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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: May 8, 2015
Score: 60/100
"BDSM Prison puts girls into the cruel hands of men and women who wear SS officer and Nazi uniforms and you can see torment, humiliation and craziness unfold. Finding themselves locked in prison cells and being interrogated, the girls here are truly helpless and have to endure all kinds of punishment. " - Visit Site
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General Review

Sometimes a good ol' fashioned porn in which a sexy girl gets fucked senseless just isn't thrilling enough, right? Luckily, fetish porn producers know this pretty well and try to provide porn that's daring, rough and often pretty cruel. BDSM is a common kink that makes regular porn movies tame and outright boring. However, even all the typical BDSM setups and themes can become uninteresting and dull. Watching girls get taught manners in a harsh way is always fun but the dungeon-like settings may make BDSM scenes feel the same. The guys at the famous Fetish Network are aware of this and provide a fresh take on the niche. Their latest site is called BDSM Prison which takes you back in time to see horrifying and sexy events that happened to hot girls in Nazi POW camps. They put girls into the cruel hands of men and women who wear SS officer and Nazi uniforms and you can see torment, humiliation and craziness unfold. Finding themselves locked in prison cells and being interrogated, the girls here are truly helpless and have to endure all kinds of punishment. If you're into bondage and merciless domination, then BDSM Prison will show you some fun porn that you'll probably like.

Their theme is quite unique and actually, it makes their movies something that you've never seen before. All episodes are scripted and a many kind of stories are played out. There girls who are accused of being spies, others are just kept captive and doomed to become her captors' plaything, and you can even see how a sexy officer learns discipline when her ass gets spanked red. The whole atmosphere here is really dark and frightening and the Masters and Mistresses of this hidden prison play their parts really well, sometimes maybe too well as they look genuinely menace and sadistic. The cute prisoners are tortured by many ways and plenty of kinky devices. They get chained, tied with ropes and suspended (sometimes upside down) and the officers cause them some pain with flogs, cattle prods, clamps, mouse traps or even with some fire! There's definitely a lot of insanity here. They even throw some medical fetish here and there and spread the girls' pussies wide open with speculums.

I'm not really sure whether the content is exclusive. To be honest, all their videos seem to be pretty old and this little fact makes me think that they probably just leased these movies. There's some good camerawork, the settings are pretty scary and depressing. The funny thing is, they don't really stick to the prison cell theme as many scenes have dungeon-like, abandoned basement-like settings. The videos are filmed pretty well and there's usually some creepy music playing in the background. They try to make the scenes look authentic by having officers who speak German. The only problem is that there are no English subtitles, so you may end up not having any clue about what is going on, unless you read the description that the video has. There serious quality issues here as well. Even though you'll see HD labels everywhere, none of the movies are in High Definition. Many of them look quite washed out and they tend to be in lower range SD quality. BDSM Prison has a really interesting theme and it does have some kinky entertainment for the fans of BDSM porn. No actual sex happens here but girls squirm, moan and even scream in pain, so this is truly a nasty fetish site. However, it has a couple of serious flaws that can make BDSM Prison a bit hard to recommend.

What's Going On Inside

BDSM Prison is a super simple site! After getting logged in, you'll arrive to the only section of the members' area which shows you all the updates. There are no additional sections for models, extras or such, they truly keep things as basic as possible. The layout is decent as it has a typical kinky feel with a grey background and a static, kinky header pic of girls being tied up and punished. They don't offer any search or browse tools which is pretty surprising. At least a couple of category tags could have been provided which could narrow down the collection by action or model attribute. There's a lot of kinky toys and means used here, so similar scene should have been linked together in some way. A simple search engine allowing for keyword search also could have gotten the job done, just sayin'. BDSM Prison is brand new and it's also quite tiny. At this point, only 18 scenes are available, so due to the lack of content it's a site easy to manage, but once it has much more scenes to offer, some kind of search/browse tools will be necessary to have here. Date stamps tell that they update weekly, so you can expect the site to grow steadily.

None of the videos can be previewed by watching trailers, but they do offer screencaps and descriptions which can give you a grip on what's about to happen on your screen. All videos can be streamed in your browser as well as downloaded. Their streams work well as the videos load and start quickly, not to mention that the playback is smooth without any buffering hiccups. Quality choices are limited to two: a desktop and a mobile version. Mobile-optimized files are at 320x180 pixels (600 Kbps), while the higher quality option is either at 480x270 pixels (700 Kbps) or 720x400 pixels (1200 Kbps). Download options are labelled in a misguiding way all across the site as they seemingly offer 720p HD videos which are nowhere to be found in the end. The videos are quite short because many of them play about 10 minutes, but there are a few scenes having a running time around 30 minutes. Each video has a set of photos which are often just screencaps. Those that have high-res photos offer images at around 1600px. A set contains about 40 pictures which can be downloaded but only one by one as there are no ZIP downloads.

When you sign up, you're told that there are 40+ bonus sites included in your membership. The entire Fetish Network is what you get actually which covers plenty of themes and niches. It has many other BDSM sites which you'll probably enjoy, but it has many other fetishes from smoking to spanking, foot worship and more. You can't access any bonus sites from BDSM Prison's members' area, so you have to visit Fetish Network and use your username and password.

BDSM Prison is a promising new BDSM fetish site which may let you down in the end. It surely has a fresh theme and its videos are surely fun if you'd like to see naked girls used and tortured by men and women dressed as SS officers. Their POW camp prisoner theme is definitely unique and the action is hot, if you enjoy seeing girls punished with flogs, clamps and other kinky tools. Even though the site is new, it has videos that look quite old. They make it look like that there's some HD content here with HD logos and download/streaming options being labelled as 720p HD but what you actually get is some mid and low range SD content. The collection is small but updates seem to come weekly and you're supposed to get 40+ bonus sites. BDSM Prison is a though one to recommend wholeheartedly because of its obvious flaws, no matter how refreshing and unique its premise is.

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