2 Chicks Same Time

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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: June 22, 2013
Score: 76/100
"With a hundred failed attempts to lure a sexy duo into your bed under your belt, you might wonder what kind of scenario can lead to success and how the hell some guys can end up having sweaty three-way sex with smokin' hot chicks? 2 Chicks Same Time may not give you a universal recipe of successful seduction, but it does provide you with a 'How to bang two girls at once' 101!" - Visit Site
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General Review

Being with more than just one girl at the same time is surely one of the most common fantasies that guys have. It's hard to tell why it's a so thrilling sexual dream, maybe having the attention of multiple girls and feasting your eyes on two heavenly shaped female bodies are among those reasons that every dude finds a huge turn-on. If you're looking for a place where each and every movie presents a pair of gorgeous babes that can't wait to get it on with a lucky stud, then 2 Chicks Same Time is the name of that site that you should check out. With a hundred failed attempts to lure a sexy duo into your bed under your belt, you might wonder what kind of scenario can lead to success and how the hell some guys can end up having sweaty three-way sex with smokin' hot chicks? 2 Chicks Same Time may not give you a universal recipe of successful seduction, but it does provide you with a 'How to bang two girls at once' 101!

This site is all about boy-girl-girl fantasies and shows you some very interesting and fun scenarios that always result in some raunchy sex. You get to see hot college girls looking for a new roommate whom they take on a trial run and end up riding his cock or there are naughty besties who are so close to each other that they even willing to share a stiff dick. Okay, none of the scenarios are groundbreaking or even remotely realistic, but in the end, it's a fantasy site and it does a great job bringing your 2-girl fantasies to life. To make you envy even more those guys who have a chance to do multiple babes in rapid succession, every now and then there are sizzling group sex scenes in which three or four girls enjoy fucking the same guy!

Their model roster presents a stellar selection of today's sexiest porn stars who create irresistible duos. Most pairs of girls are incredible and probably no men alive would be able to resist a Mia Malkova and Lexi Belle combo or the jawdroppingly hot duo of Rachel Starr and Lisa Ann. While ethnic diversity is not the site's strongest point, you can find a couple of Asian and ebony girls paired to take care of a guy's carnal cravings. Acting is not that bad that you expect from porn movies - though it still can be much better - and the movies are generally quite well-shot, which ensure some quality smut. The only real question is, are you ready for a collection of girl-girl-guy sex fantasies? If you think you are, then 2 Chicks Same Time is surely a site that suits your tastes, so keep on reading, my friend, to find out if this site is really that fulfilling than you expect it!

What's Going On Inside

2 Chicks Same Time is a part of the Naughty America network that strives to turn many dirty daydreams into reality with the help of an unbeatable model catalog. Having said that, it's not much of a surprise that when you login to the site's members area, you'll be taken to the network's main page that presents you with their latest 'fantasies'. Although, it's quite easy to make your way to 2 Chicks Same Time's offerings as you just have to select the site from a drop-down list. Focusing only this threesome-themed site, I would say it's a pretty simple site. You can find 10 episodes presented on each page and in total you'll see 99 scenes spread out ten pages. The site's layout is the same that every NA site has which looks a bit plain but somewhat modern. The biggest problem is the large amount of advertising material littered all across the site. Even when you login, you have to decline a pop-up 'special offer' and on top of that you have to cast a glance at a page full of other promotional stuff before being able to browse their content. They give you just a limited ways to find something specific within 2 Chicks's content. You have a list of porn categories and another one showing you those porn stars who are featured here. Basically that's all and even these don't help you too much as they do show how many scenes fit into a category, but upon clicking on a tag, they present you every scene in their network-wide portfolio that have that specific tag.

Each fantasy comes with enough info to help you decide which one is worth a look. All of their scenes are tagged, they show you the cast and whom they portray (roommates, friends and such) and where the sex takes place (living room, patio ... etc.). You can watch short trailer videos and there are quite lengthy descriptions. Several viewing options are offered regardless of your choice between online or offline playback. If you want to watch the videos in-browser, you can opt for three qualities for streaming (480p, 720p and 1080p). Their videos load quickly without too much buffering and hovering over the timeline preview pictures help you jump ahead to those parts in the movies that you're really interested in. Download options are plentiful here as they provide full-length and partial videos to grab in multiple formats and qualities. Full-length scenes can be saved to your PC as Mpeg4, Windows Media, Quicktime and mobile-optimized files. Their older movies even offer downloadable Mpeg and Flash (.f4v) files. Partial videos are available in every format except mp4. You can even get your hands on 'on-the-go' 5-minute long, kinda 'best of' type movies that highlight only the hottest parts of the scenes. These may be useful if you don't have time to watch the entire 30 minutes long full-length scenes. As for display qualities, about half of the collection is available in high definition which means you can watch those movies that are marked with an 'HD' label at 1280x720 pixels (3000 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (5000 Kbps). Older updates may give you HD downloads as Flash instead of mp4s. If you prefer SD movies, then you can save the episodes at 850x480 pixels and 720x404 pixels. Their oldest movies max out at 720x540 pixels. Members are allowed to save favorites, post comments and rate the performers individually as well as scenes. Each video is accompanied by a set of digital stills. Photos can be browsed through in online thumbnail galleries, but you can view images in a timed slideshow, too. A photo set usually contains 300-400 pictures sized at 850x571 pixels. They let you download entire sets an easy way as ZIP files.

Members get unlimited access to 36 bonus sites including My Sisters's Hot Friend, My Naughty Massage and Seduced By A Cougar.

When joining the site be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sale on the join page - if you don't want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it, too!

2 Chicks Same Time is a great threesome-themed site which presents a lot of entertaining fantasy scenarios and a bevy of gorgeous porn stars. There are only two things that they should improve here. First of all, updates come unpredictably and while sometimes you get two new scenes in 30 days, other times only one or none arrives in a specific month. The other thing is their photo updates that are on the small side in size. Fortunately a network access is included in your membership which is great and the whole package is available at an affordable price of only $17.76 thanks to our special discount. If doing two girls at the same time happens to be one of your favorite fantasies, then 2 Chicks Same Time is a site that deserves a shot!

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