Trick Your GF

When it turns out that the girl you love is a total cheating slut you can either break up with her or get even in some way. Seducing her best friend is an option that can lead to sweet revenge, but those guys who've been cheated on by their girlfriends on Trick Your GF will show you another and much kinkier alternative. These dudes fool their soon-to-be ex-girlfriends and tell them that they just want to spice things up a bit, so they have them cuffed and blindfolded. Believing that their boyfriends are pounding their pussies hard, girls have a real blast getting fucked. But at some point the big surprise comes and they have to realize that they're being banged by a stranger! Revenge is served, although girls are so slutty that they end up enjoying this whole situation and they'll have the time of their lives while their boyfriends are watching them fuck another man. The key element of their debaucherous fantasies is the power of surprise. The girls' facial expressions are often priceless...

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