Fuck Or Fired

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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: June 25, 2014
Score: 67/100
"Fuck Or Fired is a brand spanking new site which shows all the sexual adventures that the head of a telecommunications company had so far. His name is Jan (or Johny in some cases) and he's a manager-looking bald dude who's mean enough to fuck his sexiest subordinates who are ready to do anything to avoid being fired." - Visit Site
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General Review

Have you ever heard of girls taking advantage of their sexual appeal and fuck their horny bosses? It seems like the stories and rumors are true. There are sexy babes that don't mind sucking some cock if they can keep their jobs! While at many workplaces offering your hot-ass employee a dirty deal will probably get you sued or fired, there's a company somewhere in the Czech Republic where getting down and dirty with your superior is a pretty common thing. Fuck Or Fired is a brand spanking new site which shows all the sexual adventures that the head of a telecommunications company had so far. His name is Jan (or Johny in some cases) and he's a manager-looking bald dude who's mean enough to fuck his sexiest subordinates who are ready to do anything to avoid being fired. Office sex fantasies are what played out here which are far more enjoyable than you think. How so? This specific fucking-your-coworker theme is as old as online porn, but Fuck Or Fired manages to come up with fun storylines that also deliver a decent amount of raunchy sex!

With a site name like Fuck Or Fired you may expect to see only employees desperate to keep their jobs, however, the site goes even further. The variety that their scenes provide took me by surprise, to be honest. There are job interviews which require the gorgeous candidates to show some skin and take a dicking to have a chance to be hired. Also, some sales reps and acountants offer some hot sex in exchange for a pay raise. Jan's secretary is a constant character who probably has a crush on her boss, but never fucks him. Although, she's naughty enough to show up and help her boss out. What does this mean? In an episode for example she holds a redhead's legs while Jan is pounding the girl's ass! And these are just a couple of those those crazy events that happen in this lusty office. Girls give head, get their pussies and assed drilled, take messy facials or even let Jan fill their holes up with cum. That's every man's dream workplace, for sure!

All the dirty office sex is recorded with multiple cameras. There's some CCTV-like footage and a couple of cams seem to be hidden, and you get some realistic amateur porn, for the most part. However, sometimes they use such camera angles that require a third person, so what you see is definitely staged. It's reality porn, but at least it's some top-shelf stuff in all regards. With videos hitting High Definition levels and photos displaying at super high-res resolutions, Fuck Or Fired is off to a great start, though it has a couple of issues that will fix themselves with time and which will probably be fixed by the webmaster(s) at some point. Nevertheless, this site is a lot of fun, has incredibly gorgeous and slutty babes and delivers some hot reality porn playing out office sex fantasies, so you'll probably find it a site worth giving a look.

What's Going On Inside

Fuck Or Fired is a site that looks quite neat, although it is woefully simple. The site's tour can give you an idea about to expect here after signing up as it's almost identical to the actual members' area, just without access to the content. There aren't separate sections, just one page listing their scenes. At the bottom you can find a "View more episodes" button that reveals another batch of episodes, but soon you'll end up with a long page showing all their movies. The site was designed to be simple and user-friendly, and it is actually, but the lack of search and browse features will be pretty annoying when it has a much larger collection to offer. Their models are hot Euro babes about whom you'd probably want to read more, so a model library with some (at least) basic info on the girls would be nice. There are category tags, but similar scene aren't linked to each other. Fuck Or Fired offers only 11 episodes so far, but updates are around the corner. There are no date stamps, but it seems a new scene is published each week.

Each episode has its own little storyline but the performers speak Czech. However, you don't have to worry about not understanding what's happening verbally because the videos have English subtitles and each scene comes with a short write-up, too. When you hit the play button on the picture that represents a scene, a player pops up in which the video starts playing. The playback is smooth and jumping ahead is quick. Their streams are available with only one quality options which is 1280x720 pixels. Members are free to download the scenes in MP4 format in three qualities: 1024x576 pixels (2000 Kbps), 1280x720 pixels (4000 Kbps), 1920x1080 pixels (5000 Kbps). The scenes are quite lengthy, playing over 30 minutes usually. Each video is accompanied by a set of digital stills. You can't view photos online, so you'll have to download the sets which are offered in ZIP files. Their images are super high-res as they display at around 5200px. A set contains about 15-16 photos which mostly showcase girls naked and masturbating, but there are a few sets with photos of hardcore nature.

Let's face it. Fuck Or Fired is too small on its own and it can't keep you busy for too long. It's brand new and updates do come, but still, some bonus content would come in handy. The bad news is, there isn't access to bonus sites, live cams or any other kind of bonus content, so when you're done with Fuck Or Fired's collection all you can do is wait for their next update.

If you've ever wanted to hook up with one of your sexy coworkers, then Fuck Or Fired will surely make your blood boil. It's a site all about office sex fantasies and shares us with a lot of sexual adventures that a big company's CEO (or at least one of the big guys) has had so far. European girls seem filthy and willing to do whatever gets them a pay raise, a new job or just helps them avoid being fired. They suck the boss's cock and let him fuck their pussies, asses and leave them with a messy facial or cum-dripping holes. It's an overall fun ride what's waiting for you, though it will be a really short one. Fuck Or Fired is a tiny new site with about a dozen episodes. It's also a woefully simple site that lacks search and browse features which aren't necessary for now. No bonus content is given, so even though I liked their scenes very much, I must recommend you to give this site some time to grow and evolve and come back later.

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