Japan is a mysterious country that has rich culture and unique traditions and thankfully, gave porn lovers many thrilling and hot niches. You've probably heard of bukkake or cosplay porn, but when I say 'chakuero', many of you won't have a clue about what it means. To be complete honest, this reviewer didn't know a thing about chakuero either, but I took the time to figure it out. Some say this is a Japanese fetish that has a strong focus on erotic photographs featuring women wearing clothes - typically some kind of costumes - that are designed to be sexy. However, there's another explanation - which seem to be more appropriate - saying that chakuero has the meaning of striving to be the most erotic you can get without becoming fully naked. CKE18 is an authentic Asian porn site which is willing to show you all the joys and thrills of chakuero with the help of stunningly beautiful and delicately innocent teen girls straight from the streets of Tokyo!

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