Broke Straight Boys

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Reviewed: April 17, 2009
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"Broke Straight Boys is doing its part to help out in tough economic times. Being charitable folks they seek out the needy and offer cash to help them get through. For the small price of a big dick in your mouth and in your ass they help you get through the month." - Visit Site
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General Review

They are hot, they are straight, they are broke and most importantly they are ready to be taken advantage of at Broke Straight Boys. It's a rough economy out there and these straight guys are on the verge of losing their apartments, their girlfriends, their cars and everything else that matters to them. Lucky for them there are horny gay men out there willing to pay for the joy of taking their virgin asses. These straight guys gotta do what they gotta do to make ends meet and they are compensated well. You can see their awkwardness with their first handling of a cock but it soon turns to looking like they have been handling other men's dicks their whole life. Some of these guys take big dick up their ass with no problem and others grimace in pain. They gag, they choke but most importantly they slurp like the hungry cock suckers they have always secretly wanted to be. With big sweaty balls in their face they jack themselves off for the pleasure of other men and in return they get hot cum on their faces and in their mouths for the first time!

Movies on Brokestraightboys are good quality and each episode is available for download in full movie version or smaller scenes. Various formats are provided for download including windows media, apple quicktime and real player. You may also watch the videos online within the site. Pictures are good quality and provided via a thumbnail gallery system. There are no .ZIP files available.

Brokestraightboys has a user friendly member interface. Newest episodes are featured at the top of the page along with a sneak peak at upcoming updates. Members vote on their favorite scenes and the most popular are listed on the main page as well. A top tool bar is provided making navigation simple for easy access to the various sections of the site. Site design is basic.

Broke Straight Boys is doing its part to help out in tough economic times. Being charitable folks they seek out the needy and offer cash to help them get through. For the small price of a big dick in your mouth and in your ass they help you get through the month. These straight guys are so desperate that they open their mouths and bend over to lose their virginity to big dick gay men who pound them with no mercy. They cum on straight guys desperate faces, in their mouths and on their chests with joy in their eyes and satisfaction growling from their throats!

What's Going On Inside

Only a couple days went by after Hollywoods last shoot and he called me up for some more work. I asked him what he did with all the money that he just made from the last shoot, and he said that he had so many bills to pay that it was gone before he made it. Now, he just wanted to make some money to get ahead. Hollywood has done some mechanic/carpenter work in the past, but here lately he just hasnt been able to find a good paying job in those fields. He wanted to state to me, to the camera, and to the whole world that is not gay. This was just the best way to make really fast cash, so its hard to pass up right now going all the way. I called up Ashton and he was down for the shoot since that meant that he was going to make more money. Inviting Ashton into the room, he came and took a seat on the couch. As they were both sitting there, I told them that I had some surprises up my sleeve. The two of them were comfortable with each other as far as the work went, so I wanted to spice things up. I also brought AJ and Austin in to do the shoot as well; they were back in the far office room waiting to be called in. Austin was really pumped to be back, because for him it was spring break and he just wanted a vacation.

Everyone in the room was going to make $1500 a piece, and so no one argued. Starting with Hollywood I had him stand up and take off his shirt. Making him turn around to show the guys, I wanted them to see what he looked like. Then, it was AJs turn to do the same thing. As Ashton was taking off his shirt, I knew that his nerves were really kicking up. Austin didnt make it any easier for Ashton by teasing him a little bit when he was standing there. All the boys were shirtless, and stripped all the way naked because AJ wasnt wearing any underwear. The guys were stroking their cocks to get hard, so that we could get the shoot moving on. To start the sucking we had them turn to their left and suck their neighbor in a line. We had to make a couple minor adjustments to make everyone comfortable, but then we were able to get things going. Ashton was giving AJ a great blow job, because he moaned and made a couple faces showing that he was enjoying it. Hollywoods mouth was kept full, so he was very quiet and busy sucking Austins dick.

Moving the guys around, Austin went over to sucking Ashtons cock for a while. AJ was sucking on Hollywood, and AJ gave him shit for messing up his hair. They were all busy sucking cock, and after a while I had to stop them. I told them that it was time to move on to the fucking and that we needed to find out who was going to top and bottom. Austin was the first one to blurt out that he was topping. I told Ashton that he did such a great job before bottoming that I wanted these guys to fuck him. As for Hollywood I joked around about him bottoming, but I knew that hopefully we could get him to top. As for AJ he was up for whatever we needed to get the shoot done. Changing the futon into a bed, the guys quickly laid down to get comfortable. Slapping Ashton on the leg Austin claimed that he was starting with Ashton first. Laying on his back Ashton got into position and put his legs up against Austins chest. Pressing forward, Austin pushed his cock in. Austin loved the tight hole that he was getting, and Ashton was moaning with every stroke.

In the background of the fucking Hollywood went to giving AJ a blowjob to keep busy, and used his teeth a couple of times. Austin was able to pound him pretty hard after a couple of minutes and there were able to do some pounding. It was time after a while to let someone else try out the tight hole and AJ jumped at the chance. Getting in behind Ashton, he was able to get his cock right in. However, his cock was just as big as Austins, so Ashton didnt get much of a chance to relax. To add something new to what was going on, I asked Austin to try and get his cock in AJ. This was going to make a fucking train happen, and that is always hot to watch. As he moved in and started to get his cock in, AJ started to freak out a little bit. Austin was moving too fast for what AJ was comfortable with.

Getting Ashton up and into the doggie-style position would then get AJ right behind him. Moving in behind AJ, Austin stretched out to allow AJ to sit on his cock when he was comfortable to get the fucking going. You can tell when AJ is really fucking Ashton and then when he goes to getting fucked by Austin. AJs speed and sense of concentration changes in the fucking, and he put his hand back on Austins leg to slow down Austin some more. What he doesnt know about Austin is that he gets more turned on when the guys tell him to wait or slow down. The guys were changing around when they wanted, and that made things a lot easier on me to just capture them. Austin would make Ashton turn over or do what he wanted.

Flipping over to being back on his back Ashton was only there a few seconds with a dick in his ass before he shot a huge massive load all over his chest. Ashton came first in the shoot, and so all the other guys were getting ready to do the same. Austin is a pro and just as he was ready to blow his load, AJ butted in. AJ beat him to the bunch by blowing his load all over Ashtons upper chest. Just as he was getting done shooting his load, Austin was shooting his. Last to go was Hollywood, standing off to Ashtons side, he squirted his load all over Ashton as well. Ashton was covered in cum, and fucked out. All of them were hot, sweaty, and ready to get cleaned up. They all did suck a great job, we look forward to working with them some more.

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