Czech Casting

When you're an attractive girl who immensely loves sex and has a craving for self-exposure and fame, then a career as a porn star seems too tempting to pass up. Some do it for the money, others for a chance to travel to exotic places around the globe, some girls just want the best sex possible with the studliest guys. There are a lot of reasons why someone decides to break into the adult film industry and Czech Casting is ready to show you how a bevy of gorgeous European hotties took their first step toward pornographic stardom. It looks like Czech girls are hotter, naughtier and more adventurous than any other babe you've met so far and the best thing is, they're willing to do almost anything to prove their pornographic worth. It's not one of those places where scripted casting videos can be found, their girls are genuine amateurs eager to get dirty on camera! Since every porn producer wants to know more about these lovely ladies, each casting video starts with a Q&A which reveals why a girl wants to have a career in the adult biz...

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