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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 7, 2014
Score: 73/100
"All Gravure is dedicated to these attractive Japanese women and serves up a large collection of photos and videos of these captivating beauties in their scantily clad glory. Connoisseurs of softcore erotica, especially those who have a thing for doe-eyed Asian babes, will surely appreciate what this site has in store for them!" - Visit Site
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General Review

It's commonly known that Japanese people love erotica very much and they've created a lot of unique niches. Besides chakuero probably gravure is one of the most tantalizing niches that try to challenge softcore porn enthusiasts' imagination. For those of you who haven't heard of gravure idols before, they're among the most gorgeous Japanese models who can't wait to tease you by posing in swimsuits, lingerie, military uniforms, sport dresses or even in their regular outfits. But these babes know well how to be irresistible and their sweet smiles and naughty attitudes can enchant everyone. All Gravure is dedicated to these attractive Japanese women and serves up a large collection of photos and videos of these captivating beauties in their scantily clad glory. Connoisseurs of softcore erotica, especially those who have a thing for doe-eyed Asian babes, will surely appreciate what this site has in store for them!

Promising only the hottest Japanese models, All Gravure is truly a fulfilling site if you love Asian girls. Their 'gravure idols' are all sweet and look innocent. They are very attractive and alluring even though they remain clothed in most cases. Softcore glamour photos and videos are what members get and which are rather tame and erotic than provocative and explicit. Actually, seeing girls showing off their hard nipples and perfectly shaped tits is a rarity, so don't expect too much nudity here. They photograph their fresh-faced beauties in lush indoor as well as a bevy of outdoor settings, and in the end, there's enough variety that can keep you entertained if you enjoy their softcore approach. Even though there's obviously a strong focus on erotica, members also get a large collection of hardcore movies. These are pretty typical Japanese porn videos that present you all the sexual antics from solo masturbation to hardcore banging and BDSM. It's a bit strange to find these movies on a site that's supposed to be only a softcore tease.

As far as I can tell, their photos and videos are exclusive with the exception of their hardcore movies that were probably licensed and can be seen on other sites, too. These guys know how to take photos of a glamorous woman and they serve up pictures (and videos as well) that present their models in the most flattering manner. The content is generally in good quality, but unfortunately there isn't any HD content. Photos do come in high resolution, but their videos never go beyond DVD standards. To make matters worse, movies are in Japanese without English subtitles and their hardcore stuff is censored, so you won't see any penetrations due to pixelization. All Gravure is an interesting site with a niche that's probably unknown to many Westerners, but if you enjoy softcore erotica and love Asian women, then those lovely Japanese ladies that can be found here will surely please you.

What's Going On Inside

All Gravure has a very simple design that manages to look pretty neat. Actually, the members area and the site's free tour is the same, but without a membership you can't access to their photosets and videos of course. Their home page shows you their latest updates and their date stamps prove that All Gravure keeps its promise and do roll out new updates each day! Members can expect about 3 photosets and 3 videos daily which can explain how they could amass a such large collection that they have. Currently 3387 videos and 5504 photosets are available, which are more than enough to quench your hunger for porn. Unfortunately, there aren't too many tools to narrow down their content. There isn't a search engine and none of their videos and photos are tagged. You can sort their updates by multiple criteria such as rating, title and number of views, but the most useful feature here is that you can choose to list only their hardcore or softcore stuff. There's even a model directory but model pages don't give you any info about their girls, they just link you to the girls' photos and videos. Search/browse features need to be expanded here considering that there's a lot to see.

Videos come with descriptions that reveal what you can see in a scene. Movies can be watched in your browser, but online playback is available in only one quality which is pretty low. Streamed videos mostly play at 320x184 pixels, so if you'd like to get a better visual experience, then you'll have to download the videos. Download options include files in MP4 format and MP4 format only. There isn't any other file format, although MP4s should be suitable for most platforms. Videos can be saved in three qualities, so you'll have a low 320x184 pixels (500 Kbps), a medium 640x368 pixels (1000 Kbps) and a high 704x404 pixels (3000 Kbps) option to download videos. None of their movies are in High Definition, but at least they look good overall. All Gravure's photo collection is certainly more impressive. Pictures are presented as small thumbnails, but there's even a slideshow feature which is pretty unique as it gives a dynamic presentation of each image. Pictures automatically follow each other while there's a 'moving camera' effect that slowly shows you different parts of the photo. They have high resolution pictures in store for you which are mostly sized at 1700px. A set contains about 40 images that can be downloaded zipped.

All Gravure is a standalone site which doesn't give members access to bonus sites. As a matter of fact, there isn't any kind of bonus content here. It's quite understandable because there's an already large collection here which sees multiple updates each day, which ensure their members' constant entertainment.

When inputting your credit card info on their join page, be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell - if you don't want their special offer - to avoid being charged for it, too!

All Gravure is a treat for everyone who loves cute Japanese babes. Their models are mostly teens, but there are a couple of sexy MILFs too. What these ladies have in common that they're all gorgeous and know how to pose seductively in various positions. This is a unique softcore site which focuses on teasing you and there's hardly ever some nudity. Although, for some reason they have around 600 hardcore movies that present you typical, censored J-porn. All Gravure is a large site filled with the finest Japanese centerfold models, so if you're looking for lovely Asian girls in softcore action, then you'll enjoy this site.

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