Beach Jerk

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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: December 15, 2014
Score: 70/100
"Beach Jerk brings a neverending summer time to your home by presenting you (mostly) hidden camera footage that shows you girls topless or wearing super sexy bikinis on the beach." - Visit Site
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General Review

Summer is the best of all seasons, don't you think? It's that time of the year when it's hot and when people (including sexy babes) go to the beach and have some fun there. While most of us go there just to cool ourselves down by swimming or to work on our tan a bit, there are guys who spend their time on the beach spying on smokin' hot women. It's not too much of a surprise because girls often show off some skin and you can feast your eyes on topless or in some cases, bare naked chicks without having to fear that you'll get smacked, slapped or called a douchebag. Beach Jerk brings a neverending summer time to your home by presenting you (mostly) hidden camera footage that shows you girls topless or wearing super sexy bikinis on the beach. To be honest, at first I didn't know what to expect from a site that's called Beach Jerk. Are there going to be guys jerking on a beach? - I asked myself. Thankfully, that's not what this site is about. The guys here are not jerking, but being jerks if you consider that they secretly film hot babes' perfectly shaped tits and round asses for the fans of softcore voyeur porn and put the videos they make on the internet. Lucky for us, Beach Jerk is as hot as a lazy Sunday afternoon in July and full of sexy beach bunnies, so if you enjoy voyeur porn and like their theme, this site will provide you with lots of fun.

It seems like the guys behind Beach Jerk got on the first plane that headed to the #1 destination of all party people, Ibiza! Most of their videos are filmed on the beaches of this infamous island, so Beach Jerk is giving us another reason to go there. The content is typical voyeur porn for the most part. What does it mean? There are no seasoned porn stars or even semi-pro babes here, just real people who get secretly filmed. Girls are often topless here and you'll see a decent amount of sideboob shots as well. There's no sex happening which means that it'll be a site suitable for those who crave softcore porn featuring everyday girls. To spice things up a little bit, they also have candid bikini videos and they obviously enjoy walking up to sexy half-naked girls for an impromptu interview. There's a lot of fun stuff here, but your main reason to join still should be your penchant for watching nude girls sunbathing.

Let's face it. Voyeur porn isn't famous for being filmed in really high quality. Fans of the niche often have to put with blurry and black and white CCTV recordings that are barely enjoyable. Beach Jerk is eager to prove that today's cameras can provide you with awesome footage of naked amateurs. All videos that you'll find here is available in full HD and many of their flicks are even in 4K ultra HD! Yeah, that's true, in the best possible quality at the moment. Voyeur porn has never looked any better than this and won't look anytime soon. Beach Jerk is not a typical voyeur porn site, that's for sure. Offering lots of smokin' hot beach babes who show off their boobs and insanely detailed 4K videos, it's surely a site that every fan of the niche should check out.

What's Going On Inside

Beach Jerk has a very similar layout inside its members only area to what you can see on its free tour. Their color scheme and design elements make the site really joyful and quite neat, to be honest. It's a very simple site which allows for an easy navigation. After getting logged in, you'll land on the site's home page which shows you their latest updates. It looks like the content is divided into three categories which are "voyeur videos", "interviews'" and "candid bikini". Each of these categories has its own section, so finding similarly themed videos is quick and easy. To filter things down a bit, they also have a search engine that helps you search by keyword and there's a drop-down list of "video tags" which can filter the content down by for example model attribute (bust size and type) and content quality (HD or 4K). Overall its a quite user-friendly site that doesn't have advanced search features but has enough tools to make it easy to find those videos that you'll probably like. Beach Jerk is fairly new, so the collection on offer here isn't large. The good news is that there are 147 videos already online and according to date stamps 4 or 5 new ones come each week, so the site is growing fast.

Videos come a decent amount of scene info that includes a short description, file size information, a date stamp and a couple of crosslinked tags. It's safe to say that you'll always know exactly what you're about to see. Members are free to download their videos in MP4 format up to 5 qualities, but they can also choose to stream the videos in an embedded player. Online playback is offered from 360p up to 2160p, so the videos look amazing even when they're being streamed! Their streams work fine because they load quickly and lack buffering hiccups. Download links will provide you with 4 files that are tailored to PCs at 960x540 pixels (2000 Kbps), 1280x720 pixels (3500 Kbps), 1920x1080 pixels (8000 Kbps) and 4K 3840x2160 pixels (32 Mbps). They have files to save for mobile users at 640x360 pixels (800 Kbps). While many of their videos are in 4K HD, a lot of videos max out at 1920x1080 pixels. The average running time is about 6 minutes here which isn't surprising knowing that they film secretly, so they probably have to be cautious. Due to the voyeur nature of the content, you won't find here digital stills, but most videos have at least a set of screencaps. These images are usually sized around 4000px (thanks to the related 4K video footage), but they're still a bit blurry at times. The photos can be viewed as a series of small thumbnail images or enlarged in a slideshow. A set contains about 40 vidcaps which are available for ZIP download.

Even though Beach Jerk is a small and new site, it doesn't try to keep its members happy with the help of bonus content. What this really means is that you won't find here bonus sites, bonus videos or photos. Actually, there isn't anything extra offered, so what you get is Beach Jerk and Beach Jerk alone. At least they roll out new stuff multiple times every week, giving you a reason to check back regularly.

Keeping the spirit of wild summer vaciations alive all year long, Beach Jerk takes you to the beaches of Ibiza for a fun voyeuristic ride. It's a hot new site which delivers exactly what you may hope for and delivers it in much better quality than expect it. This site is full of girls from all walks of life who have only one thing in common: they were secretly filmed. Most of their videos stick to the hidden camera theme, but you'll find topless beach bunnies who get interviewed and there are hot bikini babes as well. Everything you'll get seems to be real and since there isn't any sex, it's a strictly softcore collection of voyeur porn. What makes Beach Jerk stand out from the crowd is the super high quality of its content. Each hidden camera footage is available in full HD and there are many 4K HD videos as well. If you're looking for the roundest butts and the hottest boobs that appear on a public beach, then let Beach Jerk do the hard work for you and give you a splendid collection of HD voyeur videos.

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