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Reviewer: andromeda
Reviewed: June 10, 2009
Last Updated: August 3, 2015
Score: 79/100
"Some of the action is filmed so close up you can literally see their clits contracting and their assholes flexing. They have no issue with allowing you to see up inside of them as they spread open their pussies with gynecological instruments before masturbating themselves without mercy until they orgasm loud and real." - Visit Site
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General Review

Teens are under scrutiny and cameras are exploring the most intimate parts of young hotties at 18 Closeup. Nothing is left to the imagination as these girls reveal all of themselves and they expose their openings in up close and personal settings. These girls love to masturbate and here they take it to new levels as they insert any type of toy you can imagine into their pussies and asses, many times leaving themselves gaping wide open. Some of the action is filmed so close up you can literally see their clits contracting and their assholes flexing. They have no issue with allowing you to see up inside of them as they spread open their pussies with gynecological instruments before masturbating themselves without mercy until they orgasm loud and real. Their pussies ooze juice from sheer arousal and you can see their holes contract as they cum!

There's certainly more variety here than one might expect. Sure thing, the site's videos revolve around young girls pleasing themselves or each other, however, they spice things up with a few outdoor scenes, toys (like dildos and anal beads and magic wands), and lots of genuine orgasms! If you have a thing for a bit kinkier stuff like seeing girls spread their pussies (and sometimes their buttholes) wide open with speculums or girls emptying their bladders, then 18 Closeup has something for you to enjoy. It looks like they tend to split their episodes into multiple parts which they roll out at different times. There's usually a striptease video in which you get to see a girl get naked, another video in which she starts to explore her body (and you get to watch her sexy body parts including her pussy and tits at a sniffing distance) and they usually have 2 or 3 additional clips of the same girl masturbating and using toys to bring herself to an orgasm.

The site's name implies that the girls are 18 years old, but most of them are in their early 20s. At least they all look young and sweet enough to fit into porn's "teen" category. My guess is that these babes are from mostly Eastern Europe like Russia, though I can't really confirm this because not a word is spoken in the videos and model indexes don't tell anything about the girls' nationality. The way the videos are shot also has a typical Euro flavor. You get to see girls strip naked and fuck themselves - or each other - in bedrooms or bathrooms, but they have a couple of outdoor scenes too. Nonetheless, the settings tend to feel the same, thus the videos also feel the same, which means that some might find them a bit repetitive. They film in full HD and it seems like even the oldest videos reach 1080p, so no quality issues here, however, their episodes seem a bit amateur at times. You can hear the camera creek sometimes, especially in their older scenes. At least their girls are gorgeous, there are genuine orgasms and the camera often takes you really, really close. There are plenty of close-up shots of the girls' pussies and you can see how they contract when they cum!

What's Going On Inside

18 Closeup has been revamped since our last visit, and it has never looked better. The layout is still quite simple but definitely looks more modern. Getting around the site is pretty easy and there's a top menu bar that helps you travel from one section to another quickly. They offer a couple of search tools which can narrow down the site's content. These include a model catalog which shows you some basic info about the girls and can list you all scenes in which your favorite models appear. Plenty of category tags such as "anal", "gape", "hairy", "spread" and "squirt", try to filter things down for you. Actually, these are pretty useful and they cover pretty much everything from type of action to model attributes. Although, if you still don't find what (or whom) you're looking for, you can still give their search engine a try. There's a search bar allowing for search by keyword or model name. A couple of sorting options are also available which can sort the updates by date, model name, duration and type of action (solo or lesbian). 18 Closeup is definitely a quite user-friendly site, and it's also a big one. The collection has over 700 updates so far, including 569 videos at this point. According to date stamps, they publish a new video once a week, so the site is growing steadily.

All videos are offered for online playback in an embedded player. Their newer episodes have three streaming options (768x432 pixels, 1280x720 pixels and 1920x1080 pixels) while older scenes may be available at only 768x432 pixels. The in-browser playback is always smooth, but you can still choose to save scenes. Download options offers videos in MP4 and AVI formats, although the files in the latter format are labeled as WMV files. They offer files to save in three qualities actually: at 768x432 pixels (2000 Kbps), 1280x720 pixels (3000 Kbps) and in full HD 1920x1080 pixels with bitrates up to 12 Mbps. A typical clip plays somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes. A full scene is chopped into 4 or more parts, but once you check out one, you'll get all the other clips listed, so finding the clips that are related to each other couldn't be any easier. 18 Closeup focuses on videos, but still, it has a couple of photosets to offer, too. Their "photos" section has 23 photosets delivering high-res images at around 5600px and 117 sets of screencaps. The pictures can be browsed in standard thumbnail galleries but you can also enlarge the photos to their full size. There isn't an online slideshow feature, so you can't just sit back and watch photos dance across your screen one after another. A set usually contains around 180 pictures, so their ZIP downloads for their photosets can come in handy indeed.

The members' area has a "bonus" section which gives place for 29 full-length bonus videos. These are videos contributed by 18 Closeup's friends like Nubiles, Wet And Pissy and Wet And Puffy. Members can stream these videos and even download them, and if they want more of a site's content, they're also offered discount join prices. Okay, there aren't many bonuses here, but 18 Closeup can keep you busy on its own and at least they give something extra at free of charge.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Teens are exposing themselves in the most personal ways at 18 Closeup. They seem to be doing what they can to rip away any last layers of privacy as they allow the camera to zoom in on their pussies and asses, exposing the inner workings of their sexually hungry holes. The models are gorgeous young girls and you get to see their tits and pussies at a sniffing distance in 1080p videos here, so there isn't too much to complain about here. Older stuff may be a bit amateur, but newer scenes are more professional. There aren't too many bonuses, those bonus videos that you get are given to tempt you into joining 18 Closeup's friends too. All in all, this site may have a few minor cons but is still pretty good and can be an easy join for the fans of teen masturbation/lesbian porn.

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