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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: December 30, 2013
Score: 81/100
"No matter if you're a hoarder of smut or just a guy who want an extensive collection of porn that presumably provides some diversity, with a pass that gives you unlimited access to their 29 sites, this network surely sees good chances to please you, especially if you like young, European models." - Visit Site
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- Members get 29 sites for the price of one.
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General Review

Network sites are, without a doubt, much more appealing than individual sites. The promise of getting a mass quantity of pornographic material is usually too tempting to pass up, so no wonder there are lots of mega-sites giving you access to a bunch of porn sites for the price of only one. 1 Pass For All Sites is also one of those networks that offer enough content that can keep you busy for weeks, months or even a year. No matter if you're a hoarder of smut or just a guy who want an extensive collection of porn that presumably provides some diversity, with a pass that gives you unlimited access to their 29 sites, this network surely sees good chances to please you, especially if you like young, European models.

The folks who run this network certainly have a thing for girls that look innocent and bashful on the outside but naughtier than you think on the inside. There's a strong focus here on nubile hotties in the 18-23 age range, so 1 Pass For All Sites is suitable for those who like 'em young and horny! Their sites strive to cover a lot of niches and themes, but never stray far from their main 'legal teen' theme. There's plenty of hardcore boy/girl sex which can feature sloppy blowjobs, deepthroating, ass to mouth, anal, cum swallowing, creampies, threesomes or group sex. Some sites are pretty standard in terms of content, but others have a kinky twist like middle-aged guys seduce teens, horny burglars and thieves bang young babes, girls fuck their men with strap-on dildos or lovely chicks get tempted into having sex with their doctors. No one should lack variety here as there's everything from first time anal to lesbians, glamour solo scenes and casting videos. It's an all around great collection of teen erotica.

You can come across mature women and men here, but majority of their models are young, slim and European. These girls are usually quite cute and attractive, but if you crave some variety in terms of body type, age and ethnicity, then you'll have to disappoint at 1 Pass For All Sites. It looks like most girls are either Russian or Czech, which isn't neccesarily a problem, however, many of their scenes are in a foreign language leaving you clueless about what the performers talk about in them. Their movies are filmed in a professional manner, but often in an intentionally amateur-like fashion. If you're looking for a collection of (mostly) teen porn that delivers a lot of hot stuff including cuckolding, anal first-timers, old-and-young sex and lesbians, then 1 Pass For All Sites should serve you well.

What's Going On Inside

After making your way through their members' entrance, you'll find yourself on their home page which is the same as their 'our sites' section. Here you can find short descriptions summing up what you can expect to see on their sites. Unfortunately, there aren't too many search options that could help you narrow down their content. All you can do is sorting their scenes by rating, but you can also check out their recent updates and what will be published in the near future. It looks like 17 sites including Young Anal Tryouts, I Fucked Her Finally, 18 Virgin Sex and Old Goes Young are still active, however, many of these see sporadic updates, not to mention that I have a feeling that some sites just recycle their content. 1 Pass For All Sites is a network that updates only 1 or 2 times each week, which isn't the fastest way to grow. At least they offer a collection that delivers enough material to make the membership worthwhile. This mega-site currently hosts 1900 videos and 2741 photosets.

Since there are a lot of sites sitting under the roof of 1 Pass For All Sites and many of them stopped updating quite some time ago, the quality of their videos varies from site to site, but in most cases you'll get videos playing in decent quality. Their newer scenes are presented in High Definition at 1920x1080 pixels (8700 Kbps) and they look quite good actually. They mostly offer two tiers of quality and only one file format when you decide to download their videos. Besides HD you'll get SD videos that usually display at 512x288 pixels (1000 Kbps). Many of their scenes are available for download as WMV files, but at some point they made a switch to MP4 for their recent movies. If you don't want to wait at all, you'll have the option to watch their videos right on the site in an embedded player. Online playback is pretty smooth and presented in two qualities (512x288 pixels and 832x468 pixels). The videos are streamed as a series of clips which is a bit strange and you might think it will be an annoyance, but when a clip ends, the next one starts playing automatically, so it's not as bad as it sounds at first. Of course, you can save these partial videos to your hard drive.

Videos usually come with a set of related images, but there are standalone sets as well. Pictures can be browsed through online in thumbnail galleries, but you can check out full-size photos in a slideshow too. A photoset contains about 100 high resolution images that are usually sized at 1200x800 pixels. Their pictures are professionally taken and look great, but since they follow the video footage, they don't provide you with too much extra entertainment if you've already seen the related scene. Each set can be saved in a handy ZIP file.

Considering that members get access to 29 sites in total, it's not much of a surprise to see that there are no additional sites included in the memberships. You'll get here enough content to keep yourself busy for a long while and if you stick around more than 4 months, they give you a free pass to a bonus site for a month. This isn't much, but at least they appreciate their members' loyalty.

When inputting your credit card info on their join page, be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell - if you don't want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it, too!

1 Pass For All Sites isn't the best network, but it has a bevy of gorgeous European models, a lot of fun sites covering interesting and hot themes and if you're into girls in their early 20s, then you're in for a treat here, for sure. It's a decent source for porn movies, but there are a couple of problems like their slow update schedule and complete lack of search/browse features. Memberships are slightly higher than on other mega-sites, but if you like hot Russian/Czech girls and would like to see them get creampied, fucked in the ass, eat pussy or have their first taste of an aging cock, then 1 Pass For All Sites still remains a good choice.

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