handy drop-down list of these tags. Cosplay Babes is still a fairly new site which translates into a small collection. At this point 77 videos and 76 photosets are available but the size of the collection shouldn't be a problem for long because updates come two times each week!

Each video comes with some scene info including a short description, the starring girl's name and a couple of category tags. It's safe to assume that these are enough to give you an idea about what you're going to see. The videos are available for online playback in an embedded player that has multiple quality settings. The in-browser playback is often offered with 4 quality choices ranging from SD Low (720x404 pixels) up to Full HD 1080p. Members are also free to download their stuff as MP4 files. While this format should be good for most platforms, additional file formats like WMV or Quicktime would be nice. The videos are available for download with the same quality choices that the streams have, so you can save mobile-friendly files at 720x404 pixels (1000 Kbps) but you'll be able to download High-Def videos at their best of 1920x1080 pixels (6000 Kbps). The average scene plays about 20 minutes and has a set of digital stills. The photos can be viewed online with a filmstrip navigation. The number of photos in a set varies but you'll get about 100 high-res images on average. Entire sets can be saved in ZIP files which contain photos sized at around 5000px! These ZIP downloads are fairly big and it took me some time to save them.

Cosplay Babes is a part of a network of porn sites called Stiffia. Memberships may include bonus sites, but on day one you won't get any extras. They run a loyalty program which rewards you with a credit every 32 days which can be used to unlock and add a bonus site to your account. In other words: the longer you stay a member, the more bonus sites you'll have. Although, Cosplay Babes is the only cosplay site in the network, but they have many other hot (mostly) Euro hardcore porn sites that you may enjoy too.

It doesn't really matter if you're a geek or simply enjoy watching girls in sexy costumes, Cosplay Babes will definitely have some fun stuff to show you that will get rocks off, too. There's a wide covarge of fictional characters here from adorable female characters of cartoons to dangeous and sexy babes of brutal video games. The only thing that the babes have in common is that they look incredibly sexy in their fancy cosplay costumes! While most cosplay fetish site deliver softcore content only, Cosplay Babes dares serve up lesbian and boy-girl hardcore fantasies, too. Everything seems really nice here, although there are a couple of problems like the videos often have a bit amateur feel, the collection is still quite small and ZIP dowloads for their photos are quite slow. However, if you like cosplay fetish, it's a site that will offer you some fun stuff that you'll probably enjoy very much. Also, it has a really affordable price tag with our 50% off discount price.

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